Marlon Brando Top 10 Movies of All Time

Few actors have created an impact on world cinema in the way this legendary actor from who hails from Omaha in the USA has done. Marlon Brando is best known for his ‘mumbling’ diction and his on-screen magnetism and is one of the best actors to come up in the 20th Century. The best Marlon Brando has done established by what Jack Nicholson once said about him, which tells you how other actors respect him. He said: ‘When Marlon would die, everyone will move a step up.’ Here are the ten finest movies by Marlon Brando that you must watch in your lifetime.

List of Marlon Brando Top 10 Movies of All Time

10. Sayonara

Sayonara, Marlon Brando Top 10 Movies of All Time 2017

Sayonara’ is an American film that released in 1957. In the movie, Marlon Brando acts a Korean War fighter captain pilot. The video shows Brando as a smart officer who loves a Korean girl. The rules of the US Army do not allow such an affair, but what can the officer do? The most interesting and refreshing thing about the film is a standard Asian descent that the legendary actor uses.

9. One Eyed Jacks

One Eyed Jacks, Marlon Brando Top 10 Movies of All Time

Apart from the fact that Marlon featured in the 1961 classic film as an actor, he contributed mostly to the flow of this movie. He performed a mesmerizing directorial and gripping role, thus trying his hand on something new. The actor gets exceptionally brilliant in his role as Kid Rio, a crime partner who searches for an opportunity to revenge to a former crime partner. The role is very dramatic and emotional, and fans loved how he performed in this film.

8. On the Waterfront


On the Waterfront is a modern crime drama that released in 1954 that has turned into a cult within many cinema buffs in the world. The main reason why this film is favorite is the famous speech that says: ‘I could been a contender’ by a legend of the trade unions. The film won Brando an award for ‘Best Actor at the Oscars’ for both the character and the movie. The character raised many pangs of conscience in society, something that remains until today.

7. He Young Lions


The Young Lions’ is a film which revolves around the Second World War’ that released around mid-1958. The film is created by the war-related occurrences of a German soldier (Marlon Brando) and two American counterparts. The film is uplifting in that Brando tries to overcome the conventional typecast image and experiments as a German military officer at the time of the Nazi rule. The movie delights audiences and continues to be honored for the excellent performance.

6. The Freshman


The Freshman’ is a crime comedy movie that released in 1990 and is common due to the way Marlon parodies his character of a Vito Corleone as ‘The Grandfather.’ He enacts the role of Carmine Sabatini, something that fills theater halls with touches of humor as it elevates the movie’s plot astoundingly. The incredible film is known by all over the globe for its comic performances.

5. Last Tango in Paris


This is one of the Marlon Brando Top 10 Movies of All Time. ‘Last Tango in Paris’ is a significant milestone in the career of this incredible actor. Marlon Brando plays as an expatriate American citizen who lives in Paris, reeling from the suicide of his wife. When all this happens, Marlon gets into an affair with a younger girl. The character played in this film demanded advanced levels of composure and restrained.

4. Apocalypse Now


‘Apocalypse Now’ is a war film of 1979 that featured Brando Marlon as Colonel Kurtz. The film continues to receive critical acclaim from many people, and the character played by Marlon Brando is also appreciated. Moviegoers highly treasured the role of a military officer who is insane that Marlon Brando played. Marlon Brando has immaculate acting techniques that made him dominate almost all other characters in the film.

3. Burn


In the movie called ‘Burn,’ Marlon Brando plays an important role as Sir William Walker, which makes the film famous until today, despite the fact that it released in 1969. Brando uses a Spanish accent, lifting the film to levels that no one was anticipating. The instigating dialogues used in the movie are more than enough to cause a rebellion among slaves that could lead to revolts. The actors witty and snappy conversations display the guy’s extraordinary acting skills.

2. The Wild One


‘The Wild One’ is a production of the Hollywood that released in 1953, based on the tale of a biker gang. The film transformed into an instant hit, thanks to the role of Johnny Strabler played by Marlon Brando in which he is a bike leader. The film made the actor attain new fame and gave a significant meaning to motorbike racing. The Association of Marlon with the character thrilled many fans due to his bike driving styles, classy jacket, titled cap and long sideburns. These activities did set a new trend among many youngsters.

1. The Godfather


‘The Godfather’ released around mid-1972, a film in which this ‘Godfather’ attains a special place among great cinema actors. The Crime thriller film shows Brando as a merciless Mafia Patriarch whose stage name is Vito Corleone. The role wins Marlon Brando an Oscar award for ‘Best Actor Category.’ The role played by him as a gangster is adequate and brilliant and it displays the shades of gray as we all expect. It would be fallacious to say that there could have been another actor who could go even near Brando. The tone of his voice is still being adapted by many other actors in crime thriller movies.

These above are the Marlon Brando Top 10 Movies of All Time. The documentary utilizes many hours of audio recorded by Marlon Brando throughout his life to tell the tale of his life. Stevan Riley directs the film written by Peter Ettedgui. The stars who feature in the movie include Stella Adler, Marlon Brando, and Bernardo Bertolucci.

Marlon Brando has received numerous awards due to his exciting acting techniques. On top of that, fans love him a lot, and they always look out for his new movies. Marlon Brando, you are the best, continue with the good work.

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