Top 10 Most Popular Cartoons in The World

If you grew up without watching cartoon, then this s not the right world for you. As for me I remember waking up early to watch them and also sneaking from school so that I may go home and watch them. I could not afford to miss even a single one of them. That was back then. Nowadays there is quite a selection that will make you even enjoy them more. There even those meant for adult. Below is a list of the most popular cartoons.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Cartoons in The World in 2017

10 Family guy

family guy, Top 10 Most Popular Cartoons in The World 2017

This is a comedy full of creativity, laughter and suspense that will make you want to watch it again and again. It is specially for adults and does not suit children’s interest. It feature the great family of the Griffins. The father, Peter is no very bright. His wife Lois is very stubborn and the daughter is very awkward. The son is also like his father and the only genius in the family is Stewie. The pet dog Brian drinks Martini and has the ability to talk as well.

9 Teen Titans Go!


Every kid loves a super hero cartoon. Teen titans is a very good example of a super hero cartoon that children love very much. It is cartoon that features Titans who are teenagers from the known DC comics. The super heroes include, Cyborg, Robin, Star fire, Beast boy and Raven. Both are super heroes with unique super powers. They use the powers to do laundry, go to adventures and most importantly save the world.

8 Ninja go

ninja go, Top 10 Most Popular Cartoons in The World 2018

If there is a cartoon that you as a child will fall in love with from the first day is this one. Legos, a staple box, have always been children’s best over years. Ninja go is a very popular cartoon that features 6 ninjas who have a duty of protecting as well as defending their home town which is an island called Ninja go. Apart from that they are students in a high school. Just try it out and you will surely enjoy.

7 Steven Universe


This is a cartoon that features a young boy who is half gem. He normally have super powers which he acquired from his mother. In the movie he trains to master his power which he uses to fight his enemies. His friends and he have a responsibility of protecting the world from monsters. Steven lives in Beach city which the home of three antique warrior aliens called the crystal gems.

6 Arthur


The name of the movie serves as the name of the main character of the movie. Arthur is an eight year old aardvark who has always known the way to attract the attention of children since 1996. He teaches children as they grow up and they should not fear to face obstacles. It is the oldest animated series as well as an all-time best series.

5 Gravity Falls


This is an incredible cartoon that feature a brother and a sister who are twins they are Duo, Dipper Pines and Mable Pines. The two spend most of the summer holiday at a town called Gravity Falls with their uncle called Stan. The uncle holds a tourist trap in the town and the kids went there to help him. After they toppled up on a cryptic journal in the woods, their summer begins with going on adventures, they meet supernatural creatures and so on. This is another cartoon that shows there is more you can do during summer. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Cartoons in The World 2017.

4 Phineas and Ferb


This cartoon came to an end back in 2015, but trust me it is one of a kind and that is why it has won the crowd. The kids love watching the way the two step brothers make great inventions. They are normally more innovative and therefore they normally out do their sisters. The cartoons has a very important lesson. It enlightens children that apart from sitting down and watching cartoons while in the holidays, there are very many ways of spending your holiday apart from watching.

3 Alvin and the Chipmunks


Since 1983, the cartoon has always stood up to become one of a kind. It has come in different styles and forms and foe the last 30 years the kids have always loved it. The adventures that Alvin, Theodore and Simon normally have are some of the things that make the cartoon fun to watch and also the suspense that it lives you with. They all love to sing and by this they get to win great crowds in the cartoon. They are also very troublesome, very cute and funny.

2 The amazing world of Gumball


This one was introduced back in 2011. This cartoon is made up by a variety of characters that include Gumball Watterson who is a cat aged 12. The cat attends school at the city of Elmore. The cat has a brother who a goldfish is called Darwin as well as a bunny sister Anais. The father is Richard and the mother is Nicole. We get to see Gumball get in to all kinds of trouble with his brother as his partner.

1 SpongeBob Square pants


This awesome cartoon came into the industry back in 1999. Since then it has picked and as a result, it has been ranked the best of all the cartoons in the world. This cartoon which is meant for both children and adults does not seem to fade away. People are not losing interest at all in the cartoon. It features SpongeBob and the way he live in the city of Bikini Bottom which is located under water. There are also characters like squid ward, Mr krabs and many others who make the cartoon very interesting.

These above are the Top 10 Most Popular Cartoons in The World 2017. The cartoons not only entertain, but also have good moral lessons as well as great creativity that will impress you. That is the thing that makes them to 2017 most popular. This cartoons are of all varieties all in the name of suiting the needs of suiting the needs of adults and children. Try them out and you will enjoy.

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  1. I think “Rick and Morty” should be on this list its not a kids show but it is definitely popular in many places it has features from other popular shows, its funny, and you gotta love the characters

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