Top 10 Most Popular Blind Musicians of All Time

There are many successful and well-known musicians that are totally blind. They come from various countries. Some were born with this condition while others suffered in their life. Upon watching them perform, you will be very shocked that some of them can play instruments such as Piano, Guitar and drums. Let us check on some of these musicians. The list below contains 10 popular blind musicians of all time.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Blind Musicians of All Time until in 2017

10. Ken Medema

Ken Medema Top Popular Blind Musicians of All Time 2018

Ken Medema is one of most loved blind artists ranked in tenth position of this article. He was born on 7th December, 1943. His other name is peter. History of this man is that he was born almost blind. He could see slight images but later on Ken lost eyesight completely. That however, did not stop this amazing musician from pursuing his dreams. Medema began playing Piano at age of five years old and gained a lot of fame ever since that time.

9. George Shearing

George Shearing Top Most Popular Blind Musicians of All Time 2017

George Shearing is another well known blind musician who has composed more than 300 songs. Shearing is talented and hails from Battersea in London. He was born partially blind in 1919. Being youngest in a family of nine children, Shearing was highly regarded as favorite child. He began singing at a very young age and was awarded several scholarships for university education. Funny enough is that George did not accept any of them. He opted for finances instead of those offers. This man is just amazing. His music career began at a nearby pub where he began by playing instruments such as Piano.

8. Rod Clemmons


Rod Clemmons hails from a place popularly known as Pine Bluff in Arkansas. He was raised I this same place. When this talented man was only three years old, He began playing piano. This was just a beginning of his success in music career. Research shows that Rod was born completely blind child. This was not a hindrance at all in pursuing his dreams. Good thing is that his biological parents were supportive and they helped him grow into higher levels in music. Currently Rod Clemmons is well Known in producing, playing keyboard, songwriting and singing as well.

7. Nobuyuki Tsujii


Nobuyuki Tsujii is handsome, short and good-looking popular blind singer from Japan. This amazing singer started his career by playing piano during Christmas season. First tune that Nobuyuki played was that of popular Christmas song known as Jingle Bells. He practiced severally until it was fine to be listened by many people. This man was only seven years old at that particular time and composed many songs during teenage. His first track is famous and known as Street Corner of Vienna. It is played in many television stations worldwide.

6. William Samuel Mctier


William Samuel Mctier is ranked in sixth position in this article of most famous blind musicians of all time. He was born on 5th May, 1898 and well known to date for taking part in playing guitar and Blues songs. William was also a ragtime singer. He passed away on one morning of 19th August, 1959 at age of 61 years but is still remembered for playing a twelve-string guitar. William practiced this together with business and none of them collapsed. That is how he grew fame and success during his time.

5. Jeff Healey


Jeff Healey is ranked in fifth position of this article. Just as other musicians studied in various positions above, Jeff was born blind on 25th March, 1966, Canada. The late Jeff Healey died in 2008. This Canadian music icon is well remembered for doing interesting performances. However, it did not start here Healey had gone through a lot of suffering when young. He suffered from a condition Called Retinoblastoma and caused him to be totally blind. Jeff was not born blind in any way. Before his death, Healey was a successful and well know blind musician in Canada.

4. Ronnie Milsap


Our countdown in this list continues and here we have Ronnie Milsap in fourth position of this article. Ronnie Milsap was born in 1963 in United States of America. This great American blind singer rocked his talents in 1970s and 1980s. Most of his hitting tracks were R&B, rock and pop songs. These hitting tracks touched souls of many people especially after them having in mind that Ronnie was totally blind. These tracks include stranger in my house, smoky mountain rain and it was almost like a song. Ronnie Milsap was talented and handsome.

3. Stevie wonder


His full name is Stevland Hardway Judkins. He is one of most famous blind musicians featured in this article. Hardway was born on 13th May 1950 and highly respected for performing nicely in 20th century. These performances became successful ad earned him a lot of money in return. Stevie is a blind musician but has grown to be successful. He has been awarded with several nominations and winning awards. Some of them include 25 Grammy awards and 30 USA Top 10 hits. Currently, wonder is a well-known songwriter, singer, instrumentalist, singer, musicians and producer.

2. Art Tatum


Art Tatum was born on 13th October, 1909 in a place know as Toledo, Ohio, in United States of America. Tatum was born partially blind. After suffering from unknown diseases for a long time, he became blind completely. This condition is worse but did not disturb him nor hinder him from pursuing his dream job. Art gained an ability to play piano and guitar.

1. Ray Charles


Ray Charles is most popular of all blind musicians studied in this article and was born on 23rd September, 1930. This man is more than amazing and he hails from United States of America and is a well known music composer, musician, songwriter and singer. Ray Charles has always been successful ever since he started his singing career.

These above are the Top 10 Most Popular Blind Musicians of All Time until 2017. It is so sad to learn that some famous and romantic musicians that we know and love are actually blind. They have been with this condition in all their lives and most of them were born with it. Good thing to talk about them is that they have gained success in their field of work.

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