Top 10 Most Popular Dubstep Artists in The World

Music is among the things most people embrace nowadays and apart from it being a leisure thing, it has grown into career. There are major genres of music and one of the most expanded and grown genre is the dubstep. A very rare and extra ordinary kind that involves a lot of drum sets and instruments operated by different people whose main agenda is to produce a unique loud and rhythmic beats. The artists of this genre have grown into global icons and the world is greatly embracing their work and efforts. Some of these most popular dubstep artists are listed below in the top ten;

List of Top 10 Most Popular Dubstep Artists in The World in 2017


zeds dead, Top 10 Most Popular Dubstep Artists in The World 2017-2018

This is a pair that comprises of Zachary Rapp-Rovan popularly known as Hooks and his partner Dylan Mamid popularly known as DC. From Toronto Canada, the duo has managed to accomplish and influence the dubstep industry in a big way. They have been able to produce many songs some of which include lost you, fresh beetz album, bass mentality as a track, living dead as an EP and many more amazing music. At times, they have offered and produced for their fans music free something, which has encouraged mass following from the people. They currently work with their own record label called ‘DEADBEATS’.


skrillex, Top 10 Most Popular Dubstep Artists in The World 2017-2018

Born Sonny john Moore, the 28 years old dubstep singer was born on January 15th 1988 in Highland Park, Los Angeles, California. He is among the most celebrated and decorated dubstep artists who have enjoyed worldwide recognition and acknowledgment. The singer who couples up as a disk jockey, producer, guitarist and even a songwriter is believed to have revolutionalised the dubstep industry with some of his amazing tracks, albums and EPs. These include the bells album, my name is skrillex EP, and gypsy hooks EP and many more other fantastic singles.



From London in the United Kingdom, this is a dub set band that comprises of three members namely Daniel Stephens, Joseph ray and Allan Stephens. It started is recording of this music genre in back in 2011 and has grown into one of the major dubstep frontiers in the global scene. The band has won many awards under this genre including a Grammy award and other high profiled trophies to swim among the best in the world arena. Some of its releases include the welcome reality album, the promises album, the between ll worlds album and the follow me single.



Born Jeff Abel is a Canadian musician of the dubstep genre who has made it in this industry through sheer determination and hard work. Apart from him being an amazing performer, Jeff is also a producer for many upcoming artists and a disk jockey that multitasks with his seems to be tight schedule. He has been involved with many releases of albums and singles such as the get stupid single and the executioner album. He is mostly associated with live performance and shows that include the tours he makes around the world with various friends and other artists.



One of the hottest youtube singers Tyler Ray Ward, the 28 years old musician was born on 12th march 1988 in aurora Colorado. He started singing at a tender age and has become a big star and an icon in this industry. Labeled the social media and network musician, ward interacts mostly with his fans through the social media platforms, which have earned him millions of followers. He also does a lot of tours and shows across the board to ensure relevance and massive recognition of his music. Some of his known songs and work include the hellow EP, the song everybody’s got somebody but me, the album honestly and many more other big hits.



Born Thomas Wesley Pentz, the 38-year-old musician is another of the great minds behind the dubstep genre. With his close working with Skrillex, he has been able to establish himself on the world map of music. Born on November 10th 1978 in Tupelo Mississippi, the singer doubles up his career as a disk jockey, producer and songwriter. He has worked with various known artists all over the world to establish himself among the proclaimed icons in the music industry. He is the founder of many music projects including his song being featured as a soundtrack in the WWE world.



Joshua Kierkegaard Steele was born on 15th January 1989 in Towcester United kingdom and the 27 year old has grown into a world class singer in this genre. He is labeled to be the face of dubstep music together with other major artists. The producer doubles up his work as a singer, disc jockey and a songwriter. The musician, who has a huge following across the United Kingdom, has held a lot of tours and shows across the globe and has attended various festivals to familiarize himself with his fans. Some of his products include the bass cannon song, the circus one album and the song we cannot stop some of which have handed him awards such as the BBC award.



This band comprising of three members originates from London England in the United Kingdom. The band was formed in 2010 and has so far achieved what we can call a breakthrough in the music industry. Comprising of Josh friend, Tony Friend and Pat Lundy, the trio have managed to catapult the band to higher and stable grounds. Some of the bands albums include the evolution theory and London road which has characterized most of the tours and festivals the band has attended and organized.



Born as Robert Huw Ellis, is another great brain behind the dubstep genre and has been in the industry for quite a long period of time and boasts to among the pioneers of it. Born in 1980 in Bristol in the United Kingdom, Robert is majorly known for his magic in fusing other music genres into dubstep genre. It is seen as an extra ordinary talent and ability that has placed him as an exceptional member among his many fans across the globe.



This is a duo comprising of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen from Perth Australia. The two have been able to compile numerous products such as the 100% no modern talking EP, rage valley and haunted house EP and even produced an album such as the abandon ship and trigger warning. This is the duo to watch as far as the dubstep is concerned.

These above are the Top 10 Most Popular Dubstep Artists in The World 2017. With such amazing artists in the global music, dubstep is yet to hit the world with a bang. The music genre lovers will have to embrace these great people in order to keep being entertained.

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