Top 10 Most Popular TV Channels in The World

Most people watch TV because they are bored or just wanting to get time to pass by quickly. If you are sick and at home in bed then the television is going to be the perfect cure because it will take your mind off of what is going on with you. Many people turn to it so that they can be entertained. There is a lot of channels that are considered to be number one which means this is why the best shows are made. Listed below are the top channels that people enjoy because of the shows that are on it.

List of Top 10 Most Popular TV Channels in The World in 2017

10. Star Sports

star sports, Top 10 Most Popular TV Channels in The World 2017

This channel is only available in certain parts of the world. You can watch it in India, Thailand and Singapore and that is not all. This is a gaming channel so mostly guys watch it but surely some females do to. It is owned by STAR TV and Fox International Channels. The logo is of the name and a star with a line going through it. Trust me when I say it is very popular in these areas.

9. MTV

MTV, Top 10 Most Popular TV Channels in The World 2017

This is one of the best channels to watch if you like drama and music. In August two thousand and thirteen over ninety seven million people had received this channel on their TV. when you are searching for the channel you will see that it has a big yellow M and the red TV sign just on the right of the big letter. The people who had this channel that year was at the eighty five percent level. You will find shows like Teen Mom, Catfish, and Teen Wolf.

8. CN

CN, Top 10 Most Popular TV Channels in The World 2018

Cartoon Network- This is for kids because as you can see it is a cartoon channel. It is for the ones who are older. You will some of the shows that are very popular today. You have the cartoons like Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time, Dexter’s Laboratory, Gumball and so much more. These are some of the older cartoons but they just brought them back not long ago. Or you can watch the newer ones like Uncle Grandpa, or We Bare Bears.

7. Disney Channel


These are for older kids that still like some cartoons but like shows that are more of a real person view. You can watch Jesse or Girl Meets World. Shows like Best Friends Whenever are for the kids who do not like the fake things. These shows have plots behind them and will get the mind going so they learn something at the same time they are watching it and they can watch different episodes that will keep going for now.

6. AXN


This is great for watching on the weekend. It has great movies and other things that will catch your attention. First started playing shows during the nineteen ninety seven. It is a Pay television and plays shows such as Breaking The Magician’s Code, American Ninja Warrior, Under The dome and so many more that you will enjoy. The only down fall is that you can only watch this channel in Japan, Europe and other parts of Asia and the Latin America area.

5. BBC Food


The channel is owned by the BBC Worldwide but broadcasted by BBC Lifestyle. If you love to cook or even just enjoy watching new and intriguing recipes made then this will be the perfect channel for you to tune into. The food lovers really enjoy getting to see all of the wonderful dishes that get made on this channel because they are not only for just supper but also for different occasions like holidays, parties, desserts, things that are truly enjoyable to everyone. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Tv Channels in The World 2017.

4. Star World


This is another channel with different types of shows that play everyday such as family guy and the Simpsons. Those shows are what made the channel blow up and have great success in getting viewers that are all ages. Star TV and the Fox International Channels are the ones that own it and it mostly shows all the popular series made from the US, UK, and a few times they have some from Australia. This is suppose to generate the people of India, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and many more to seeing what American television is really about.

3. Channel V


It is owned by the same companies that have rights to the Star TV channel and is mostly focuses on varieties of music and news. Any type of music you can think of is played on this one and there is a name for it called multiple international music television.

2. CW


Television Network- This channel hit the television guides in the later part of 2006 and the network show a different variety of shows for many age groups including teenagers, young adults, and even older adults. With shows playing on here like One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, and Heart of Dixie. There is not a night that goes by that there is not one of these coming one and of course, people are going to tune into watching their favorite shows which results in the network making tons of money and the shows getting to make even more seasons.

1. HBO


If you are not wanting to see any TV shows or cartoons but you decide you want to watch a movie curled up on your couch and snuggled in your blanket then grab the remote and switch on HBO. This channel shows a different variety of movies every day but if you do happen to want a TV then you can still watch some of the best ones such as Sex and the City because this is where the show plays at. The channel is mainly on the satellite cable providers channel line up.

These above are the Top 10 Most Popular TV Channels in The World 2017. If television channels were not ever invented then we would all be very bored everyday because they are what keep us with something to do at all times. If they are not entertaining enough though then the show will end up not being renewed for a new season so you best hope that your favorite show gets a chance at coming back on the schedule, especially if they end in a plot twist or cliff hanger because you will never get to know how it all ends.

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