Top Most Famous Soap Operas of All Time

Soap Operas are the most watched and followed television series. It was first aired in 1946 obsessing everybody despite their ages. Soap opera is normally a serial drama on television examining and living lifestyle of many characters, mostly focusing on emotional relationships. The main aims of these programs were to advertise soap or detergents, and to entertain housewives. The main characteristics which are mostly portrayed in soap operas include family life; personal relationships, emotional and moral conflicts. This series are normally aired during evening hours, when many viewers are relaxing from their busy day. Below is the list of the most famous soap operas of all time.

List of Top Most Famous Soap Operas of All Time until in 2017

10. The Bold and the Beautiful

the bold and the beautiful, Top Most Famous Soap Operas of All Time 2017

The Bold and the Beautiful was rated over eighteen of age, produced by Lee Philip and William J. Bell. This series was casted in Los Angeles, showing on CBS television and becoming the most famous soap opera in America. The story is about the lives of a rich family known as Forester, managing their family business for fashion, the Forrester Creations.

9. The Young and the Restless


This soap opera is among the most famous series in America and wide world. This soap opera has been awarded more than six Emmy Awards. The story is about the family of Newman’s and Abbotts in Genoa city. The run a family business Newman Enterprises, Victor Newman who is a powerful businessman and has never stopped loving his former wife. Sally Sussman, created by William J. Bell and Lee Philip Bell, wrote it. It was first aired on 1973 with 43 seasons and 11,000 episodes.

8. General Hospital


It is the longest soap opera ever aired thus listed in Guinness Book of Record. It is a great medical drama involving the wealthy family continuing to loom in the town of Port Charles. Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman, containing 13000 episodes since 1972, wrote this drama. General Hospital’s cast and crew have won many awards like; Daytime Emmy Awards, Creative Arts Emmy Awards and Outstanding Drama Series.

7. Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann


Aired on Zee television, was launched on 26th September 2006, and rated among the most famous Hindu soap operas. The story is about the family of Suryakant whose wife had given birth to four daughters and now she cannot give birth anymore. The husband wants to have a son; he decided to marry another woman. The first episode was aired on September 2006 ending on 29th August 2009, airing 595 episodes.

6. Todo Sobre Camila


The story is about this beautiful and hardworking girl Camilla, after her father died she had to take several jobs for her upkeep. During a fundraiser to collect funds for her family’s foundation, Camila (Scarlet Ortiz) meets Alejandro Novea (Segundo Cernadas), the heir to a hotel empire from Ecuador who is a lawyer by profession. But their love is prevented by Alejandro’s family. Created and written by Annie Van Der Dys, with 110 episodes launched in 14th July 2002 till January 7, 2003.

5. Secreto De Amor


This soap opera is rated among the best and famous American opera; it was filmed in Miami casted by many notable and famous South American actors and actresses. It revolves around the life of a beautiful Maria Clara, taking care of her mother and sister. She fell in love with a mechanic Carlos Raul. Secreto de Amor (Secret Love) is an American telenovela produced by Venevision International in the year 2001. Omaira Rivero, created by Alberto Gomez with 151 episodes, wrote this Venezuela soap opera. It was filmed in Spanish by notable and famous actors and actress like; Scarlet Ortiz, Jorge Aravena and Aura Cristina Geithner. This is one amongst the Top Most Famous Soap Operas of All Time until 2017.

4. La Tormenta


This popular Columbian soap opera was launched in the year 2005, becoming the most and famous soap opera of all time. This love story is about this woman who decides to go to country side known as La Tormenta where her family had estates. This place gave Maria Teresa a unique experience, finding true love in the heart of one of the farm workers.

3. Days of Our Lives


This American soap opera is among the longest running series on television. It was launched back in 1965 and in 1975, the time for airing was extended to an hour. The show is all about the lifestyle of two families that is; Horton’s and Brady’s. Love and family stories intertwine with more tragedies, suspenseful moments, love triangles, murder, rape and divorce centering their lives. Ted Corday and Betty Corday, written by Dena Higley and Ryan Quan, created it and the episodes are aired in sync with the NBC broadcast and currently on Global Television Network.

2. One Life to Live


It was first aired on ABC television network, and becoming the most famous soap opera in America. This American soap has run for over forty years, but in the year 2013, started airing online on Hulu and iTunes. The story is all about the issues surrounding the modern society living in a fictional town of Llanview, PA. Frequently tensions are experienced from the three families; the powerful Buchanan clan, the feisty Cramer family and concentrating on upper-crust Lord Family.

1. Shree


This soap opera takes us through the life of Indians and their love lives. It was launched on 22nd December 2008, aired from Monday to Thursday on Zee channel. This love story blends love and feelings of Indians. The son-in-law of Gujarati family could not find a good girl to marry. After twelve rejected marriage proposals, the family now thinks there must be a spirit behind all this. Later he finds a beautiful and charming Shree.

The story line of many soap operas lies on; romance, secret relationships, genuine love, extramarital affairs and confusing tales of characters. Many people like to follow these stories as they can relate to these characters. The above is the list of most famous soap operas of all time until 2017.

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