Top 10 Movies by Johnny Depp of All Time

The ‘Screen Actors Guild’ and ‘Golden Globe’ award-winning actor known as Johnny Depp needs no much of introduction. The gentleman not only acts but involves in music and production works as well. The player gains popularity in the 1980’s by his role in ’21 Jump Street’, a television series in which Depp features. He then decides to move to the movies to raise his caliber, where he is engaged in a plethora of performances. Depp is remembered for his role of a weird pirate in the film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, and the ‘witty’ in the ‘Jack Sparrow’ film. There are however some films by Johnnie that deserves recommendation, and here are the top ten movies by the incredible actor.

List of Top 10 Movies by Johnny Depp of all time until in 2017:

10. ‘Benny and Joon.’

Benny and Joon Top Best Movies By Johnny Depp 2017

‘Benny and Joon’ is a love comedy that released in 1993 with an outstanding cast. What makes the movie very attractive is the physical comedy routines by Johnny Depp. The actor plays the role of an eccentric but lovable Sam who loves a strange character known as Joon. In the film, Sam is displayed as a person who admires Buster Keaton and goes ahead to pull that with ease.

9. ‘Blow.’

Blow Top Most Famous Movies By Johnny Depp 2018

‘Blow’ is an invigorating portrayal of Johnny Depp, something that makes the movies incredible. The movie is a biopic of an American drug and cocaine smuggler by the name George Jung. Johnny performs in various layers, ranging from character’s 60’s to 20’s. The movie ranked average on box office and is among the many movies under the same shade. The film is rated as one of the best by Johnny Depp.

8. ‘Donnie Brasco.’

Donnie Brasco Top Famous Movies By Johnny Depp 2019

One of the best crime drama films in the world is ‘Donnie Brasco.’ The movie is a real life story of Joseph D. Pistone an FBI agent who goes undercover and infiltrates the ‘Bonanno,’ a crime family living in New York, also known as ‘Donnie Brasco.’ The excellent film features Johnny Depp and Al Pacino that gets nominated for the ‘Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.’

7. ‘Public Enemies.


Johnny Depp loves to feature in gangster flicks and crime dramas, and that is evident in his involvement in such films. Public enemies released in 2009 as a biographical adaptation of Dillinger John acted by John Depp. The role of a modern day hood is entirely played by Johnny Depp and manages to play John Dillinger with no inhibitions, making the film one of the best.

6. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.’


This is one of the Top 10 Movies by Johnny Depp of All Time until 2017. No movie lover can ever forget ‘Jack Sparrow,’ who continues to be a cult figure in cinema history. By his mastery character displayed in ‘The Sparrow,’ Johnny Depp confirms that he is an incredible movie actor who never fails his fans. ‘Curse of the Black Pearl’ tops regarding performance by Johnny Depp among all the films released by the franchise.

5. ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street.’

A Nightmare on Elm Street Top 10 Movies By Johnny Depp 2017

‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ is the first movie in the ‘Franchise of a Nightmare on Elm Street’ film series and also happens to be the debut film for Johnny Depp. The film released in the year 1984, but few people know that Johnny Depp had a significance performance in the movie. The film is scary and chilling that you must watch.

4. ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.’


The film is bases on a novel called ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,’ written by Hunter S. Thompson. The film released in 1998 with stars Raoul Duke and Johnny Depp. The performance is top notch, something that shows he must have prepared well to fit the character. He represents Duke, something he does perfectly.

3. ‘Edward Scissorhands.’


‘Edward Scissorhands’ is an incredible movie ever made. The Romantic Fantasy feature released in 1990. The film is about an artificial man called Edward with scissors in place of hands who loves a teenager. The film is the first tat Johnny Depp does with Tim Burton.

2. ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.’


The 1993 movie makes both Leonard DiCaprio and Johnny Depp famous than ever before. The actor is shown in the best aspect as ‘Gilbert Grape’ shows dissatisfaction and anguish as the bigger brother of DiCaprio a mentally challenged person. The movie wins the two actors awards for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ and ‘Golden Globe Nominations’ for their role.

1. ‘Ed Wood.’


The 1994 biopic features Johnny Depp as the main star. The movie did not perform so well commercially, but it manages to gain much critical acclaim. The movie is done by a director famous for filmmaking skills that Depp plays beautifully. Ed Wood loves making films, a love that comes across in Depp’s character. The appalling manager makes a brilliant movie.

Johnny Depp New and upcoming Movies 2017

1. Alice Through the Grass


Alice happens to return to ‘’Underland’ and finds the ‘Hatter’ in an incredibly horrible state. Alice relies on friends to save the ‘Mad Hatter.’ She, however, finds out the Time and Red Queen plan to take ‘Underland.’

2. Donald Trump the Art of the Deal


Johnny Depp plays in the ‘Funny or Die’ movie that is based on a 1987 film released by ‘Donald John Trump,’ the ‘American President-Elect.’ The film is directed by Jeremy Conner and features actors such as Johnny Depp, Alfred Molina, and Ron Howard. The writer of the same is Joe Randazzo.

Johnny Depp is talented in what he does, which is acting. The man makes movies famous but his appearance alone. That is the reason why he features in almost all great movies. Johnny fits any character assigned to him; you may think what he does is real. He continues to act action movies, and that makes us love him more. Johnny Depp is the best.

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