Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies Of All Time

Romantic films are described as love stories that are recorded in movie theaters and released for fans to have good time of watching. Many romantic movies can be described in this article. Different actors and actresses play important role in portraying their talents. In that way, fans are able to rejuvenate their feelings toward their loved ones. let us take a look on some of most famous romantic movies of all time.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies Of All Time until in 2017

10. The Notebook

the notebook, Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies Of All Time until 2017

Nick Cassavetes directed this famous romantic Drama. Based on a Novel Story of the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, it was released to fans and viewers in 2004. Ryan Gosling together with Rachel McAdams are film stars who take role of a young couple that was madly in love with each other in early 1940s. The Notebook takes a total of 124 minutes to play and is an English drama. Ever since Notebook was released, it has scooped many winning and nomination awards such as Golden Trailer Awards for Best Romance.

9. Pretty Woman

pretty woman, Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies Of All Time until 2018

Pretty Woman is a popular Romantic film that was released Directed by Garry Marshall. Arnon Milchan produced it in 1990. Based on America Story, Pretty woman was written by J. F, Lawton. Some of its stars include Julia Roberts, Hector Elizondo, Jason Alexander, Ralph Bellamy and Richard Gere. Most amazing performance of all is that of Julia Robert many film fans praise. Fans have forwarded positive reviews concerning her in internet. She even received Nomination award of best actress at that particular time.

8. Gone with the wind

gone with the wind, Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies Of All Time

This is another romantic film that still famous among many film lovers. Victor Fleming was director of Gone with the wind, which is based on a story line of a novel. Margret Mitchell wrote her novel Gone with wind in 1936. Gone with The wind Film was directed by David O. Selznick in 1939. Story line of this film is set on South American story after Civil War and those periods of construction error. Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh portrayed leading Role of this film. Other film actors include Leslie Forward and Olivia De Havilland.

7. The wedding Singer


The wedding singer is an American film that is based on romantic moves. Tim Herlihy wrote it while Frank Coraci directed it. Adam Sandler is being stared as a wedding singer in early 1980s. This man falls in love with a waitress who works there. Robert Simonds spent a total of $18 million to produce it. This film will forever catch your attention despite fact that it was released more than 10 years ago. It takes a total of 95 minutes to play. Simond released this amazing Drama on 13th February, 1998.

6. Dirty dancing


Eleanor Bergstein is an American Movie writer that is known by many movie fans. Dirty dancing is part of his successful work. He released it in 1987 after being directed by Emile Ardolino. Major stars of this film are Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. They played important roles and were assisted by Jerry Orbach and Cynthia Rhodes. In 2009, Dirty dancing film earned more than $200 million after selling many copies to fans. It has indeed become a popular film ever since that time. Another talented movie writer known as Kenny Ortega released a remake of this film in 2011.

5. Titanic


Titanic is a major and most wanted film among many people. Watching this movie once is not enough and you can never get enough of it. Story line of Titanic is bases on largest ship ever build that sank in Atlantic Ocean after hitting an Iceberg. Romantic part of it is featuring on Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack and Kate Winslet as Rose. These two are of different social classes but get madly in love with each other. Rose’s family is well off but Jack is just a humble young artist who loves his woman passionately. Titanic film ends in a sad way after Jacks death. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies Of All Time until 2017.

4. You’ve got mailyouve-got-mail-famous-romantic-movies-of-all-time-2018

You’ve got mail is a romantic American Film that was released to market on 18th December, 1998. This famous film takes a maximum time of 119 minutes to play and is in English. Nora Ephron was its director while Delia Ephron wrote it. Mail features two important actors who fall in love through online means but differences arises due to business issues. Ever since its production date, Delia’s Film has been popular all through and many people feature it to date. That is why it is featured in various articles.

3. Love Actually


This very famous film cannot be forgotten. It makes this article complete and satisfying. Love actually is part of Richard Curtis’s work. Running time of this famous film is 136 minutes. A group of people including Tim Bevan, Debra Hayward, Liza Chasin, Erick Fellner and Duncan Kenworth produced it. Their combined effort is a major contribution to romantic movie industries. It has been confirmed by many people that due to its quality performance, Love actually deserves taking position three of this article.

2. 10 things I hate about you


10 things I hate about you is romantic comedy that was directed by Gil Junger. It is an English comedy. It was released on 31st March, 1999 and takes 99 minutes to play. Richard Gibbs’s music is featured in this film. Major film stars include Julia Stiles, Health Ledger, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Andrew Keegan, Suzan May Pratt, David Krumholtz and Larisa Oleynik.

1. When Harry Met Sally


This is another great work from Nora Ephron’s work. When Harry Met Sally, is a 1989 romantic film from America that was directed by Rob Reiner. Romantic music in this film was played and sung by Harry Connick junior and Marc Shairman. Exact date of its release was on 14th July 1989 and takes a period of 96 minutes.

These above are the Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies Of All Time until 2017. Many romantic films can be highly features in this article. However, we have only taken our precious time to talk about ten of them. For more information concerning these films, get some of its highlights in YouTube or any other trusted website.

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