Top 10 Most Appealing Female Game Characters

These chicks are bad and sexy. They sometimes show off their bodies maybe a little too much. They have moves that will drop a guy to their knees without even a little bit of struggle. They show off their body so that the person they are fighting will be distracted and not be watching what they are doing. Even tho they are girls the guys have no chance of winning this battle. Guys if you know what is best for you just stay away from all of them and protect your face and bodies the best you can.

List of Top 10 Most Appealing Female Game Characters in 2017

10. Kitana- A Mortal Kombat character

kitana a mortal kombat character, Top 10 Most Appealing Female Game Characters 2017

She was seen in the second series but she is one bad chick. She is known as a sex symbol because of her looks and her personality. She is one of the most recognizable characters. She is a total of ten thousand years old but she still looks amazing and young at her best. The dangerous fans you see her carrying around will do some real damage. Hiding her face keeps her smile hidden when she knows she will finish you in no time. The blue is just to show off her body and keep her in the dark.

9. Anna Williams

anna williams, Top 10 Most Appealing Female Game Characters 2017

This chick is sexy and curvy. She is sultry and she wears stylish clothes that will have any man looking her way. The outfits show off her body and that is just how she likes it. She can bring opponent to their death with her hapkido fighting styles. Her personality will show you that she is sexy and bad all in one. If you get on her bad side she will use her killer attacks to bring you down to your knees then finish you. She is in the Tekken series. The red out fit will have you dazed so you will miss the moves she is pulling on you.

8. Nina Williams


This blond chick is voluptuous but yet she is very powerful and deadly. She is deadly by her looks and her moves. Her sister Anna is what contrasted her.her sister is brunette and tries to be sexy all of the time. Nina puts no effort into being sexy because she is one gifted chick. She is hot and cold at the same time. Her purple outfit is pretty cool and covers her body but she may be sexy but she is mean as a wild cat. She also comes from the series called Tekken.

7. Chun Li


This Chinese girl with the awesome blue dress has become the symbol of fighting games and she was one of the first girl characters to come about. The leggings she wears hide the powers she has. She has huge muscled legs that will knock your head off. They are as fast as lightning and she will attack anyone who gets in her way. She is in the game Street Fighter series. She does not show too much skin but only so she can hide her strength.

6. Kasumi


Dead or Alive series has this girl on it. Her enemies are begging for mercy before she even gets finished with them she has high kicks that are deadly and her enemies do not even see it coming. She is one of the women who is blessed with a figure and she is only seventeen years old. She wears shirts that show off her belly and tiny shorts to show off her legs. She looks more like a person who would be jogging around town not kicking butt.

5. Morrigan Aensland


This gaming character is the type of girl that will teach you to learn how to love all imperfections such as a set of pretty wings. Her name is from a goddess which if you look at her that will be easy for you to see since she is a beautifully designed female gaming character. Her features include having magic and she is capable of changing her wings so that they become weapons. She can even use them as a shield to protect herself.

4. Lvy Valentine


She was born to a pirate that was undead which is what caused her to have a bad girl personality. The curves that she has along with her whip sword and clothing that leave very little to the imagination is the reason this character has caused desire and fear for many of the fans over the years. Many people can not decide which is the most devastating, her fighting qualities or her beauty. She is very skilled in using her whip to protect herself.

3. Bayonetta


When most people think of a witch they tend to think about someone that is old and ugly. But, this gaming character is anything but old or ugly. She wears a leather pant suit that is skin tight with high heels and then add in the glasses and you have one of the most gorgeous witches of the gaming world. She is not one to just stand around and look pretty though, her magic is used and she has guns to fight with as well against all of her enemies that seem to get in the way. Her hair can call upon demons so they are capable of taking out her enemies as well. Her arms and legs are longer than normal which makes her more appealing to the eye.

2. Tifa Lockhart


Not only does she have a perfect body but she is a complete rebel and has been compared to Lara Croft many times and is also ranked as one of the top gaming female characters. Tifa excels in hand to hand combat and has ownership in the seventh heaven bar plus she is a member of AVALANCHE. Her fighting skills are superb and she is also a very compassionate character. Lockhart also has feelings for her co-character that was her childhood friend, Cloud Strife. This gaming character is the perfect example of a strong and independant character that has beauty as well as talent.

1. Lara Croft


This girl has made the cover of some of the best magazines. She may not look to hot after a fight but she has the body of a goddess. She has a sexy figure and the way she fights make it hot to watch. She has a British accent that drives players crazy. You can usually see her in a tank top her shorts and a pair of combat boots. She carries her backpack with her everywhere.

These above are the Top 10 Most Appealing Female Game Characters 2017. Gaming is one of the highest rated entertainments in the world. Many people spend hours playing these games because of how fun and addicting they are. If you enjoy having a little fun every now and then, get one of the ten games listed above because it is a guarantee that you will be entertained for hours.

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