Top 10 Most Popular Female Movie Villains

While the sweet and sensitive female character ensures the ‘’happily ever after’’ moment at the end of the movie, there is the hot, irrational, complex, vampy vixen that becomes the villain of the lot. These villains are hot for a reason, they have to fight their way to the top, and sometimes, as they say, looks can kill. While their destiny is always fatal, these villains are the ones that make the movie worthwhile. Their somewhat devious, dangerous and deceiving nature makes them even hotter. Here are 10 of the hottest movie villains as of 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Female Movie Villains in 2017

10. Elle Driver – Daryl Hannah

Elle Driver – Daryl Hannah Top 10 Most Popular Female Movie Villains 2018

Blonde killer sensation and member of the Deadly Viper Assassination crew off the movie Kill Bill is one hot actor. Going by the name Elle Driver in both volumes of Kill Bill, the femme fatale appears in various tempting outfits including a nurse’s costume and the good old trench with nothing on the inside. She even makes an eye patch look sexy! All of the scenes will leave you waiting for the next, and we all know what we want to see.

9. Miho – Devon Aoki

Miho – Devon Aoki Top 10 Most Popular Female Movie Villains 2019

She played female assassin Miho in Sin City and she did it o Frank Miller’s delight. Almost every scene she was in was both hot and deadly. Her vicious killer moves and sadistic personality her character portrays did even more to bring out the sexy killer vibe in her. She might be mute in the movie, but we came for the looks, not the voice. The Japanese screen sensation can be a deep and dark fantasy, and she is just a delight to watch.

8. Talia Al Ghul -Marion Cotillard


Batman’s evil love interest Talia Al Ghui, is just one of the many women that Batman is drawn to. Maybe it is the hoarse voice, I don’t know. She plays a girl, poised to destroy Gotham after the death of her father. Like most villains, she takes up two personalities, a career woman Miranda Tate and Bruce Wayne’s ill-feted but charming girlfriend. Portrayed by French actor Marion Cotillard, Talia will make any man drool, and she sure is a favorite at the comic book store.

7. Poison Ivy – Uma Thurman

Poison Ivy – Uma Thurman Top 10 Most Popular Villains

Poison Ivy was Batman & Robin’s villain back in 1997. Even though the film got a lot of negative criticism, with a villain this hot? It has to turn a few heads. Uma Thurman took up the role and played it to perfection. She seduces her target victims and kills them with her venom-filled lips. Her scenes were both hot and evil, probably because Uma Thurman herself is poison. She also played killer woman in Kll Bill but we well know her as Poison Ivy with the secret poison kisses.

6. Emma Frost – January Jones


Professor Xavier of the X-Men has a dangerous female in X-Men: First Class. Emma Frost causes all kinds of trouble for Xavier’s men using her mind control powers, ability to cause mental pain via touch and astral projection. Did I mention she can transform into an indestructible diamond in human form? Apart from the obvious killer instinct, she is drop dead gorgeous and pretty. She can rock lingerie like never before. She is s truly talented seductress.

5. Baroness – Sienna Miller


We all remember the hot vixen in GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra’s poster. Her name is Baroness and she is one mean, cold hearted woman. GI Joe has brought us so many sexy villains, but no one of them comes close to Baroness. Played by Sienna Miller, it is hard taking your eyes off her and deep down you wish her ending was a bit forgiving. Her skin tight leather in the movie shows off her killer body and brings out her killer moves quite impressively. She is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Female Movie Villains 2017.

4. Viper – Svetlana Khodchenkova


She will not creep up on you, neither hide in dark corners. She will distract you with her killer body and deceiving smile, then pounce on you before you can say sexy. Russian model turned movie sensation Svetlana Khodchenkova plays Viper in the 2013 movie Wolverine. The serpentine villain, with razor sharp bites and body hugging costume causes a lot of trouble for Wolverine, and her fight moves are even more tantalizing.

3. Mystique – Jennifer Lawrence


Shape-shifter villain Mystique appears in her X-Men movies as a reptilian-blue skinned woman, with yellow eyes and can grow limbs in an instant. The role used to belong to Rebecca Romijin before Jennifer Lawrence took over, and has not disappointed at all. Mystique wears nothing but a coat of blue paint throughout the movie. That said, who can argue against her being one of the hottest female villains around? I mean it’s Jennifer Lawrence!

2. Xenia Onatopp – Famke Janssen


Any villain list would not be complete without the mention of a 007 villain. This time she comes in the form of deadly and seductive Xenia Onatopp in the Bond movie GoldenEye. Dutch actress Famke Janssen plays the role and boy does she know how to make a man sin! She plays a highky feminine sexual psychopath who hates men and the site of them. She derives pleasure from killing men, and often crushed her victims with her insanely hot thighs.

1. Catwoman – Michelle Pfeiffer


The most obvious hottest female villain is Catwoman. Selina Kyle alias Catwoman plays a jewelry thief and Batman’s somewhat love interest. The iconic Catwoman suit has become a costume bordering on the sexy. Ann Hathaway wears the suit in 2012 batman movie ‘’The Dark Knight’’ but the clear winner is Michelle. She jumps around rooftops looking for trouble, and gets away with it thanks to the costume and high heels that brings out her amazingly sexy body.

Female villains are proof enough that hot women will always have an edge over even the strongest men. While villains are the hated lot in movies and TV shows, what female movie villains bring is a love-hate relationship between them and the viewers. These women boost ticket sales, and for a good reason. So, next time you are on the lookout for a good movie, check out the villain, and if happens to be a female, get ready for a steamy ride!

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