Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Kpop Albums

Kpop was not born with handsome Kpop idol PSY even though most of the world would want to believe it. It was popular and loved by a whole of the young generation who happened to chance upon it much before PSY galloped the genre (quite literally) into our hearts with Gangnam Style. The funky videos, the colorful presentation and the sheer energy of this musical work have given rise to a generation of pop lovers. The artists are called Korean Idols.

They get picked up due to their auditions which go on year-long or when a new talent is spotted by the recording company or producers. Next, they are put under rigorous dance and vocal training where their skills are honed, and wherein they are bound to the company by contracts. At the end leg of their training, the PR officials and tech guys release select parts of the artists training to the market to warm it up for their release.

And when after the long process the albums finally get released, you can taste the sweet taste of success. Here are the lists of the top 10 best selling Kpop albums of the year, the ones who passed all the tests and got themselves on the top of the charts.

List of top 10 most popular best selling Kpop Albums in 2017.

10. Love and Letter; Repackage Album- Seventeen (minimum recorded sales- 89311 records) (Price: $ 25.99)

Love and Letter; Repackage Album- Seventeen, kpop albums

Released by: Pledis Entertainment

The album has been released twice in the same year. One in April and again in July with new songs added to the list. To find out more about the popular k-pop album, read #4 in the list.

9. Why- Taeyeon (minimum recorded sales- 108720 records) (Price: $ 10.57)

Why- Taeyeon, best kpop albums 2016-2017

Released by: S.M. Entertainment

This one album on the list which is performed by an individual artist and not a band. It is the second recording by the new hottest Korean idol Taeyeon. The most popular singles from the album would be ‘Why’ and ‘Starlight’. The videos and the tracks also have special appearances from singers Dean and Hyoyeon.

8. Zelos- VIXX (minimum recorded sales- 108980 records) (Price: $ 12.99)

Zelos- VIXX Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Kpop Albums 2017

Released by: Jellyfish Entertainment

It is the fifth singles album from VIXX. It has hugely popular singles on the album like ‘Depend on me’, ‘Zelos’, ‘Hana Kaze’, ‘Dynamite’ which were used to promote the album by the recording company. It is a continuation of the band’s yearlong project based on Greek Gods and their significance.

7. Press It- Taemin (minimum recorded sales- 114017 records) (Price: $ 29.99)

Press It- Taemin Popular Best Selling Kpop Albums 2018

Released by: S.M. Entertainment

This is the first studio album which is of full length by SHINee’s Taemin. The title song from the album is ‘Press Your Number’ from which the album derives its name. The performance video ‘Drip Drop’ was used to promote the album.

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6. Page Two- Twice (minimum recorded sales- 145314 records) (Price: $ 28.99)

Page Two- Twice, kpop albums 2016-2017

Released by: JYP Entertainment

It is by the hottest Kpop girls group Twice, and it is their second extended play by the gang. It was released both in stores and on the wed on April 2016. The album has the hugely popular single ‘Cheer Up’ with other energetic singles like ‘Touchdown’, ‘Tuk Tok’, and ‘My Headphones On’. The music videos are also very popular, as they are themed as the members portray characters from famous movies.

5. Flight Log: Departure- GOT7 (minimum recorded sales- 159723 records) (Price: $ 30.99)

Flight Log Departure- GOT7

Released by: JYP Entertainment

The album is the 5th extended play by the boy band from South Korea, GOT7. The album has the singles ‘Fly’, ‘Cant’, ‘See the Light’, ‘Fish,’ ‘REWIND,’ ‘Beggin on my knees,’ ‘Something Defsoul Good’ and ‘HOME RUN,’ of which three were used for promotions.

4. Love and Letter- Seventeen (minimum recorded sales-192030 records) (Price: $ 23.99)

Love and Letter- Seventeen Most Popular Best Selling Kpop Albums 2017

Released by: Pledis Entertainment

The album was first released under the title First Love and Letter. It was one of the first Kpop albums recorded in the studio by yet another boy group from Korea, Seventeen. The group had however released two EPs earlier, 17 Carat and Boys Be; this album is a follow-up or a sequel to those. The album has ten songs in it and has the much overdone yet somehow still popular k-pop topics of first love, and all the butterflies are accompanying it.

3. EXACT (Chinese version) – EXO (minimum recorded sales-251458 records) (Price: $ 15.50)

EXACT (Chinese version) - EXO Top Most Best Selling Kpop Albums 2018

Released by: S. M. Entertainment

This album garnered such popularity that it had to be put on the list twice, once for its original Korean version (at #1) and once more for its Chinese version. The big bad godfather of all producing companies-S.M. Entertainment produces life savers for all its artists and releases the albums in Japanese and Chinese along with the native Korean if they deem you worth it. More about this album can be found on the Korean version of the album listed at 1.

2. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever- BTS (minimum recorded sales- 328377 records) (Price: $ 14.59)

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Young Forever- BTS

Released by: Big Hit Entertainment

It is a compilation album and it the first venture by the boy group BTS and has gained instant popularity because of its singles. The album was released on May 2. It features three music videos for ‘Epilog: Young Forever’, ‘Save Me’ and ‘Fire’. It was a special release after minimum promotion and the band started its tour instantly after its release.

1. EX’ACT (Korean version) – EXO (minimum recorded sales- 536947) (Price: $ 15.50)

EX’ACT Top 10 Most Best Selling Kpop Albums 2019

Released by: S.M. Entertainment

Here we again have the EX’ACT album. It is the third album recorded by the rising boy band EXO and was released in two languages. It has the catchy singles ‘Monster’ and ‘Lucky One’ in it with spunky videos to go with it. The promotional event for the albums was huge. It was held in the Olympic Hall of Seoul. The two singles held the 1st and the 3rd position on the Billboard charts of the year.

If you are a new fan of k-pop, and you have no problem in starting out by experimenting with the new songs instead of settling for the old favorites, this list is your way to go. So, you can go down to your nearest music store and buy one of a K-pop albums as soon as you can.

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