Top 10 Most Expensive Movies of 2017

“A good movie is three good scenes and no bad scene” as said by the famous director, script writer and producer Howard Hawks is definitely very true when it comes to movies at times some really good movies that make a lot of sense do not run at times it’s just the opposite. The funny thing is that no one knows what will happen of a movie and how people will react to it once it’s on screens.

The roots of movies dates back to 1890’s when the first movies came up they were just some seconds long. Then finally a breakthrough came in between when 1927 when first motion movie was made. Initially it was only for some seconds and later as technology advanced seconds changed to minutes to hours now. Here is a list of the Top 10 most expensive Movies of 2017.

List Of The Top 10 Expensive Movies In 2017

10. Warcraft (Total budget – $160 million)

Warcraft top 10 most expensive movies of 2016

This IA movie based on fiction where Orc Horde invades a plane called Azeroth. The direction and screenplay has been done by Duncan Jones one of the most successful directors this year. This movie has already been nominated for some awards in the fiction category by many international film and television organizations. Warcraft was released this year on June 10th, 2016 and since then this movie has been the favorite of people who love fiction and action. The main star cast includes names like Paula Patton, Travis Fimmel who are the leads of this movie as well.

9. Independence Day Resurgence (Total budget – $165 million)

Independence Day Resurgence most profitable movie

Independence Day Resurgence was the most awaited movie of 2016 released on 22nd June 2016 in South Korea. Directed by Roland Emmerich this movie is a super action filled fiction super hit of the year. This is still on screens worldwide and breaking records and is being distributed worldwide by 20th Century Fox. This movie has earned $338.4 million till now and is still earning even more. This is the most expensive movies in this list which trailer was one of the most viewed movie trailers on YouTube.

8. Alice through the looking glass (Total budget – $170 million)

Alice through the looking glass expensive movie

Alice through the looking glass is a movie that both elders and children can enjoy as it is based on a fairy-tale that you might have heard since childhood. Finally put together in form of a movie and present to the world audience by Director James Bobin. This movie was released in Portugal on May 25th, 2016. The star caste includes Johnny Depp (The Mad Hatter), Mia Wasikowska (Alice), Anne Hathway (White queen), Helena Carter (Red Queen) and Alan Rickman (Caterpillar). This movie earned quite a good amount of $276.6 million.

7. Finding Dory (Total budget – $175 million)

Finding Dory most costly movie in 2016-2017

Each and every kid knows Dory the most famous fish that forgets in every 10 seconds. This movie basically is a 3 dimensional (3D) cartoon movie which owns the record of the biggest animated opening of all times in America. This film is a sequel of an equally successful film Finding Nimo where he gets helped to find his Dad. Now in return Nimo is helping Dory to find her family who is lost somewhere in Morrow Bay. This movie is really too good in terms of animation and dialogues you will enjoy it. This 3D movie has earned more than $721 million till now.

6. The Jungle Book (Total budget – $176 million)

The Jungle Book top most expensive movie

The Jungle book is the story of most loved cartoon character of all times Mogli who came into existence with the work of the famous writer Rudyard Kipling in his famous jungle book series. This movie is a journey of a small boy who is left by his parents in a forest and is raised by animals. This was one of the toughest movies to make as it involved scenes with real wild animals as well as lots of computer animation work. In the list of Hollywood’s most expensive movies, this movie earned $936.8 million which is the third highest earning by any movie.

5. X-Men Apocalypse (Total budget – $178 million)

X-Men Apocalypse world most expensive movie ever

The X-Men series has been one of the most successful and profitable movie series of all times and one of the most loved movie of them all is the recent release X-Men Apocalypse which was made with a cost of $178 million and it paid off well indeed. This is the 9th movie in the series of X-men. The story remains the same as before which is that the earth is verge of destruction when these super humans intervene and save the planet. It earned $533.9 million globally.

4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Total budget – $200 million)

Star Wars The Force Awakens expensive movie in the world

One of the biggest hits and most earned movie of this year. This movie is the seventh part of the star war movie series. Produced and Directed by J.J Abrams the plot of the story is about revenge from the Galactic Forces for a defeat that had happened 30 years ago. This movie is action filled. This movie earned a staggering box office collection of $2.068 billion the highest earning movie of this series. Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already earned nominations for prestigious awards.

3. Captain America: Civil War (Total budget – $250 million)

Captain America Civil War highest grossing movie

Captain America is the most love fictional character especially by the Americans. This movie was released worldwide on 6th May 2016 and gained $1.151 billion and was a box office block buster. Chris Evans is playing the role of Captain America in this movie who is the main character of the movie and leading the team of superheroes trying to save a Super Soldier Serum from getting into wrong hands.

2. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Total budget – $256 million)

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice high budget movie 2016-2017

This movie broke all records of film industry as the two most famous super heroes together as heroes of one movie. Directed by Zack Snyder released in the United States on 25th march 2016. This movie has a super plot where Superman is forced to kill Batman, but loses from him later in the movie they both save Martha Superman’s love. You need to see this movie or sure if you are a lover of superheroes, you will still love it even if you are not a fan of fictional characters due to the plot of the movie.

1. Avengers : Age of Ultron (Total budget – $279 million)

Avengers Age of Ultron expensive movie 2016

This is also one of the most expensive and successful movies in the fiction based on the famous comic’s series the Marvel. Directed and written by Joss Whedon this movie was also one of the block buster’s in between 2015-2016. This movie earned $1.4 billion worldwide. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth , Chris Evans , Elizabeth Olsen, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner , Cobie Smulders, Don Cheadle, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Mark Ruffalo , Paul Bettany, Anthony Mackie, Hayley Atwell and Idris Elba are the main characters.

All these top expensive movies are super hits you need to watch them to know what they are. Although the world record of the costliest movie is owned by the “Pirates of Caribbean”: On strange Tides with a worth of $378.5 million this is the list of 2017 so that has not been included.

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