Top 10 Most Popular Girl Bands of All Time

Girls’ band comprises of group of ladies who are determined to combine their talents in singing, dancing and doing other activities. As for today, we are featuring popular band of girls of all time. You may even find out that these groups contain people you are aware of and you always loved their tracks. In this article, band fans will get full information needed about music industry. Let us take our time and study the list below.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Girl Bands of All Time until in 2017

10. The Pussycat Dolls

the pussycat dolls, Top 10 Most Popular Girl Bands of All Time 2017

This is a girl band from United States of America that was formed in 1995, in Los Angeles, California. Popular Choreographer known as Robin Antin was Pussycat’s founder. Some of their well known tracts include when I grow up (2005), Button (2005) and Don’t Cha (2005). Pussycat Dolls normally deals with Hip hop and pop music. It is the recipient of several Nomination and winning awards. Some of them are best international girls’ band in Asian Music and best in international Duo for NRJ music.

9. SWV

swv, Top 10 Most Popular Girl Bands of All Time 2017

SWV is also known as Sisters with voice. It is s girls’ band comprising of three talented singers from United States of America. Formed originally in 1990, sisters with voice have made great success in Music before parting ways in 1998. Each one of them decided to do solo project and establish her career in music industry. That did not work out. They came back together again in 2005 and have been working together to date. Some of its favorite hits from this band are you are the one, I am so unto you and weak.

8. Morning Musume


Morning Musume is another amazing group of girls that was formed by Tsunku in 1997. From that time to date, millions of albums from Musume have been sold worldwide. Having started in a single country, these young stars have been able to expand their markets in different states of Asia such as India, Europe and United States of America. Morning Musume Originally hails from Tokyo, Japan. These young ladies venture on electronic dance music and J-pop or Electro pop. Some of their top Hitting tracks include Renal Revolution form Dream album (2011), Happy summer Wedding (2011) and love machine (2000).

7. En Vogue

En Vogue Top Most Popular Girl Bands Of All Time 2018

Modern young girls are aware of this band. En Vogue hails from America and was originally formed at a place known as Oakland, California. Their tracks are popular and highly recognized hence gaining several winning and nomination awards. Vogue has been featured in live chats and is said to be very influential. Let us check on some of their awards, which include Grammy nominations that are seven in total, music award of American music (six in Total), five soul Train Awards and another seven MTV music awards (video). No other girl-band that has been popular and won awards like En Vogue.

6. The Supremes


On position six of this article, we have the supreme girl band. Originally known as Primettes, Supreme is among oldest group bands from America. It was started in early 60s. These girls have several albums recognized by fans. Reflections and greatest hits are most popular albums. Supreme was much talented group that featured mainly on Rhythm and Blues, Disco dances, souls and doo Wop music. Primettes is a recipient of many nominations and winning awards. Their work is seen in tracks such as stop in the name of love (1966) and Baby Love (1964).

5. Speed

Speed Top Most Famous Girl Bands Of All Time 2019

Speed is another amazing girl’s band that comprises of four beautiful young ladies. These girls form a strong vocal group and are student of a popular actor school known as Okinawa. In most of their performances, their attires are white in color to resemble purity and peace. Speed produced its first debut album in 1996 and that was beginning of their fame and success. It has kept a reputation and successful record of selling more than 20 million albums in three years time. This is indeed according to their stage name, Speed.

4. Bananarama


Bananarama is a famous British band that ventures mostly on Pop music, new wave and Dance tracks. This girl’s band originates from London, United Kingdom. Some of its members include, Sara Dallin, Siobhan Fahey, Jacquie O’Sullivan and Keren Woodward. Sara together with her friends worked their talents together and came up with great hits such as Cruel Summer (1984), Love in the first Degree (1987), Venus (1986), I had the rumor and many others that are not mentioned here. Bananarama hold a fantastic title of holding highest Number of chart Entries.

3. TLC


TLC is best known in America and other surrounding continents. It comprises of three talented girls who have unique features such as Sexy and Crazy. In less than 10 years, these girls released 10 singles, and multi platinum albums that were four in number, TLC is recipient of Grammy awards for best singer group of season. Some of its great tracks include Unpretty, Creep, Scrubs, and waterfalls. This is part of America’s success in terms of music.

2. Destiny’s child


Destiny’s child girls’ band is taking position two in this list of most famous girls’ band. It comprises of three talented singers who are passionate about music career. Destiny was formed in 1990 and has remained famous and successful since that time. Hit single of these ladies include lose my breath, cater to you, soldier and survivor. Independent women are most famous single of them all.

1. Spice Girls


Spice girls are most famous of all girls’ band studied in different positions above. Most of its output is powerful and highly recognized bay many fans. Spice released first debut album in 1996 and became very successful at that particular time. Several other singles and combinations followed. Most magazines began featuring them. That is how many people learnt about them hence featured in first position of this list

You are now fully equipped with full information concerning most famous girls bands 2017. For them to be famous and successful, they must have gone through many challenges and decided to stick together. All of these tracks are from United States of America.

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