Top 10 Movies by Matt Damon of All Time

Matt Damon earned a career breakthrough in 1997 after acting ‘Good Will Hunting.’ Since then, Matt has pocketed an ‘Academy Award’ and has worked with the finest directors, not to mention the most talented actors in Hollywood. He has proved that he is a steely action icon, a dramatic actor, and a gifted screen comic. A riffle through the filmography of Damon Matt shows the following films as the most successful entries. We hope that your best film makes the cut, but there is only one way to find out, and that is by looking at this list.

List of Top 10 Movies by Matt Damon of All Time in 2017

10. ‘Rounders.’

Rounders Top Popular Movies by Matt Damon 2019

The ‘Rounders’ is a film that proves the common phrase that says: ‘men go through a lot.’ In the movie, a young guy reforms from the gambling practice and lives a new life. However, his best friend is unable to pay off some loan sharks, and the only way out is to play big stakes poker to salvage him. John Dahl directs the 121 minutes’ film. Matt Damon teams up with other actors such as Gretchen Mol, Edward Norton and John Malkovich in the movie.

9. ‘The Good Shepherd.’


‘The Good Shepherd’ is a film that explains the earlier history of the American ‘Central Intelligence Agency.’ The history is very tumultuous and in the movie, it is depicted through the prism of one guy’s life. Robert De Niro is the talented director behind the film that plays for 167 minutes. Damon Matt teams with Angelina Jolie, Alec Baldwin, and Robert De Niro to act the movie.

8. ‘Ocean’s Eleven.’

Ocean's Eleven Top Famous Movies by Matt Damon 2019

In this film called ‘Ocean’s Eleven,’ a guy named Danny Ocean teams up with over ten accomplices to commit a serious crime. The group attempts to rob three casinos in the Las Vegas city at the same time. That gets the action starting, and the chase begins. Steven Soderbergh is the director of this 115 minutes’ film acted by George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt.

7. ‘The Informant!’


In this film, someone gets on the opposite side of a powerful government. The government of the United States goes after a large agro-business which is accused of price fixing. The government makes use of evidence given by a star witness called Mark Whitacre, who was a vice president before he turns into an informant. The film will play for 108 minutes and is acted by Matt Damon, Patton Oswalt, and Tony Hale.

6. ‘Elysium.’


‘Elysium’ is a film that uses the ‘flash forward’ theme, different from the ‘flashback’ that we are used to watching in many movies. In the film, it is assumed that we are living in the year 2154, where the filthy rich live on a ‘man-made space station,’ as the rest of the people reside on earth that is ruined. One man decides to start a mission that aimed at making the polarized worlds equal.

5. ‘Good Will Hunting.’


A janitor called Will Hunting who works at the M.I.T. is gifted in mathematics but very troubled in life. Hunting needs the assistance of a psychologist to have a good direction in life. Gus Van Sant directs the film that plays for 125 minutes. Apart from Matt Diamond, other actors who play significant roles in the movie include Robin Williams, Stellan Skarsgard and Ben Affleck.

4. ‘The Departed.’


A traitor in the police service and an undercover cop try to unravel each other. They infiltrate an Irish gang that terrorizes people in the South part of Boston city. Martin Scorsese gets everything in place and directs the incredible film whose length is 151 minutes. Stars included in the movie include Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg and Jack Nicholson.

3. ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley.’


Around the 1950s in the New York City, a young person who is an underachiever by the name Tom Ripley has to go to Italy for a mission. He has to retrieve Greenleaf Dickie, a spoiled and wealthy millionaire playboy. Errand is however forced to take extreme measures when an errand fails. Anthony Minghella is the director of this 139 minutes’ movie acted by Matt Damon, Jude Law, and Cate Blanchett.

2. ‘Invictus.’


‘Invictus’ is a political film that talks much about Nelson Mandela and his leadership. When he is first elected as the head of state, Mandela tries hard to unite the citizens, who have been torn by apartheid. He contributes towards the victory of the country’s rugby team, which goes ahead to win the ‘Rugby World Cup’ in 1995. Morgan Freeman, Patrick Mofokeng, and Matt Damon are the stars who feature in the film.

1. ‘The Bourne Identity.’


In ‘The Bourne Identity,’ a gentleman is taken by a fishing boat while he suffers from impaired memory and is bullet riddled. He, however, races to elude the assassins and get back his memory. Liman Doug is the director of the 119 minutes’ film acted by Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Olive Owen and Chris Cooper.

Matt Damon New Movies 2016-2017

‘The Martian’


Astronauts travel to Mars for a mission. However, everything turns tragic when one of them is assumed dead and left on the strange planet. The only option is to use his ingenuity to send signals to the Earth so that people know he is still alive. Scott Ridley directs the alien movies that is written by Andy Weir and Drew Goddard. The stars featuring in this film are Jessica Chastain, Matt Damon, and Kristen Wiig.

Matt Diamond has teamed up with many incredible actors to release excellent films. The films may be strange or normal, but they are so interesting that you will want to watch more. Continue with the incredible work, Matt Damon.

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