Top 10 Most Devastating Finishers In WWE Ever

WWE stars are trained very hard so that they may not loose in their fights. They are also taught techniques that will make their contestants loose if they try it on them. These styles and techniques are referred to as finishers. Good examples of these finishers include the tombstone by undertaker, 619 by Ray Mysterio, the rock bottom by the rock and many others. As a child, I really used to enjoy watching this program. Below is a list of the most devastating finishers in WWE.

List of Top 10 Most Devastating Finishers in WWE Ever until 2018

10. F-5

Most Devastating Finishers In WWE

This is a finisher that is usually executed by Block Lesner. Those who watch WWE, know Block Lesner as a person who always love dominating the opponents throughout the match. The devastating finisher, F-5, finishes the domination. He starts by lifting up his opponent even double his size and laying him on the shoulders. That is not all. He spins and then air lifts them and drops the opponent with his face down. It was my favorite move until the time he left WWE. We could still see John Cena doing a similar move.

9. Super kick

Most Devastating Finishers In WWE

Shawn Michaels is known for this finisher. You may under estimate the power of the kick but in real sense, it is surely lethal. The moment I get to see him he is about to release his kick, I automatically start to cheer because I knew he has won once he hits the opponent. He starts by delivering a big elbow from the corner of the post. If he achieves it he will incapacitate the opponent. He starts making the crowd to cheer by stomping on the rings floor. If he delivered the kick very well, there will be an echo in the arena.

8. Spear

Most Devastating Finishers In WWE

Goldberg is feared for this finisher. That is the reason why he got the name animal. When he implements the move, you will not help but notice that it results to great injury on the opponent. That is not his problem and that is why he will not hesitate to do it on the opponent. Just like the X-men star Juggernaut, once Gold berg starts run towards you, and then know that he is unstoppable. Another finisher will cut through your soul.

7. Choke slam

Most Devastating Finishers In WWE

Kane is feared for this finisher. Back then, we knew him to wear a mask. However, ever since triple H removed him the mask, he has become more of an animal. Back in my childhood the moment I saw him in television, I could not sleep because I had a terrible nightmare. When he did the finisher he, he really meant it and there was no way the opponent could overcome it. He lifted the opponent very high and made him hit the surface very hard.

6. Justin Liu

Most Devastating Finishers In WWE

Stone cold is feared for this finisher. It is the most devastating because of the following reasons. One is that it is versatile meaning that it can be applied out and in the ring. It is a very fast move so you will be attacked without you knowing. The funny thing is that it is a finisher move executed with a beer in hand. All through stone cold’s career, he has been feared because of this move.

5. 619

Most Devastating Finishers In WWE

Ray mysterio may be a very small guy but one thing any opponent never does is to underestimate him. Be a bit absent minded in the ring and be sure that this tiny guy will devastate you. He is known for delivering the 619 kick, which is a kick at the throat of the opponent. He does it with great skill and that is why the opponent no matter the size will not escape. The moment I saw him about to release the great move, I knew that no one could stand the kick.

4. Pedigree

Most Devastating Finishers In WWE

Triple H executes this vicious finisher. When he gets be sure of no escape. He starts by giving you a kick, then puts your head in between his legs, and locks your hands at your back. This leaves the face of the opponent very exposed and after that he jumps high and makes your face hit the hard surface of the ring. By doing so the opponent has no chance of surviving that.

3. Running Attacks

Most Devastating Finishers In WWE

It involves the highest number of finishing attacks. It is very effective since there is limited time for the opponent to avoid it. It includes run and fall attacks that is done by very heavy wrestlers, run and kick opponent at the run buckle.

2. Orton’s Punt

Most Devastating Finishers In WWE

This is a very devastating move that Orton pulls the moment he wants to finish the match. The finishing move mainly targets the head and the neck. This move was disapproved by WWE because it leads to concussion of the opponent. This is very surprising because people felt that he had more control over that move than other moves he made.

1. Splash

Most Devastating Finishers In WWE

This is a move that even if you are very tough or strong, you will not stand him. In most cases, the one who does it lands at a very wrong posture and is injured in the process. A move is risky to both the one doing it and the one who is being hit with it. Owen heart performed this move on Stone cold and that led to him breaking his neck. That is why it is the most dangerous move ever.

These above are the Top 10 Most Devastating Finishers in WWE Ever until 2018. To be able to perform these moves effectively, the wrestlers undergo heavy training to perfect them. That is why the moves are very devastating. If one applies on the opponent then you have no chance of escaping it.

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