Top 10 Most Streamed Chinese Songs of All Time

China has been known all over the world for producing the best movies and especially kungfu movies. Their entertainment industry is known all over the world because of their amazing movies full of action and depiction of the culture of the Chinese people. When it comes to music, they have been hitting the limelight with some of the best music. You will be listening to these songs every time you are listening to these songs. Those persons who understand Chinese native they will agree that these songs are the best and can be streamed repeatedly. Check out below the list of the top ten most streamed Chinese songs of 2017.

Chinese Song Top 10 Most Streamed Chinese Songs of 2017

List of Top 10 Most Streamed Chinese Songs of All Time until in 2017

10. A Moment of Romance

This song was sung by A-Lin one of the amazing singer in the Asian world. Very people on YouTube have downloaded it and the lyrics are what you would consider romantic. In the music chart, it has been dominating over and over. This song will be starting our listing today. This will be the ideal song to listen to when you are feeling romantic.

9. Little Apple

This is one of the amazing songs that have been sung by the Chopstick Brothers. The lyrics are very nice to listen to. When you check on the download catalogue you will realize that this one has had many downloads when compared to any other song. It has also been dominating the charts.

8. Ordinary Road

This one was sung by Pu Shu and it has been dominating the China chart and worldwide. The lyrics are also very lovely if you are conversant with the Chinese language. Listen to the song even when you are not a Chinese the beats will make you love the song every moment. When performed it attracted a huge crowd. The title is very different from the content.

7. The Lesson of Love

This one was sang by Rainie Yang. This has been one of the best song amongst the love songs from the Chinese people. It has topped the list on the chart for several times and this is because of it incredible content as seen in the lyrics. That funny to say this because I do not understand Chinese but this is just to show you how much entertainment you can get by listening to this song. In my understanding, this is one song that you Chinese people can dedicate to your girlfriend or boyfriend.

6. Where Has the Time Gone

This is a song that you can listen to, then reflect on your life. Then ask yourself the question where has the time gone. It was sang by Wang Zhenliang who is known for beautiful singing all his song. It has been on the list of the top songs in China for quite a long time. All kind or classes of people have considered it as one song of the song that can be listened to. Isn’t this one so powerful.

5. The End of the World

It was sang by Deng Ziji. The good thing about this song it also has an English version that makes it great. Due to the English version, it has been one of the most streamed songs from the most populated countries in the Asian continent. When you listen to it you will realize that there is a nice background. The lyrics are also very great. Just like many singers or artists would tell you that by listening to this song you will not regret it. I know that after reading this you will go on to search for the song and see what am really talking about. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Streamed Chinese Songs of All Time until 2017.

4. Talent

This particular one was sang by Tang Yan and Luo Jun some of the celebrated singers in the Asian continent. It has been categorized amongst those songs that have been loved and streamed by many people. I guess the reason why most of these songs have been rated as being most streamed is because Asia is one of the most populated continents in the world. The lyrics of the song are great, the message contained in the song is also incredible, and one worth listen to.

3. Lucky Symbols

It was sang by one of the best boy band in China the TFBOYS. It has been sang with very beautiful vocals and the lyrics are highly impressive. If you are wondering where you can get it, you can download it from their website or you can just stream live or online on YouTube. A very lovely song has received several nominations and awards.

2. Rolling Curtains

This one was sang by Huo Zun. It is on the second position on our list simply because of its great lyrics and nicely dome vocals. Its video is also very well played and you will have to roll the curtains to clearly view it. It is just a joke to make you understand how beautiful this one is. Whenever you need to relax, play this song and you will enjoy it.

1. Happiness

This is the most streamed song in not only among the Chinese people but in the whole of Asia. It was sang by one Wang Qing one of the best singers. If you are in a bad mood and you want to feel happy all over again then go online and ensure that you get yourself a copy of this. Its lyrics were beautifully done and that made it top of our list in this year.

Finally as I conclude these are the top ten most streamed Chinese song in 2017 and years before. Most of this song are sang in the native language but when you listen to the vocals and the background you will enjoy them even if you are not conversant with the word used. To all Chinese people you can always download more songs from this singers on their websites.

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