Top 10 Most Popular Hottest Pop Singers in The World

Music is life and without music, people cannot live their life with joy, and that is why music has become a crucial part of our life. These days most of the people prefer the music genres like rock, pop, country. Most of the girls prefer the genre pop because it suits with their voice, their rhythm and the type of music they love to perform. So, for this reason, you can see beautiful women in the pop music cultures and most of them are very much talented no doubt.

However, if you want to choose the hottest among all those hot women, then it is tough to choose. But, here as those women performed so well and that is the reason why they are nominated for the hottest pop singers.

List of the world’s top 10 most popular hottest Pop singers in 2017

10. Demi Lovato:

Demi Lovato, World's Most Popular Hottest Pop Singers 2017

This American pop singer is considered as one of the most popular pop singers in the Hollywood industry, and she worked so hard for her career. She started her career in 2008 as a child actor in Barney and friends, and her first album “Don’t Forget” was released in the same year. Her debut album was at the 2nd place on U.S. Billboard 200. She acted in the video of one of her song named “stone cold” was fantastic. She stole many hearts as she performed in MTV VMA 2015 and her stunning dress and her killer looks was amazing.

9. Shakira:

Shakira, World's Most Popular Hottest Pop Singers 2017

She is considered as the hottest Colombian singer of this era and one of the sexiest singer and songwriter in the Hollywood industry. A most successful woman in the earth and many award winner artist Shakira ‘s “Hips don’t lie” is considered as the best-selling song of this century. Her song “Waka Waka” is among the popular football songs in world cup history. Her first album “Magia and Peligro” was released in 1990 but her major debut album was released in 1996.

8. Cheryl Cole:

Cheryl Cole, World's Most Popular Hottest Pop Singers 2016

She came into the first spotlight in 2002 as a member of Aloud in a show “Popstars” on ITV. Then these group got massive success as six of their albums were platinum albums, and they also got one Brit Award. From 2009 Cheryl started her solo career as she released her first solo album “3 Words”. She was a judge on the X Factor UK and America’s Got Talent. She is a famous photographic icon and got several appreciations from the fashion industry.

7. Kylie Minogue:

Kylie Minogue, World's Most Popular Hottest Pop Singers 2017

In easy words, she is the princess of the Hollywood. Her gorgeous look and with her sexy body you can never get the idea about her age because she is around 48 years old but with her beauty, it is impossible to understand. She is one of the sexiest pop stars of all time as told by the fans. She played a crucial role in a soap opera in Australia known as “Neighbours” and in that series, there was an episode which got the view in the history of the Australian television show. Her first album was released in 1988, “Kylie”. She has many nicknames in the industry like, “Goddess of Pop”.

6. Carrie Underwood:

Carrie Underwood, World's Most Popular Hottest Pop Singers 2018

Of course, she is one of the hottest pop stars right now because of her talent her beauty. She is a lovely American girl who got the fame quickly in the industry. She is a country singer with an adorable voice was the winner of American Idol, 2005. She has won seven Grammy awards and several other awards in her short career. “Some Hearts” her debut album which was released in 2005 was a great success and then he took the country song genre to a different level.

5. Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez, World's Most Popular Hottest Pop Singers 2018

Jennifer Lopez, who is also known as J. Lo, is an American actress, a singer who has a beautiful body with a beautiful voice. She is 40 years old but still she looks much younger than her actual age. In the movie “My Little Girl” she had a minor role, and that was her first debut in the industry in 1986. Then she acted in several films and in2001 she released her first music album “J.Lo” which was a massive success and from that time she was considered as one of the most popular pop stars of all time.

4. Madonna:

Madonna, World's Most Popular Hottest Pop Singers 2018

There are very few people alive in this world who do not know who Madonna is. She is one of the hottest pop stars of all time alive, and the American singer is known as the queen of pop. She has a sexy body, and she exposed that body to the world in several ways, and she has no fear. Though she is 57 years old, she has the same aggression and the boldness in her body. She holds a Guinness book record for a best-selling female recording artist. Two times golden globes and seven times Grammy-winning singer started her career in 1982.

3. Britney Spears:

Britney Spears, World's Most Popular Hottest Pop Singers 2017

This American singer is the princess of pop. She has a beautiful body with an adorable smile, and her sexy moves made her hotter. She released her first album in the year 1999, and after one year she released another album and this two album was a massive success in her career. The Grammy-winning artist is famous for the sexy music videos.

2. Beyonce:

Beyonce, World's Most Popular Hottest Pop Singers 2016

Without her name the list of the sexiest pop stars of all time is incomplete because the American singer is perfect in all aspect. Her dressing sense and the music sense are unbelievable in one word. She has a beautiful body and with the beautiful eyes and her sexy moves in the music videos made her more attractive.

1. Katy Perry:

Katy Perry, World's Most Popular Hottest Pop Singers 2016

She secured a place for the hottest pop stars of all time because she is very sexy and the things she does in her videos and her performances are breathtaking, and no one can replace her place. She started her career with an unsuccessful album “Katy Hudson” in 2001, but in 2008 after the releasing of a massive success singles “I Kissed a Girl”, Katy improved her more and more now she is the hottest pop star.

There are many hot pop stars are present in the industry today but these ten pop stars are hottest pop stars, and they are not replaceable at all. They have a massive popularity and huge amount of fan following.

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