Top 10 Most Beautiful Disney Princesses In The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful, hottest Disney Princesses In the world in 2016 and 2017. The Disney franchise has some amazing characters that are loved by both kids and grown-ups who were kids once and are still a child at heart. Among many other characters, there are princesses whom Disney fans love for their sweetness, beauty, intelligence and other qualities. Although they can be damsels in distress, they can be fierce tigresses when loved ones around them are threatened.

Read on to know about the top 10 most beautiful Disney princesses in 2016-2017. They are very popular with fans and are a mix of magic and realism. While some are innocent, others are aggressive and can kick some serious butt while others know how to win the day with some charm and a little magic. Here is a taking a look at the coveted list.

List of the world’s top 10 most beautiful, hottest Disney Princesses in 2016-2017

10. Mulan, Mulan

Mulan, Mulan World's Most Beautiful Disney Princesses 2018

She is one of the strongest main female characters in the Disney franchise. For friends and people who are good, she is always this kind and caring girl. But for anyone who tries to rub her the wrong way, she is very fierce and will not hesitate to beat them up. She is the female savior of her nation, and is hardly a damsel in distress.

9. Anna, Frozen

Anna, Frozen World's Most Beautiful Disney Princesses 2016

Her goofiness and outspoken attitude makes her less of a princess and more of a girl next door, which makes kids relate to her. Although she looks far from being brave, she is the one to come up with quick solutions when others around her lose all sense of hope. This is what makes her beautiful, apart from the fact that she is always there for her family. She teaches through her example that there is no other love like the love for family.

8. Tiana, The Princess and the frog

Tiana, World's Most Beautiful Disney Princesses 2017

Her beautiful smile and big eyes makes her one of the prettiest princesses in the Disney world. She is has her own business to look after, and is the perfect example of someone who achieves greatness with hard work rather than only relying on destiny.

7. Pocahontas, Pocahontas

Pocahontas, Pocahontas, World's Most Beautiful Disney Princesses 2016

She looks somewhat like Jennifer Lopez and on some days she is quite similar to Kim Kardashian. She is beautiful for her ability to make big sacrifices for the sake of love. She is a peacemaker and has been able to make warring groups understand the power and necessity of peace. Her love is deep and eternal.

6. Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Belle, Beauty and the Beast, World's Most Beautiful Disney Princesses 2018

Unlike most other princesses who need a charming hero to rescue them, she is the opposite. A small town girl, she rescued her prince from an evil spell. She showed the beast that kindness is love and love is kindness. Her power of love and reasoning makes her amazing.

5. Rapunzel, Tangled

Rapunzel, Tangled, World's Most Beautiful Disney Princesses 2017

She is immortalized in the world of Disney as the princess with really long hairs. She is the damsel in distress waiting to be rescued from the castle where she spent 18 long years of her life in captivity. Her beautiful hairs saved the day for her, and her prince held them to climb up to her. However, she is also shown as being able to hold and wield weapons when the need arises.

4. Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White, World's Most Beautiful Disney Princesses 2018

With her porcelain complexion, bewitching eyes, lovely eyelashes and red lips, she is really beautiful. She is nothing but an angel in terms of looks when she is sleeping on the beds of dwarves. She is always waiting to be woken from her charm by her handsome prince. Young and like a baby, she is a favorite of little girls.

3. Jasmine, Aladdin

Jasmine, Aladdin, World's Most Beautiful Disney Princesses 2017

She is known as the royal girlfriend of Aladdin. She can be a damsel in distress at one moment, waiting for Aladdin to come to her rescue. At other times, she is the one to rescue him from dangers. She feels other princesses are simply show offs and she is the one who deserves the attention of her man. She loves to travel with Aladdin on his magic carpet, which seems to have a mind of its own. She is curvy, dusky and beautiful.

2. Ariel, Little Mermaid

Ariel, Little Mermaid, World's Most Beautiful Disney Princesses 2017

She is one hot girl, and it is the combination of innocence and sexiness that makes her a winner with kids as well as grown-ups. No wonder Prince Eric falls in love with this little mermaid. She is gorgeous from head to toe, and the revealing shell bra shows her body in all its charms. Her bright red hair, cute nose, porcelain complexion, luscious lips, sparkly eyes and sexy body make her perfect from all angles. Whether she is a mermaid or a human, she screams attention.

1. Cinderella, Cinderella

Cinderella, World's Most Beautiful Disney Princesses 2016

She is the quintessential beautiful woman with pretty blue eyes and the most amazing smile. She is the eternal damsel in distress, although there are moments when she uses her intelligence. There is hardly anything special about her, but when it comes to sheer beauty she is the one who ranks on top. She looks stunning all the time, whether in simple work dresses or in royal outfits. She has that kind of ethereal beauty which can be termed as angelic.

These are the top 10 most beautiful Disney princesses in 2016-2017. Over the years, they have managed to retain their popularity and they are as much a hit with viewers and readers as they were when they were introduced for the first time. Each of them is fun, charming and powerful in own way, and is there anyone who would not love to have them?

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