Top 10 Movies By Clint Eastwood of All Time

Clint Eastwood is an enduring cultural icon who is still alive, thanks to the ‘Dirty Harry’ and ‘Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western’ films that he acted earlier. The legend boasts of having directed over 30 movies and starred in over 100 movies, and he isn’t slowing down anytime soon. A list of only ten films can never be fair to someone who has acted so much, but it’s an incredible starting point. Ranging from romantic to war movies, here are ten of the finest movies by Clint Eastwood.

List of Top 10 Movies by Clint Eastwood until in 2017:

10. ‘Unforgiven.’


‘Unforgiven’ is a film whose title tells more about the nature of the same film. William Munny is a former Old West gunslinger who takes one last job, although he is reluctant towards the same. William is assisted by a young man as well as an old partner in accomplishing his mission. Eastwood Clint is the director of the film, and he also happens to be one of the key players. Other stars who feature in the film include Gene Hackman, Richard Harris, and Morgan Freeman. The film is 130 minutes in length.

9. ‘In the Line of Fire.’

In the Line of Fire Top Most Popular Movies By Clint Eastwood 2018

Everyone knows about the assassination of Kennedy, the former head of the United States. This film tends to take some lessons from the event, and the results are such a lovely film. Frank Horrigan is an agent of the Secret Service who is unable to save Kennedy, but his determinations lead him to prevent a brilliant assassin’s take on Kennedy. Wolfgang Petersen directs the 128 minutes’ film that Clint Eastwood acts together with Rene Russo, Dylan McDermott, and John Malkovich.

8. ‘Two Mules for Sister Sara.’


A person called Sara Nun has strayed into Mexican territory and is therefore on the run. Sara is salvaged from Cowboys by a person named Hogan, who is also preparing for a mission that involves capturing a fort in France. The duo becomes lovely friends, although never tells Hogan, the actual person she is in the real sense. She also refuses to tell him why she has been outlawed. Don Siegel directs the 116 minutes long video.

7. ‘Heartbreak Ridge.’

Heartbreak Ridge Top Most Famous Movies By Clint Eastwood 2018

A Marine gunnery sergeant involves himself in conflicts with his ex-wife and superiors. The Sergeant happens to be hard living and hard-nosed, but he has to take command of a spoiled platoon despite the bad attitude. Eastwood Clint directs the 130 minutes’ film that features Marsha Mason, Moses Gunn, and Everett McGill. The movie depicts Eastwood’s character of being in conflict with colleagues.

6. ‘Pale Rider’

Pale Rider Top10 Movies By Clint Eastwood

‘Pale Rider’ is a 115-minute’ film directed by Eastwood Clint that is much about human rights, especially the right to ownership of land. In the movie, a mysterious preacher chooses to protect weak and helpless villagers from a mining company that wants to encroach their land. The company does not want to compensate the villagers, which makes the preacher turn against the said organization. Actors who feature in the film include Clint Eastwood, Carrie Snodgress, Sydney Penny and Michael Moriarty.

5. ‘Joe Kidd.’

Joe Kidd Top Famous Movies By Clint Eastwood 2019

In the ‘Joe Kid’ film, a former bounty hunter assists a wealthy landowner as well as his henchmen to track a revolutionary leader in Mexico. Although he offers the help in reluctance, the mission turns out to be a ‘crazy’ one. The 88 minutes’ film has John Sturges as the director, while actors include Robert Duvall, Clint Eastwood, Don Stroud and John Saxon. This is one amongst the Top 10 Movies By Clint Eastwood of All Time until 2017.

4. ‘Magnum Force.’


In the ‘Magnum Force’ movie, Harry Dirty trails vigilante cops who can’t accept to go past the law and assassinate the undesirables in the city. In the film, the character of Dirty Harry is an exact opposite of what we know, to an extend that some fans think it is hypocrisy. However, he remains an incredible thriller in the acting profession. The film is directed by Ted Post and acted by Clint Eastwood, Mitchell Ryan, Hal Holbrook and David Soul.

3. ‘Dirty Harry.’


A mentally disturbed man going by the name ‘the Scorpio Killer’ creates menace in the city. Inspector Callahan Harry of San Francisco police is assigned the role of tracking down this crazed psychopath. The movie turns into a ‘cat and mouse race’ between the guy and the police, each side trying to show it’s might. The 102-minute film is directed by Don Siegel and features stars like Clint Eastwood, Harry Guardino, and Andrew Robinson.

2. ‘Tarantula.’


In the ‘Tarantula’ film, an isolated desert laboratory is in disaster after the escape of a spider that is being used to experiment on giantism. The spider grows to a tremendous size and creates havoc to all the local inhabitants. The film is not for the faint hearted, in fact, many people would confuse the same to a horror movie. John Aqar, Leo Carroll, Mara Corday and Nestor Paiva are the actors of the 80-minute film.

1. ‘Hang Em High.’


By the title of the film alone, you do not expect good things are happening in the movie. In fact, this is almost a horror type of movie. In the video, an innocent guy narrowly survives being lynched by a mob. He later comes back as a lawman with the determination of bringing all vigilantes to justice. The 114 minutes’ film is directed Ted Post and is acted by Clint Eastwood, Pat Hingle, Inger Stevens and Ed Begley.

Clint Eastwood New Movies 2017



The movie is based on the tale of Sullenberger Chesley, an American pilot who turns into a hero after he lands a damaged plane on a river called Hudson in an attempt to save the crew and passengers in the aircraft.

These above are the Top 10 Movies By Clint Eastwood of All Time until 2017. Clint Eastwood continues to give fans some entertaining movies, which is the reason why he should be celebrated. All his movies are hits that thrill us all, thanks, Clint Eastwood.

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