Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest YouTube Singers in The World

YouTube is the first name that comes into mind when we speak about any kind of videos. This site was founded by Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen in the year 2005. The founders of YouTube used to work for PayPal earlier. The headquarters of YouTube is at San Bruno, California. The technology used by YouTube is WebM, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, and Adobe Flash Video WebM, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, and Adobe Flash Video.

YouTube allows us to upload videos as well as we can save our favourite videos. Singers of YouTube, they are singers who upload their personal music or song videos on YouTube and has a wide range of fan following. In this article you will know about the most beautiful YouTube singers.

List of the world’s top 10 most beautiful hottest YouTube singers in 2017

10. Chrissy Costanza

Chrissy Costanza Most Beautiful YouTube Singers in the world 2018

Christina Costanza is the actual name of this singer but she has adapted the name Chrissy. This YouTube singer was born in the year 1995 and has great talent at a young age. The sweet looking cute singer is also a vocalist in the band “Against the Current”. The fan base that she has earned at this young age is huge and she has also earned a lot of experience in the music industry. Her natural beauty and her talent in music have given her a position in this list.

9. Lisa Cimorelli

Lisa Cimorelli Most popular Beautiful YouTube Singers in the world 2018

Lisa Cimorelli was born in the year 1993, the 3rd oldest sister of the cimorelli family. She was a founder member of the 2007 band Cimorelli. Apart from musical talent Lisa has a great personality, she is creative and her natural beauty is the reason she is in this list. Lisa owns brown Wavy hairs, she has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches. She has a great wish to perform with Ushers.

8. Tiffany Alvord

Tiffany Alvord Top Most Popular Beautiful YouTube Singers in the world 2019

Angels are tough to be found on earth but Tiffany is a true beauty with an awesome talent in singing. Tiffany was born on December 11 1992. This 23 year singer has achieved a lot at this young age. Her music videos have an overall view of 500 million on YouTube and her channel is among top 50 subscribed channels on YouTube with 2.8 million subscribers. She has done a lot of live shows in which most of the shows were at United States. Her natural beauty and achievements are the reason she has won a place in this list of singers.

7. Alex-G


Alex Gronlund is the full name of Alex-G, she is an American based singer and songwriter. Alex was born in the year 1992 and has a huge fan base at this young age. She launched her first single album on you tube which received a positive review. Tyler Ward is the person who introduces Alex to the television industry. Her natural beauty with dimpled chins and glowing eyes and her fame and achievement has won her a position in this list of top YouTube singers.

6. Megan Nicole

Megan Nicole

Megan Nicole Flores who is widely known as just, Megan Nicole is an American singer, songwriter, actress and model. Nicole debuted in the year 2009 through YouTube. Megan was born in the year 1993 at Huston. Her artistically crafted natural face and the glowing bright eyes and the long hairs make her attractive. What increases her beauty is her talent in music. These are the reason behind Nicole being place 6 in the list of top singer.

5. Madilyn Baileyar

Madilyn Baileyar

Madilyn is an American singer who has a huge fan support in YouTube as she uploads all her albums on YouTube. The singer was born in the year 1992. She has worked with Play-on, has sung the song titanium which was a hit. Apart from her musical achievements and talents Madilyn has a god gifted beauty. This young beauty is driven by fashion and believes in creating trends. Her blonde hairs and black eyes are attractive an adorable. Her natural beauty is the reason she is placed 5th in this list.

4. Alexa Goddard

Alexa Goddard Top 10 Most Beautiful YouTube Singers in the world 2017

Born in the year 1988 Alexa is one of the old singers of YouTube. Alexa is an English pop singer. She belongs from Blackwater Hampshire and signed with Roc Nation. At the age of 17 Alexa joined the band Trans-Siberian Orchestra which was breakthrough in her career. Apart from her talent and fame she if a natural beauty. The blonde beauty has an adorable figure and a beautiful face with bright glowing eyes. The beauty that Alexa posses are irresistible and this is the reason she placed is 4th in the list of top beautiful singers.

3. Julia Sheer

Julia Sheer

Julia sheer is a fine pop country singer as well as a fine actress. The actress cum singer started her career by making cover of existing songs which raised her to fame. The singer has spent her childhood in Colorado and is also a member of singers from Colorado. The light brown haired beauty is more fascinating than adorable. She has a great support of fans on social media and these achievements place her in 3rd position of this list.

2. Angie Miller

Angie Miller Top Most Beautiful YouTube Singers in the world 2017

Angie is an American based singer born in the year 1994. Zealyn is the stage name adopted by Angie. Placed at the 2nd position of the list Angie is a true beauty. The dark brown haired beauty has a cute adorable face. If we go through her features she has beautiful sparkling eyes and a well vibrant face. Her hour glass figure is also adorable or rather envious. These are the reason she is one of the top beautiful singers on YouTube.

1. Beth


Elisabeth Rodergas Cols is the actual name of Beth. Beth is a Spanish singer and actress. Trained in music from Barcelona this Súria beauty is adorable. The 34 year old singer has a huge fan support and is one of the most followed celebrities on YouTube. The singer has beautiful face but has the habit of making her face look more adorable by changing her hair’s colour too often. Beth has achieved the top position in this list because of her natural beauty, singing skills and achievements.

The natural beauty, talent in music, singing skills and their achievements are the reason these beautiful singers are the top 10 most beautiful YouTube singers. And above all the fan support they have achieved is awesome.

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