Top 10 Movies by Kristen Stewart of All Time

Very few child stars manage to transfer their success into their adulthood. Fewer of them manage to go past their early fame. However, Kristen Stewart is one star who has managed to achieve both and has one of the most lucrative careers in the whole of Hollywood. Since the age of nine, the Los Angeles queen has been in active professional acting. However, her popularity rose when she acted ‘Bella Swan’ in the incredible ‘Twilight’ series. Since then Kristen has acted many incredible films, and here are ten of her best.

List of Top 10 Movies by Kristen Stewart of All Time until in 2017

10. ‘The Messengers’

The Messengers Top Popular Movies by Kristen Stewart 2019

In ‘The Messengers’, a very ominous darkness happens to invade a serene farm that grows sunflower in Northern Dakota. Thus, the Solomon family which owns the family torn by mayhem, murder and suspicion. The movie is horrific, especially on that part where the whole farm gets invaded by total darkness. The 90 minutes’ film is directed by both Oxide Pang and Danny Pang. The actors are Kristen Stewart, Penelope Ann Miller, Dylan McDermott and John Corbett.

9. ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1’


In this version of the Twilight Saga, the Quileutes happen to close in on some expecting parents named Bella and Edward. The unborn child of these parents is a threat to the Pack of Wolves as well as the ‘towns people of Forks.’ Bill Condon directs the 117 minutes’ film. The actors include Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Gil Birmingham and Taylor Lautner.

8. ‘Into the Wild’

Into the Wild Top Most Popular Movies by Kristen Stewart 2018

Christopher McCandless graduates from the Emory University as an athlete and tops the whole class. Instead of looking for a job after such great success, he does something strange instead. He gives away all his savings that amount to around $24,000 to charity and heads to Alaska to live alone in the wilderness. However, he experiences many things along the way and life gets shaped in a different way.

7. ‘Speak’


After being traumatized for the entire summer season, Melinda goes to high school and turns into a selective mute. She struggles with family, school and friends and explains the dark story of everything she went through. She also tells why she has made a choice of not speaking. Jessica Sharzer directs the 89 minutes movie acted by Elizabeth Perkins, Kristen Stewart, Allison Siko and Dick Hagerman.

6. ‘Welcome to the Rileys’


In ‘Welcome to the Rileys’, we find a person on a business trip to the city of New Orleans. The man is greatly damaged and he chooses to seek salvation by caring for a young wayward lady. The Jake Scott directed movie plays for around 110 minutes. The actors on board are Melissa Leo, Kristen Stewart, David Jensen and James Gandolfini.

5. ‘In the Land of Women’


‘In the Land of Women’ is one of the all-time favorite movies that you can ever watch. In the film, a sleazy writer get an opportunity to be redeemed after he travels to his grandmother’s place. While in the place, he makes friends with many neighbors and the interaction changes his life. Jonathan Kasdan directs the 97 minutes’ movie. The actors compose of Adam Brody, Meg Ryan, Kelsey Keel and Kristen Stewart.

4. ‘The Runaways’


‘The Runaways’ is a ‘coming of age’ film with the autobiography of a teenage rock band that did exist in the 1970s. Also in the film is the relationship between two band members: Cherie Currie and Joan Jett. Floria Sigismondi directs the 106 minutes’ film that is so interesting to watch. The actors are Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart, Stella Maeve and Michael Shannon.

3. ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’


A trend of mysterious serial killings grips Bella Seattle as his high school graduation quickly approaches. On top of all the complications, she is forced to make a hard choice between her strong friendship with Jacob Werewolf and her passionate love for Edward the vampire. The 124 minutes’ movie is directed by David Slade. The actors are Robert Pattinson, Xavier Samuel, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart.

2. ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’


After an attack that almost claimed Belle’s life, Edward leaves her. During Bella’s depression and hopelessness, she falls into a paranormal relationship. However, the affair this time is worse because she loves a werewolf known as Jacob Black. The 130 minutes’ movie is directed by Chris Weitz. The actors on board compose of Robert Pattinson, Christina Jastrzembska, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart.

1. ‘Twilight’


‘Twilight’ is a film that people love and hate in almost equal measures. That is because the film is very thrilling but what happens in the film is a bit horrific. In the movie, a young and beautiful teenage girl falls in love with a notorious vampire. The life of the girl turns messy, and she is no longer the small innocent girl she used to be. The 122 minutes’ movie has Catherine Hardwicke as the director. Those who act the film include Billy Burke, Kristen Stewart, Sarah Clarke and Billy Burke.

Kristen Stewart New Movies 2017-2018

1.‘Café Society’


Around the 1930’s, a man from Bronx goes to Hollywood and gets in love with a young lady. However, the young lady is in an affair with a married man, something that complicates everything. Allen Woody is the director of the movie acted by Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg as the main actors.

2.‘Personal Shopper’


‘Personal Shopper’ plays around a ghost tale that occurs in France’s fashion underworld, Paris. The film is written by Olivier Assayas who also doubles as the director. The actors include Sigrid Bouaziz, Kristen Stewart and Lars Eidinger.

3.‘Billy Lynn’s Long HalfTime Walk’


Billy Lynn is a teenager who comes home for a victory tour after successfully fighting in Iraq. Using flashbacks, the movie shows what happened to the other members of his squad. The film contrasted the reality of war with the perception of the United State of America. Ang Lee is the director while Jean Christopher Castelli and Ben Fountain are the writers of the film. The actors are Arturo Cas, Kristen stewart, Garrett Hedlund and Joe Alwyn.

These above are the Top 10 Movies by Kristen Stewart of 2017. Kristen Stewart is young and energetic, and that makes her movies so sweet. Her sexy self blends with her talent to produce only the best. We love her, and we understand that she has many more movies to act: we are waiting. Good luck Kristen Stewart.

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