Top 10 Most Expensive Comics in The World

Comic books hold a special place among kids and even adults. Kids love to spend their summer and winter holidays cooped up in their rooms reading their favorite comic books and adults reminisce about those lovely childhood days when these books would light up their days. Since 2018 kick-started with Batman and Superman battling it out on the big screens, fans all around the world did not hold back on spending millions to get their hands on the most valuable and rare comics ever.

Now a days as the technology is advancing and you can also read the books online and for that, you have to pay and though that is not a big deal, but you can read the book anywhere you want, and you do not have to carry the book also.With Suicide Squad on the pipeline and the recent airings of Super Girl series, the craze for comics got a renewed boost. We have compiled a list of the top 10 most expensive comics in the world in 2018. Scroll down to see who wins the battle on paper: Batman or Superman?

List of the world’s Top 10 most Expensive Comics in 2018:

10. Amazing Fantasy No 15 (Price: $275,000)

Most Expensive Comics

It is mind-boggling to think that the cost of this comic book was originally only 12 penny and today it is sold for $275,000. This is a one-of-a-kind comic book that talks about the various adventures of a superhero who is today affectionately known as Spider Man.

9. Pep Comics No 22 (Price: $280,000)

Most Expensive Comics

This comic book is one of the most expensive comics in the world and it contains the first entrance of Archie Andrews. It is also the first comic that is written about youngsters for youngsters. The interesting story-line with great comic art makes this book very popular.

8. Action Comics No 7 (Price: $315,000)

Most Expensive Comics

This comic book was discharged in 1938 and it features Superman stories. It is his second ever cover appearance. In this book, readers can see an experiment done with Superman’s shoes which were made yellow. Though, later on, it was made red again and the yellow shoes are only restricted to this version of the book.

7. Captain America Comics No 1 (Price: $379,000)

Most Expensive Comics

This comic book was discharged during the world war and is one of the most rarest. This comic presents the first appearance of Captain America and the story-line is based on giving birth to a saint who would rescue America from the oppression of Adolf Hitler. The character is infused with a force serum from which it gets such incredible power. Sold at $379,000, it is one of the costliest comic books.

6. Batman No 1 (Price: $575,000)

Most Expensive Comics

This is Batman’s first solo comic. Batman is one of the most-loved superheroes and resides in the hearts of million and for that reason, the acceptance of Batman in the comics community is tremendous and as a result, the most of the Batman comics are very expensive. Gotham’s vigilante is still rocking it through the movies. What makes this comic book even more interesting is the fact that it talks about the most popular lowlife character of all times, the Joker. When you can find Joker and Batman at the same place, it comes as no surprise that this is one of the priciest comics.

5. Marvel Comics No 1 (Price: $600,000)

Most Expensive Comics

Marvel Comics was the very first comic book published by the comic company that is today known as Marvel Comics. It contains the first appearance of Namor and the original Human Torch. This became the biggest contender of DC Universe. This is one of the most expensive comics in 2016 and continues to sell thousands of copies worldwide. Though Marvel heroes are very much loved by comics lover because of the story-line and Marvel has a brilliant story-line, for this reason, the price is also very much high.

4. All-American Comics No 16 (Price: $747,000)

Most Expensive Comics

This is currently one of the most expensive comic books of all times. This book gave the world a new super saint, the Green Lantern. The cover of this comic book is also well-designed featuring a superhero in green going through the remnants. It is very well written supported with exceptional comic arts and is one of the most popular comics among kids and adults both.

3. Superman No 1 (Price: $1 million)

Most Expensive Comics

Nobody needs an introduction to Superman because everybody already knows him and there are billions of fans of Superman in all over the world and for the fame everything about Superman is expensive. However, this comic book was the first comic of just character. When it hit the stores, the price was only 10 penny and today it is sold for a whopping $1 million.

2. Detective Comics No 27 (Price: $2 million)

Most Expensive Comics

The original value of this comic book was 10 penny when it was first issued and today it stands at a hefty $2 million. It contains the first appearance of the world-s favorite vigilante, Batman. It is one of the most valuable comics of all time and a very interesting read with great comic art.

1. Action Comics No 1 (Price: $3 million)

Most Expensive Comics

This comic book hit the shelves in the year of 1938 and is the most costliest and coveted comics of the present. This comic is on the first appearance of the Superman, his source of power and few other stories. With the number of copies sold and its price, it is clear that Superman is the most popular vigilante on paper.

This is the list of most expensive comics in 2018 and truly a favorite.The Comic books are quite intriguing for many. Childhoods have been shaped by reading comics and till date it continues to be very popular among all age groups. Thanks to the superhero movies, more and more people are interested in getting to the depth of where the superheroes came from, what is their life story and what are the adventures that they go on next. Which is your favorite pick?

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