Top 10 Most Beautiful Anime Characters

At first glance, anime seems to be meant only for kids. But take a closer look and you will find a lot of maturity in the female characters, both spiritual and physical. The world of anime has many amazingly beautiful characters, known for their fantastic personalities and attractive physical appearances. The Anime series would be incomplete in the absence of these heroes who are ideal consorts to their heroes and stand tall in their own right. From offering oodles of fun to visual treat, they have an aura to cast a spell on their fans!

Take a peek at the top 10 most beautiful anime characters in 2017, and find out which of them are the best of the best. If you are an avid reader of Manga and watch a lot of anime, you will undoubtedly love this compilation.

List of Top 10 most beautiful Anime Characters in 2017.

10. Rangiku Matsumoto

Rangiku Matsumoto, Most Beautiful Anime Characters 2017

She is famous in the Bleach Anime series for her languor and very sexy body. She likes to drink and hates handling paper works. Although her large breasts make her a winner with men, she hates them and finds them to be irritating. However, when the people around are threatened, she can become vicious. After all, she happens to be 10th Division Lieutenant and the assistant of Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya.

9. Yukina

Yukina Most Beautiful Anime Characters 2017

This innocent girl was introduced as the captive of Gonzo Tarukane. Although she is strong as an Ice Maiden, violence is the last thing she resorts to. She uses her abilities only for helping others in trouble. The beautiful girl is capable of making her tears transform into pearls. Her innocence, caring attitude and loveliness make her one of the loveliest anime girls.

8. Videl Satan

Videl Satan Most Beautiful Anime Characters 2018

She is the offspring of martial arts legend Mr. Satan, regarded as the strongest in the anime world. Tomboyish but tough, she is called by the cops to deal with villains they find difficult to deal with. She fell in love with Saiyan Man and ended up marrying him to have a child from him. Sweet, caring and loving but tough, she is the ideal woman and a popular anime character.

7. Hinata

Hinata, Most Beautiful Anime Characters 2017

She is the first child of Hiashi Hyuga, and is under confident, which prevents her from being a big achiever. She was protected by Uzumaki Naruto from bullies, and probably this is the reason why she loves the latter the most. She admires his friendship and courage, and was even killed by Pain in her attempts to save Naruto. She was revived once Naruto subdued Pain.

6. Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura Kinomoto, Most Beautiful Anime Characters 2017

She is the primary female character in Card Captor Sakura, the Anime series. Athletic, amiable and energetic, Sakura always takes part in track-and-field activities and is also a cheerleader in her school. Her energetic and cheerful disposition makes her better than others.

5. Naru

Naru, Most Beautiful Anime Characters 2016

She appears loving and sweet but can be very tough for perverts. The clumsy Keitaro Urashima, who loves him secretly, often ends up getting beaten by her. Her elegance and simplicity even in the formal dress that she wears has made her a fan favorite, despite her vicious temper. Although an angry female, she has some strong feelings for Keitaro.

4. Ringo

Ringo, Most Beautiful Anime Characters 2016

The primary woman in the anime series Air Gear, she is the best friend of Ikki, the hero. Although she appears weak, she is really tough inside and is not one to be messed with. She might not have the curves of a woman but her cute face can instantly capture any man. Although she is very harsh with Ikki for his perverted acts, deep down she loves him strongly.

3. Lucy Heartfilia

Lucy Heartfilia, Most Beautiful Anime Characters 2018

In the Fairy Tail anime series, she is one of the primary women protagonists. Although she was initially coward and weak, her kindness for others prompted her to be courageous and defeat enemies much stronger to her. For her helpful attitude, she got the respect and love of every member in the series.

2. Rei

Rei, Most Beautiful Anime Characters 2018

Strong, beautiful and powerful, she was one of the primary women in High School of the Dead, the popular anime series. She joined with some survivors and tried to locate the families of each member. Although she cannot use any weapon, she tries her best to protect her group from harm – even compromising her own safety. This makes her one of the most beautiful characters in the anime series.

1. Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock, Most Beautiful Anime Characters 2016

In the anime series One Piece, she got the crown for being the most beautiful woman. She is as powerful as the Medusa sisters, in the sense that any man who looks her in the eye will be transformed into stone. Her amazing martial arts skills also help her to ward off attacks from enemies. She has an amazing body, very attractive face and very caring and kind heart, which makes her top this list.

These are the top 10 most beautiful anime characters in 2017, loved by viewers and lovers of the anime series across the globe. If you have been an anime freak and have your own list of anime characters, did these match yours! If reading this, you had a good time chuckling and smirking at those anime characters; it means you had a good read! Stay glued!


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