Top 10 Most Popular, Best Selling Hip Hop Albums in The World

Hip Hop is not just a genre of songs or dancing. It was a movement. A movement started by African Americans, Caribbean, Latino and a lot of other nonwhite American youths from the South Bronx area in New York City. It is a subcultural movement. It originated during the 1970s and 1980s and became so popular that within the 2000s it was almost in every playlist of the youth of the time. It has several branches of itself; it has rapping, turntablism, beat boxing, and DJing. The dance elements include popping, locking, b-boying and it was accompanied by random artwork or graffiti on every other empty was at that time.

We have all seen Step Up; Hip Hop movement was basically like the movements shown in step up, the ‘homies’ of Ghetto Brothers block would plug in massive amplifiers and then play music and rap orally to break down racial barriers. However, we are going to discuss only the oral version of the Hip Hop movements. Read on to find out about the top ten best-selling hip-hop albums of all time.

List of the world’s top 10 most popular and best selling hip hop albums in 2017 and all time.

10. Get Rich or Die Tryin’- 50 cents (sales: 8.3 million records) (Price: $35.01):

Get Rich or Die Tryin’- 50 cents Top best selling Hip Hop albums 2017

Released by Shade, Aftermath and Interscope Records (the top 3 companies which promote the hip-hop brand of music) in February 2003, the album is the child of 50 cents, the rapper. The singles from the album would include ‘In da Club’, ’21 Questions’, ‘P.I.M.P.’ and ‘If I can’t’. It even has a guest appearance from Eminem and his crew. Although this album is a victim of internet piracy and leakage has the release had to be pushed seven days back, the schedule has the managers has to get their technicians to remove the virtual mess. The album also has a movie by its name starring the artist.

9. Country Grammar- Nelly (sales: 8.5 million records) (Price: $99):

Country Grammar- Nelly

The album was released in 2000 by Universal Fo’ Reel Label (a branch of Universal Records’, and has parts of both conventional hip hop and Midwest hip-hop. The singles from this album are ‘Country Grammar (Hot Shit)’, ‘E.I’, ‘Ride With Me’ and ‘Batter Up’. Most of this singles peaked in the top 10 Billboard songs lists in the year they were released.

8. Licensed to lll- The Beastie Boys (sales: 9 million records) (Price: $20):

Licensed to lll- The Beastie Boys most best selling Hip Hop albums 2018

The album is one of the oldest records on the list, being released in 1986 it is one the earliest hip-hop records to be officially produced and sold worldwide. The singles from the album include ‘Hold It Now, Hit It’, ‘The New Style,’ ‘Paul Revere,’ ‘Brass Monkey,’ ‘Fight for Your Right,’ ‘No Sleep Till Brooklyn’ and ‘Girls.’

7. All Eyez on Me- 2Pac (sales: 9 million records) (Price: $25.22):

All Eyez on Me- 2Pac Top 10 best selling Hip Hop albums 2017

The album released in 1996 by Death Row Records and Interscope records is of the West Coast Hip Hop brand interspersed with G-funk and Gangsta rap. The popular singles packed into this album are ‘California Love’, ‘How Do you Want it’, ‘2 of Amerikaz most Wanted’, ‘All About U’, ‘Life Goes On’ and ‘I ain’t Mad at Cha’. It is often granted the position as the crowning album of all 1990s hip hop music.

6. Greatest Hits- 2Pac (sales: 10 million records) (Price: $21.99):

Greatest Hits- 2Pac

The album was released in 1998 by Amaru Entertainment, Death Row Records, and Interscope Records. The album took a long five years for its completion. The album has only two singles. ‘Unconditional Love’ and ‘Changes.’ It has spent a record 150 weeks on the 200 Billboard list.

5. Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em- Hammer (sales: 10 million records)(Price:$29.99):

Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em- Hammer Top popular best selling Hip Hop albums in the world 2018

This is also one of the oldest hip hop albums being released in 1990 by Capitol-EMIRecords. The singles on this album are ‘U Can’t Touch Him’, ‘Have You Seen Her’, ‘Pray,’ ‘Here Comes the Hammer’, and ‘Yo!! Sweetness’.

4. Life After Death- Notorious B.I.G. (sales: 10.2 million records)(Price:$250):

Life After Death- Notorious B.I.G.

The album not only features hip hop but is an amalgamation of hard-core Gangsta rap, mafioso rap and also dirty rap. The album was released in March 1997 has is as long as 109.12 minutes. Some singles from this album are ‘Hypnotize’, ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’, ‘Sky’s the Limit’. The album is a collaboration project with a lot of guest appearances from famous artists like 112, Jay-Z, Lil’ Kim, Too Short, Angela Winbush, R. Kelly, The LOX and Puff Daddy. It was nominated for the Grammys in three different divisions. And even with all the guest appearances, a lot of confrontational lines about the rivals of the artist have been made on the album.

3. The Eminem Show- Eminem (sales: 10.3 million records)(Price:$22.99):

The Eminem Show- Eminem Top most popular best selling Hip Hop albums in the world 2019

The albumwas released in 2002 by Eminem, the god of rap as we know him. It has a total length of 77.30 minutes of angsty goodness mixed with the unmistakable energy of hip hop. It was producedby Eminem himself in collaboration with Dr. Dre and Jess Bass. There are only five singles in the album, and they are ‘Without Me’, ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’, ‘Superman’, ‘Sing for the Moment’ and’ Business.’ Released by Aftermath Entertainment, Shady Records, and Interscope Records, the Eminem show went on to occupy the first position on the hip hop list in almost 19 countries.

2. The Marshall Mathers LP- Eminem (sales: 10.5 million records)(Price:$28.21):

The Marshall Mathers LP- Eminem

It was the first album released by Eminem’s recording company, the Shady Records. Of course, it was also released by Interscope Records and Aftermath Entertainment. It was launched in 2000 and is a hardcore hip hop mix. The chart-topping singles of this album are ‘The Read Slim Shady’, ‘The Way I Am’, ‘Stan’, ‘I’m Black’. In the first week alone in the US the album sold almost 1.5 million copies. It also won the Grammy Award for the Best Rap Album. It was so popular that the singer also released a sequel. The Marshall Mathers LP 2. It is noted for its vivid and over the top descriptions of violence and drug abuse.

1. Speakerboxx/ The Love Below- Outkast (sales: 11.4 million records) (Price: $49.98):

Speakerboxx The Love Below- Outkast

This is a relatively new album released in 2003 by LaFacdeArista, and it is the hip hop funk genre. The singles on this album include ‘Hey Ya’, ‘The Way You Move’, ‘Roses’, and ‘Prototype’. It was issued as a double album but overtime it transformed into a single one. It is a Southern Hip Hop album mainly.

We have heard about several revolutions taking place all over the globe, of all varieties, all throughout history. But seldom has a musical movement gathered this much popularity and hype. The last one would be the Woodstock Festival of 1969 where Jimi Hendrix set fire to the stage, metaphorically speaking of course. And it was a very effective method too. Though it promoted cultural stereotyping more randomly, it diminished the bullying faced by the minorities.

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