Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling English Novels in India

Many possessions get replaced when we step into adulthood, and such is the novels which supplant the bedtime stories by mom. Novels not only tell us stories, but it is one of the best companions one can have during the lonely nights. Books take you to the different world along with a perspective of a new personality enhancing the experience of the world of the reader. Stories are told to be one of the best methods to increase your vocabulary and reduce your stress.

Talking about the Indian authors, they have always prospered in expressing the culture of India. Apart from winning the hearts of million readers they also won distinguished awards, and now the Indian authors are readily accepted by the young generations as well as the old. It is due the setting which is used in the novels which augment to the vision of a reader who will get that while reading the book. So may it be love stories or some mythological stories they have never failed to disappoint us. Here is the list of best selling English novels 2017,

List of top 10 most popular and best selling English novels in India in 2017

10. The Blue Umbrella (Price: $0.90)

The Blue Umbrella Top most Best Selling English Novels in the world 2018

Written by Ruskin Bond The Blue Umbrella narrates the story of a little girl named Binya who comes in possession of a blue umbrella after in exchange of a leopard claw. Binya gets all the attention of her village for the lovely blue umbrella she owns. Soon she gets the attention of the shopkeeper owner of a ruined old shop. He gets off her as she is having the umbrella and finally sets a boy to steal it from her.

9. Wings of Fire (Price: $5.23)

Wings of Fire Top 10 Best Selling English Novels in the world 2017

An autobiographical novel by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is the best book which gives the best information about taking India to new heights with an almost limited source of experience and knowledge. One can learn how to love their country from this book. Being an Indian, we can easily understand the grounds under which these reforms took place.

8. The White Tiger (Price: $5.23)

The White Tiger

The best an author can achieve in his debut novel; Arvind Agida has won Man Booker Prize for his book. The story revolves around Balram Halwai, a murderer, an entrepreneur and a philosopher and there are many more qualities. The story is about Balram who tells the story about how he has gained success in life. The steps of success are the part which keeps the reader intact with the novel.

7. The Scion of Ikshvaku (Price: $5.23)

The Scion of Ikshvaku

Another mythological tale by Amish Tripathi but this time the story he tells is about The Ramayana. Though the whole of The Ramayana is not there, Amish have promised his fans that the next part of the book will be out soon. The book ends with Raavan abducting Sita, and the book ends there.

6. I Too Had a Love Story (Price: $2.62)

I Too Had a Love Story Top popular Best Selling English Novels in the world 2018

The story is an autobiographical novel by Ravinder Singh which has protagonists as Ravin and Khushi published by the Penguin India. The story begins with the reunion of four friends all of them used to study in the same engineering college. Ravin makes an account in on Happy’s suggestion. Soon he finds a girl named Khushi, an employee at the CSC Noida. As Ravin was working as an engineer at Infosys, they never meet each other, but the conversations over the phone develop a friendship between them. Soon they find out a lot of similarities between them finally falling in love with each other. Ravin is asked to go to the US for company assignment, and he is required to go to Delhi and finally Ravin meets Khushi. Everything goes on smoothly until a tragedy takes place which changes Ravin’s life.

5. The Shiva Trilogy (Price: $12.70)

The Shiva Trilogy Top most popular Best Selling English Novels in the world 2019

Based on the Indian mythology, the story revolves around one of the most powerful Gods, Lord Shiva. The setting is in India, not the one that we know today but the one that existed centuries ago. Here Shiva is shown as a mortal being living near the Sarovar Lake. The first book ‘Immortals of Meluha’ tells the secret behind the immortality attained by the Gods who are all shown as mortals and the rise in Shiva’s character.

The second book of the trilogy ‘The Secret of the Nagas’, Nagas one of the most notorious group as per our conception after reading the first book. But a sudden twist in this volume changes everything; the secret revealed in this volume will stun you.

The third and the last volume ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’ is the most engrossing as there are a lot of journeys and war. Shiva’s love for Sati is the most beautiful thing to experience, Amish has done a marvelous job and is now working on his upcoming series.

4. The Namesake (Price: $5.23)

The Namesake Top Best Selling English Novels in the world 2017

Written by Jhumpa Lahiri which won her Pulitzer Prize, the story is about a couple of Ashoke and Ashima Ganguly who has recently shifted to the USA. They are blessed with a baby boy and as per a Bengali custom Ashoke names him as Gogol after a Russian novelist. Gogol soon grows up and begins to find something odd in his name. Trying to adapt to the USA culture he changes his name from Gogol to Nikhil. His father passes away, after which he realizes the negligence towards his family, and now he starts to spend time with his family and finally discovers the reason behind his name which was unknown to him.

3. Revolution 2020 (Price: $3.36)

Revolution 2020

Written by most famous writers in India Chetan Bhagat, unlike his previous books, the story takes us back to the school and college life. The story is a theme of love, corruption, and ambition as per the cover give the hint. The story is narrated by Gopal who is has become a director of a college at a very young age, and the story is related by the author himself who visits the college as a chief guest. Gopal tells the story of his love life Aarti and the tragedy of how she lost her or sacrificed for his best friend, Raghav.

2. Two States (Price: $5.90)

Two States

Again a love story by Chetan Bhagat, the story has been set in an entire Indian culture, as per marriage cannot proceed with boy and girl loving each other. The story is about a Punjabi boy named Krish and a Tamilian girl Ananya. Both meet at IIM Ahmedabad slowly falling in love with each other. The problem starts when they introduce each other with their parents. Will there be a happy ending, in the end, is left for you to find?

1. The Guide (Price: $2.09)

The Guide

R.K. Narayan’s Guide is still considered one of the best-selling novels; the charm of his work remains the way it was before. The Guide brings up a character Raju, the protagonist of the story whose life leads to a road of self-deception and losing self-consciousness, but finally, the character goes through a spiritual transformation and awakening. He comes from a village named Malgudi, another fantasy created by Narayan; he runs a shop at the Malgudi railway station and tries to help anyone with whatever he can gain the name as ‘Railway Raju’. He meets a dancer named Rosie and insists her on taking dance as a profession. Rosie gains popularity and includes Raju in her achievement which slowly lands him into trouble. The rest of it is for you to find and I am sure you will like the novel.

I think the books listed above are the best books one could get a hand, and you will feel great after reading these books.

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