Top 10 Movies by Kate Winslet of All Time

After celebrating the best actors and ranking the films of many of them, now let us look at a very talented actress of this generation. Kate Winslet has swept away our minds using her beautiful performances over many years and has also succeeded to be between Oscars every year. The girl was able to mesmerize millions of people in ‘Titanic,’ and she continues to do the same as Joanna Hoffman in the ‘Steve Jobs’ movie. Here are the ten best films by Kate Winslet, her best film performances.

List of Top 10 Movies by Kate Winslet of All Time until in 2017

10. ‘Heavenly Creatures.’

Heavenly Creatures Top Most Famous Movies by Kate Winslet 2018

‘Heavenly Creatures’ has Peter Jackson as the director, and he later gathers much praise for directing ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ trilogies. For Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey, ‘Heavenly Creatures’ happens to be their debut film. The movie is about two girlfriends whose intimacy and obsessive relationship leads them to assassinate the mother of one of them, who was trying to terminate the affair.

9. ‘Iris.’

Iris Top Most Popular Movies by Kate Winslet 2018

‘iris’ is a biographical movie with Richard Eyre as the director. The film does portray the ups and downs of the love life of Irish Murdoch, the famous British novelist. The life of Bayley John is also described in the same film which contrasts the initial part of the relationship when Iris used to serve as the dominant half of the pair. Bayley gets excessively mesmerized by the libertine spirit and arch personality. The second half of the relationship is complicated after the deadly Alzheimer’s disease attacks Iris, which leads to frustration and hopelessness.

8. ‘Carnage.’

Carnage Top 10 Movies by Kate Winslet 2017

‘Carnage’ is directed by Polanski Roman and employs a very ensemble cast of Winslet Kate, Christopher Waltz, John C Reilly and Jodie Foster. The film is about two modern parents in a meeting after their children fight while in the park. The issue starts as a very civilized discussion on resolving the issue but later turns into a ‘set of idiosyncrasies.’ Both partners do blame each other for the occurrences in their lives.

7. ‘Sense and Sensibility.’


‘Sense and Sensibility’ is a unique adaptation of a classic novel written by Jane Austen. The film goes after the lives of Dashwood sisters, a family that once boasted of immense wealth. After the demise of their father, their property deteriorated and they are forced to get suitors in an attempt to get financial security. The film is directed by Lee Ang and stars Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and Hugh Grant. Oscar has an Oscar nomination for the movie.

6. ‘Steve Jobs.’


Since he died in 2011, the Apple founder called Steve Jobs had remained an epicenter of interest. Danny Boyle directs the ‘Steve Jobs’ film that has Kate Winslet and Michael Fassbender in leading roles while Jeff Daniels and Seth Rogen take supporting roles. The film is more of the relationship that Steve Jobs had with people in and out of Apple. The man’s downfall, as well as his pick, is also displayed in the film. The film is a nice one for Kate Winslet and has won her the ‘Golden Globe’ for the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ as well as an ‘Oscar’ nomination.

5. ‘Little Children.’


‘Little Children’ is a unique performance for Kate Winslet until today. The film got her a nomination for the ‘Best Actress.’ The film is about the failed marriages that are common in the modern society. It gets two pairs with the same problem and tells the viewers more about them. The viewer is shown how the two meet and how they later disagree and their home turns into a flame. Their bond is not made legit because their community is in a similar crisis after sex offenders are released from jail. This is one amongst the Top 10 Movies by Kate Winslet of All Time until 2017.

4. ‘Titanic.’


‘Titanic’ is one of the most financially and critically acclaimed epic love movies ever made. The James Cameron-directed movie is in its class with Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio holding the leading roles. The movie is a tale of a royal family’s daughter who is forced to marry a lad from a loyal lineage by her mother. Winslet got a second nomination for the ‘Best Actress, ‘ and the whole film got 14 nominations to the Oscar, winning 11 of them.

3. ‘The Reader.’


The film roots itself from the history of the Nazi and tells us of an extraordinary love tale between an older lady and a young boy, Hanna, and Michael. They share their intimacies and feelings before Hanna disappears on an individual day, appearing years later as a fierce defiant in the trial of a war crime. Michael serves as an advocate in the case. The film gave Winslet her first ‘Academy Award’ for ‘Best Actress‘ for the movie after countless nominations.

2. ‘Revolutionary Road.’


With Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio as the lead couple, ‘Revolutionary Road’ is a big feat for cinema lovers. The Sam Mendes-directed film reconstructs the very romantic pair of ‘The Titanic’ to compose a sweet drama movie. The film is about an ideal couple living with their two children until misunderstandings complicate their affair and destroy their happy life. The two actors received credit for their performance and won Kate her first award in the ‘Golden Globe’ as the ‘Best Actress.’

1. ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.’


The film is a legendary one with a brilliant directing and exceptional writing. Jim Carrey is splendid in the movie, but surprisingly Kate makes it steal the show. Winslet portrays a lively Clementine and changes the hair colors depending on moods. The film leaves you touched and smiling simultaneously. Kate Winslet managed to receive an ‘academy Award’ nomination for her role in this movie, which she deserved to win.

Kate Winslet New Movies 2017

‘The Mountain Between Us.’


A couple faces a fatal plane crash, and they have to look for safety while severely injured. Hany Abu-Assad is the director of this film written by Charles Martin and J. Mills Goodloe. The stars include Kate Winslet, Marci T. House, and Idris Elba.

These above are the Top 10 Movies by Kate Winslet of All Time until 2017. Being the leading actor in ‘Titanic’ made Winslet an icon, and that remains until today. She acts so well that her films are always irresistible. Well done Kate Winslet.

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