Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Disney Princesses

If you are a lover of fairy tales and animation movies then this list is sure to interest you. Hollywood has created some of the most unforgettable Disney characters ever. There is something about magic and adventure that excites the soul and that is just what you get from watching animations and fairy tale themed movies. This list is for the people who still harbor the heart and soul of a child, for the fun lovers and for the dreamers. Here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful sexiest Disney princesses 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Disney Princesses in 2017

10. Ariel – The little mermaid

Ariel – The little mermaid, Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Disney Princesses 2017

Princess Ariel is indeed charmer with her red luscious hair and her beautiful curves; she comes in at number ten on our list. This Disney character is from the much loved animation, “The little mermaid”. It is a story about a beautiful mermaid (Ariel) who falls in love with a human being, (Prince Eric). They face opposition but in the end, they end up together. When this movie came out little girls all over the world were obsessed with the idea of mermaids. That is how good an impression Ariel has managed to leave.

9. Jasmine- Aladdin

jasmine aladdin, Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Disney Princesses

Aladdin is one of the most loved animation films to ever have been created. The idea of an Indian prince is different as it is appealing. Her caramel skin is to die for and the fact that she is the girlfriend of Aladdin only makes her a more lovable Disney princess. The animation movie is filled with magic and adventure so one could never get bored. The genie in the bottle also spices up the movie. The soft spoken Jasmine is effortlessly beautiful to watch in this film.

8. Ella- Cinderella


Ella is just perfection in every eye of the beholder. This classic all time favorite Disney princess is just so humble and soft spoken. What makes her utterly lovable is her good hearted nature which most people fell in love with subconsciously. Ella teaches girls all around the world to still do good even if the circumstances around make you feel like doing the complete opposite. Cinderella, which is her name in full, is an all time favorite beauty.

7. Elsa – Frozen


Frozen has got to be one of the best new animations. The whole world went crazy over this awesome Disney film. The introduction of an ice princess was completely genius. Let’s just mention that her character in Frozen is so lovable because we see her put family first instead of her own desires. Her hair is in perfect condition and portrays a different kind of beauty. The ice castle that she builds also shows that she is a very responsible princess.

6. Belle- Beauty and the Beast


Belle is a pretty princess with brains as well. She loves books and is very smart. Her character in Beauty and the Beast shows her wisdom in dealing with the beast. She makes very wise decisions and eventually wins the heart of the beast. Her brown silky smooth hair is to die for and the fact that she in the end comes to the rescue of her beast shows us that she values the beauty of the heart more than physical appearance.

5. Rapunzel- Tangled


Rapunzel is the princess with the longest hair in the entire world, how enviable is that. Almost every girl wishes she had that kind of hair when growing up. She has an enchanting type of beauty that dazzles every eye. She is fun and adventurous. Her role in Tangled is simply entertaining. The movie is an all time favorite for many. The fact that she is funny and clumsy is fun to see. It shows that sometimes beauty can be clumsy and carefree. You do not always have to take yourself so seriously. She is one of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Disney Princesses 2017.

4. Pocahontas- Pocahontas


This exotic beauty comes in at number four of our list of the most beautiful Disney princesses because she introduces a new dimension to beauty. She is not your regular all dressed in expensive clothes princess. She is a Red Indian princess with beautiful bronze skin who still values her heritage. She is courageous and strong as well. She falls in love with an English prince and it is completely adorable to watch her heart melt for the prince.

3. Tiana- The Princess and the Frog


Tiana is a super fun beautiful princess who is introduced to us through the animated movie, “The Princess and the Frog.” The African American character shows diversity and is the true definition of the statement “black is beautiful.” She is adventurous as well and she loves nature. Her love for animals is fascinating.

2. Anna – Frozen


Anna is sister to Elsa in the movie Frozen. This animation film won the hearts of kids and adults all across the world. Anna is the first freckled Disney character and people just admire the love they share for each other in the movie. She has such a wonderful heart and from that movie we learn that every girl has their own kind of beauty.

1. Mulan- Mulan


Mulan tops our list in the top ten most beautiful Disney princesses 2017. Though she is not royalty, her heart is and that very virtue leads her to marry the Emperor’s son the movie Mulan. She is fun, beautiful, different, strong wise all wrapped into one. Her desire to stop the war and get into the army shows her courageous side which is very admirable. She is not the girl worried about her nails breaking; she is more than the ordinary girl and this sets her apart.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Disney Princesses 2017. We are sure that you will enjoy watching these beautiful Disney princesses as you enjoy their animated movies. There is just something good about letting your inner child come out and indulge in watching some of these Disney classic princess movies. Better yet, for the animation lovers, if you have not watched some of these movies you now have a list to look forward.

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  1. how come you point out the race of any disney princess who is not white? why would you say “oh their dark skin is pretty” and then take up like 80 percent of the princesses description with their race. either point out the race of all of them, or none of them. your like “oh shes a red indian princess with beutiful bronze skin who is proud of her heritage.” yeah your not going very deep into the inside of pochahantus like you are anna or mulan. and tiana, you barely described anything about her. you took up a large part of the paragraph with her race, and then your like “oh btw she is adventerous and likes animals” uhm no, tiana was unadventerous the entire film, and she dosnt seem to show any particuar interist in animals. why not point out that shes a hard worker? that she works for her dreams? why didnt you mention how pochantus is a peacemaker? I did think you described jasmine well though.

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