Top 10 Most Popular KPOP Boys Groups

KPOP are group of Boys from South Korea that have joined together with a aim of producing high quality and amazing POP music. These people come together with one aim and that is releasing good music to many people in South Korea and other neighboring countries. In our case today, we are going to take part in ten most popular groups of this country. Top ten of them are listed below with adequate information about them. Learn about them and get required information.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Popular KPOP Boys Groups in 2017

10. Infinite


Infinite is a popular and successful POP group in South Korea and some other parts of the world. It was established back in 2010 by Woollim entertainment with an aim of entertaining South Korea with their good music. So far, this group has touched hearts of many people in this amazing country and has grown very successful to date. Some of its albums are the challenge and season 2. The challenge is the most popular and is loved by many people in that country.



On ninth position of this article is TXXQ. This is another popular group in South Korea. It is known for producing popular ad amazing POP music which is many people’s favorites in that particular country. There are only five members in this group but all of them are talented. Whatever they release to the world is always amazing and good to pop lovers. S.M industry established this wonderful group in South Korea and is still managing it. Group members of TXXQ are amongst best singers in Korea.

8. Beast

Beast Top Most Famous KPOP Boys Groups in 2018

This is another popular, successful and wonderful band from South Korea. It is featured in eighth position of this article because of its good features and personalities of its members. These people are indeed talented. If you happen to listen to them sing or simply perform on stage, then you will understand fully what I am trying to explain to you. Most of their live performances are attended by many people in Korea and some other parts of this amazing Universe. The manager of Beast is a very popular and successful person who has won many winning and nomination awards. Bunsang is one of these awards that were won by him.

7. The Big bang

The Big bang

On seventh position of this article is The Big Bang. This band is widely known in South Korea because of its good performances in stage. It was established several years back and took much time before releasing their first album to outside world. Members of this group are however committed to their work. For this reason, Big Bang released their first album called lies in 2006. Ever since that time, they have released several other albums that are widely known by many people in this wonderful country.

6. Super Junior

Super Junior

This is another popular POP group from South Korea that was formed by S.M entertainment. This entertainment band is best amongst many others in this amazing country. So Far, Super Junior has released many popular and successful albums in Korea. Several pieces of these albums have been sold to various parts of this world and South Korea of course. Some of Super Junior’s best pop music albums are Sorry sorry. Super Junior has won many winning awards that have contributed a lot to their success and fame in entire world.

5. EXO


EXO is amongst best and popular pop group featured in this article. It is made of five members that are talented and passionate to their work. Members of this amazing group are not the same country. Three of them hail from China while the rest are from South Korea. This was back then. There era several other members that have joined this amazing and wonderful group of all time in South Korea. Their skills and talents have contributed a lot to their fame and success in this country. It has maintained this position for many years now.



As we continue with this amazing countdown of most popular KPOP boys groups, let us study about VIXX. It is another popular and successful group which is based in South Korea. This wonderful boy’s band was established back in 2012 and has remained famous to this date. This is because of the skills and talents of its members. There are five members only in this group. These members are Ken, Hongbin, Hyuk, N, Leo and Ravy. Both of them are always neat, handsome and good looking with their young and amazing personalities. Many people love the way they present themselves whenever performing live on stage.

3. GOT7


This list could have been slightly incomplete without featuring this amazing and successful Pop music band in South Korea. It is amongst best and famous ones rated in third position of this article. GOT7 was established in 2014 and has remained well established from that time to date. This is because of its members that are always committed to their work. These members are Jackson, Youngjae, JB, Yugyeom and Mark. These boys are centralized with their Unit and love for each other.

2. Winner


Winner is rated in second position of this article and is amongst best ad popular KPOP boys groups in South Korea. It was established by YG entertainment of South Korea in 2014. All members of this amazing group are forever famous and have always determined and focused to released good albums. These albums are sold in Korea and Japan.

1. B.A.P

B.A.P Top Most Popular KPOP Boys Groups in 2017

B.A.P is the most famous and successful of all KPOP boys group of South Korea. It was established with an aim of killing boredom in this country ad have indeed did same thing. B.A.P I featured in first position of this article and there is no doubt that its work is amazing in many people out there. TS entertainment it the founder of this group and their first album was released in 2012.

The list above comprises of ten most popular KPOP boys group bands of South Korea. They have been rated in different position of this article because of their various performances. Their high quality performances have touched many people’s hearts in that particular country.

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