Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Jazz Albums in The World

Jazz is a type of music which is of black American origin. It came into view at the beginning of the 20th century. It is characterized by improvisation and syncopation.Sometimes it is a regular or forceful rhythm. Jazz music is made through brass and woodwind instruments.Piano,violin, and guitar are also the most important tools for a good jazz music.

Jazz is just a language of music. As we speak a language to communicate with others, jazz musician express their thoughts and views through music which is known to us as Jazz. There are many renowned Jazz artists of the world like Louis Armstrong,Frank Catalina, Charles Mingus, Billie Holiday,John Coltrane,Nat King Cole,Miles Davis,Charlie Parker.

List of the world’s Top 10 most popular best selling Jazz albums in 2018:

10) Soul Eyes (Price: $48.81)-

Most Popular Jazz Albums

This album was released on 24th June by singer,songwriter and pianist, kandace Springs. This is her debut full length album on Blue Note Records. This album is produced by Grammy winning producer Larry Klein.This collection reflects her Nashville upbringing with a brush of soul and pop music album while utilising her jazz influences. There are eleven songs on this album. Some of the tracks are her own written and some are of her co-writers

9) True Stories (Price: $36.04)-

Most Popular Jazz Albums

This album was released on 24th June, by The Ripping stones and the great guitar player Russ Freeman. This Grammy nominated band is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the release of their album. There are ten tracks on this album which can be easily distinguished by the guitar playing of Russ Freeman. Freeman’s style of Spanish guitar playing with a Flamenco technique gives this album the strongest breakthrough. Out of ten tracks, nine are instrumental. The song “My Promise” is the only track which includes vocals is another standout. If you are a Ripping stones lover, then this album is definitely for you.

8) Wall Flower (Deluxe Edition)(Price: $65.70)-

Most Popular Jazz Albums

This album was released by the famous singer Diana Krall. It was produced by Verve Records.Its marketing was started in the first week of February. There is a total of 16 tracks in this album, and all of them are very pleasant to listen. Every track of this album reflects her musical experience from the past. This deluxe edition has four additional tracks, including “A Case Of You” which is a great hit. More than 60,000 copies of this album have been sold in Canada. The first week sales were around 44,000. It also entered the top 10 in Billboard 200 in its first week.

7) Creation Live (Price: $58.52)-

Most Popular Jazz Albums

This album is the composition of the famous American pianist Keith Jarrett.This is a live album and consists of nine tracks namely “Creation(i- ix)”. It was a little late in the market. It was released in fourth of May 2016. With the publication of this album, Keith renounced that it is based mostly on dark and brooding and on massive chordal structures and infrequent melody. Being a solo pianist and mastering all skills of his instrument Jarrett has impeccably produced a range of soft piano playing to the most dramatic fortissimo.

6) American Tunes (Price: $76.96)-

Most Popular Jazz Albums

This album was recorded by the famous jazz and R&B pianist, Allen Toussiant. It was recorded by Nonesuch Records and released on the 10th of June 2016.This album was produced by Joe Henry. He also features the piano solos. The title of this album was taken from the Paul Simon song “American Tune”. This Great Legend recently passed away, but this album has become an all time hit. This album is a great tour of the force of American Jazz music.

5) Saints And Poets (EP)(Price: $36.07)-

Most Popular Jazz Albums

This the debut album of Grace Benedict Paine Terzian,also known as Gracie Terzian. She is a jazz singer cum songwriter and ukelelist. This album was released on 5th May 2016 and soon after its release, it became the 3rd ranking Jazz album on iTunes. Soon after it became 23rd ranking jazz album on Billboard Jazz. This jazz album is adorable, and the jazz love songs keep the couples closer to hearts. There are 6tracks in this album, and all of them are pleasantly melodious.

4) Take Me To The Alley (Price $3.96)-

Most Popular Jazz Albums

This album is composed by the famous soulful jazz singer cum songwriter,Grammy Award-nominated, Gregory Potter. He is an artist whose music seems timeless but still of its time. The song “Holding On” was boasted with a vibe of EDM and it ranked the number one position on Ibiza Shazam charts.

3) Emoji Antique (Price: $8.99)-

Most Popular Jazz Albums

The singer of this album is Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox. It was released on 23rd April 2016. This album is extremely famous for its magnificent verses. The melody of the verses is so beautiful that this album is very much famous in the market.This album contains 12 songs everyone of which is equally melodious.

2) Bye Bye Blackbird (EP)(Price: $3.77)-

Most Popular Jazz Albums

This album is composed and produced with the collaboration of famous musicians Frank Catalano, Jimmy Chamberlain and David Sanborn. This album was released on 27th May 2016. This album is a great hit and is currently ranking second on Billboard Jazz. With this album the great saxophonist, Frank Catalano pays tribute to Von Freeman and Eddie Harris, which can be understood from the extension of the title of the album which is “Blowing in from Chicago for Von and Eddie.”

1) Ultimate Sinatra (Price: $91.55)-

Most Popular Jazz Albums

This album was released by the American singer Frank Sinatra. It is a compilation album which was produced to celebrate his 100th birth anniversary. It consists of a 4cd set which has100 tracks. Mady bonus content was also released with this album such as the life of Frank Sinatra. This album is still a great hit in the market, and currently, it ranks number one on Billboard Jazz Album Chart and 32nd position on Billboard 200.

So all the Jazz lovers can look forward in buying these albums. It can be assured that you can get the best jazz songs of 2018 among these albums. Listen to jazz music and feel the cadence of the thoughts of jazz musicians.

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