Top 10 Most Evil Fictional Hunters of All Time

Some people will always associate killing with evil, therefore anyone who hunts living creatures must be inherently evil, right? Hunters with their guns and bows chasing down innocent, defenseless animals are among the cruelest people on the planet, right? Never mind that these hunters at least may be hunting for food. There are hunters out there searching for something far more sinister than a bite to eat who will stop at nothing to find their prize. They trap, torture, maim and murder the people around them in their hunt for revenge, power or immortality. There are truly evil people out there, both real and fictional, and they give a scary view into some disturbed minds. Here are the top 10 most evil fictional hunters of all time.

List of Top 10 Most Evil Fictional Hunters of All Time until in 2017

10. Van Helsing – Dracula

van helsing dracula, Top 10 Most Evil Fictional Hunters of All Time 2017

An actual hunter, albeit a vampire hunter, Professor Abraham Van Helsing is the self-proclaimed archenemy of Count Dracula and all vampires. With multiple medical degrees, which gave him an in-depth knowledge of physical anatomy, and a stubborn resolve, Van Helsing proves to be a formidable opponent to the vicious onslaught of vampires roaming the countryside in Brahm Stoker’s Dracula. Which should be a good thing, right? It would be if Van Helsing’s hunts were restricted to vampires alone. In other stories, Van Helsing spends so much time hunting vampires, being surrounded by them and their twisted natures, that his own nature is twisted in the end and he becomes as villainous as the ones he hunts.

9. Emperor Palpatine – Star Wars

Emperor Palpatine - Star Wars, Top 10 Most Evil Fictional Hunters of All Time until 2017

Though Emperor Palpatine starts out as a relatively straight forward senator in the sci-fi series, his lust for ambitions and hunt for power soon take him down a dark path that not only turns him to the dark side, but makes him a prominent figurehead of the Sith. As the Dark Lord of the Sith, Emperor Palpatine effectively ends the Republic by starting wars, nearly annihilating the Jedi, and embarking on a trail of terror through the galaxy, torturing and killing everyone in his path.

8. Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street


A truly disturbing tale of revenge, Sweeney Todd murders his clientele and then butchers their corpses so that they may be made into meat pies by his consort, Mrs. Lovett. Todd, in his anger at the delay of his plans for retribution against the judge who wronged him and his family, uses his straight razors to slit the throats of his victims while he bides his time waiting for another chance to kill the judge who killed his wife and is holding his daughter hostage.

7. Sauron – The Lord of the Rings


As the perpetual devil in what can be accurately described as hell on earth, evil sorcerer Sauron heads a reign of terror as his demonic looking, crossbred henchmen scour the realm of Middle Earth in search of Sauron’s One Ring. In his hunt for the ring, tens of thousands of innocents are slaughtered, families are ripped apart and kingdoms destroyed with one swipe of his hand. With an all seeing eye trained on the ring at all times, it seems nothing can come between Sauron and the hunt.

6. Padan Fain – The Wheel of Time


A once respectable merchant travelling the Two Rivers region of Andor, Padan Fain is corrupted by the promises of immortality and power that come with following the Dark One, and thus becomes his personal search hound in the hunt for a farm boy destined to defeat the Dark One. Padan Fain uses a kind of dark magic, evil, vicious creatures, and all means of torture and terror to break the ones caught in his path, in the hopes that they will lead him to his prey.

5. Valentine – The Mortal Instruments


Valentine is a disgraced shadow hunter consumed by his hunt for power over the races. In his belief that the Nephilim are superior to all downworlders, Valentine murders werewolves, vampires, fairies and even other shadow hunters as he hunts for the Mortal Cup, an instrument he plans to use to make more shadow hunters in his own image that will follow his doctrine on hate and fear. Valentine is one amongst the Top 10 Most Evil Fictional Hunters of All Time until 2017.

4. Cruella DeVil – 101 Dalmatians


It’s hard to find someone more evil than one who systematically hunts down innocent puppies so that she may kill and then skin them to make a black and white fur coat of her own. As DeVil sends her henchmen all over London searching for the perfect puppies to fill her 101 count requirement, she learns that her niece is in possession of some of the very puppies she wishes to murder, and therefore she sets her henchmen to kidnapping them to further her evil schemes.

3. Voldemort – Harry Potter


The only thing more sinister than killing puppies is killing babies. What’s worse than that is spending a lifetime hunting, terrifying, and trying to kill said baby as he grows, forcing the child to live in a constant state of fear that he will be hunted down and murdered, just as his parents were hunted down and murdered in front of him as a baby. That is the mission of Lord Voldemort; after his malicious plans to cleanse the blood of the wizarding world are thwarted by a baby, he spends the next 17 years recovering from his downfall and torturing his way through the countryside hunting for an innocent child.

2. Scar – The Lion King


Familial betrayal is the worst kind, to be turned on by someone you loved and trusted is devastating. Having that family member then turn on your child after murdering your mate is the culmination of every parent’s worst nightmare. Such is the tale of Scar, the evil uncle of Simba and brother of Mufasa who murders his own brother in his hunt for the power and title of King he believes is rightly his. He uses his vicious followers to terrorize his subjects in his continuous hunt for power over then entire savannah.

1. The Huntsman – The 10th Kingdom


If there is anything worse than murdering your brother, it is murdering your own child. The Huntsman is the loyal servant of none other than the Evil Queen, Snow White’s step mother in The 10th Kingdom. A twisted telling of classic fairytales features The Huntsman as the one tasked with his classic role of stopping the hero. The twist here is that the Huntsman was tricked into killing his son and made to believe it was part of his destiny to murder his child as a show of competence. What’s worse is that the Huntsman then sweats loyalty to the woman who made him murder his child, reveling in the most evil act imaginable.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Evil Fictional Hunters of All Time until 2017. Evil comes in many forms, but none so scary as ordinary people can dream up. The evil characters that come out of the minds of some of the best writers in history are enough to give even the most mature adults nightmares, as evil characters who hunt for an even darker end have a way of sticking in our minds.

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