Top 10 Most Useless Heroes In The DC Universe

DC universe used to have many heroes that were highly recognized many years back. They used to have great abilities and performed various activities that left many people amazed and desiring to have more of them. We are going to venture on some of the heroes that are no longer useful in the history of DC universe. Go through the guideline below, which contains 10 most useless heroes in the DC universe.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Useless Heroes In The DC Universe

10. Doll-man


Doll man is a great person ever featured in DC universe because of having ability to shrink. This used to amaze many people in this area. Doll-man could shrink up to six inches and get back slowly. Sad news is that he is no longer useful in DC Universe and therefore regarded as useless among many others that will be highly featured in this article. In most early comedies, doll-man appeared strongly but his fame and recognition died as years went by. One thing that you need to know about him despite of his failure it that Doll-man could retain his strength even at shrinking posture.

9. Red Bee


Red bee is in ninth position of this article. He is amongst useless heroes of DC featured in this list. This man gained a lot of popularity because of walking around popular streets of Superior city with a stinger gun and bees. Many children were always attracted by his actions and therefore used to follow him. During that time, Red Bee brought a lot of terror in DC universe. DC Universe is however no longer interested with his drama.

8. Vibe


Vibe is another useless hero ever recorded in DC universe. He was a popular and respected leader in this universe. Vibe was also a ringleader of a certain street gang that used to scare many people in DC. It is due to this gang that vibe received a lot of recognition and reputation at large. His skillful abilities and powers drew attention of many viewers. You could hear many people discuss about him in streets of DC during that time. Dive grew into a very important person worldwide. He is no longer there.

7. Infect


Infect is in seventh position of this article. This woman has appeared in many articles because of his supernatural abilities and was a well know member of Legion. Research shows that Infectious Lass came from a unique planet known as Somanthur. This is not common to many people. She is amongst worst characters ever known because of infecting her fellow characters with different kinds of diseases. Infect had a mission of killing people and she never wanted any person to come near to her. This bad condition is no longer experienced in DC universe and people are therefore staying freely.

6. Matter Eater Lad


Matter eater lad is a well know hero from DC universe featured in this article. He is famous because of having a greed behavior. Matter Eater Lad used to eat anything that comes his way. Research shows that he had powerful digest lava that was able to digest all food taken by him. To many people’s surprise, Matter never used to experience any stomach problems. He was always upright but very huge other normal people in DC Universe. Matter eater is no longer featured in DC universe and therefore considered useless.

5. Black Condor


Black Condor is amongst feared and recognized heroes of DC universe. This man was very skillful and intelligent of all heroes featured in this article. He had unique characters including ability to develop wings and fly at a high speed. This is unusual to human beings and that is why he was differentiated from other popular heroes in that land. Children and adults loved him so much especially after relocating to United States of America with an aim of fighting ad killing bad bootleggers and politicians. Sad news is that Black Condor no longer exists.

4. Gunfire


On forth position of this list is Gunfire. This man used to be a great hero in DC universe many years back. He could make sure that all his enemies suffered a lot because of his ability to fight them using bloodline parasite. Gunfire is said to have had a strong and recognized bloodline story. It is with this reason that Gunfire gained a lot of courage to fight ad bring down superheroes ad great people in that particular universe. He has been featured in this list of useless DC heroes because he no longer recognized.

3. Brother power the Greek


Brother Power the Greek is one of the useless heroes ever experienced in DC universe. Brother used to be a great hero in lighting of strikes and many people highly recognized him back then. Most of his enemies were killed by his great actions while other used to suffer a lot. One of his biggest enemies was Nazi-esque conservative ad was killed because of mighty anger that arose from this man. It is so unfortunate to learn that Brother Power the Greek is not used by DC universe entertainment today.

2. Comet the superhorse


Comet the superhorse is ranked in second position in this list of useless heroes of DC universe. He has origin from ancient Greece and later developed into a powerful horse. To add new information to this, comet used to perform supernatural and extraordinary things that cannot be compared with any of those ranked in this list. All his powers vanished and he is no longer recognized like before.

1. Resurrection man


On first position of this article is Resurrection man. He is greatest of all heroes that are featured I this article but no longer exists. This great man had ability to die ad resurrect after some days or on that same day. Resurrection man was outstanding amongst others and had many fans.

These are the most useless heroes of DC universe featured in this list. They used to be great people but are no longer recognized. Some died with their powers while other still exists but are no longer considered in entertainment industry of DC universe.

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