Top 10 Most Beautiful Kpop Stars

Kpop is becoming more and more popular with music lovers all over the world today. For becoming a Kpop idol one doesn’t only have to be talented musically but also be good at dancing and have striking good looks. Today we look at some of the most stunning looking female idols in the Korean pop industry and rank them according to their angelic looks.

Having jaw dropping beauties like Suzy and Jiyeon alone could make any music industry popular among fans but these lovely ladies will leave you mesmerized with their entertaining skills and charm you with just one look.

List of the top 10 most beautiful Kpop stars in 2018.

10. Victoria – f(x)

Most Beautiful Kpop Stars

Born as Song Qian in China, this cute girl with large expressive eyes likes to go by the nickname Victoria. She leads the Korean girl group f(x) and she also has successful careers as a model and as an actress. It is not surprising to know that Victoria can speak both Korean and her native language Mandarin rather fluently. Her philanthropic activities include a fundraising campaign for poor African children and participating in various UNICEF organized charity events.

9. Yuri – Girls Generation

Most Beautiful Kpop Stars

This South Korean born 26 year old is a member of the group Girls Generation. She has also been part of several movie and television projects. She works for S.M. Entertainment, a company she joined in 2001 after participating in a dance contest organized by the group. She has contributed to the 9 member girl group as a singer and a songwriter. In 2015, she was in a relationship with baseball player Oh Seung-Hwan but it only lasted a few months and the pair broke up.

8. Krystal Jung – f(x)

Most Beautiful Kpop Stars

Krystal only 21 years old was born in the United States and is the second member of f(x) on our list. She has achieved a lot at her tender age, winning awards for her musical career and working in many film and television dramas. In fact she has still not completed her studies and is enrolled in Sungkyunkwan University for a major degree in the theatre. She is currently in a relationship with Kai who is a member of boy group, EXO.

7. Uee – After School

Most Beautiful Kpop Stars

Kim Yu-jin, or Uee as she is often known, has the face of the girl group After School since joining them in 2009. Originally wanting to be actress, Uee has now become famous in the Korean music industry as a rapper and a vocalist. She currently works for the label Pledis Entertainment and has had leading roles in several television dramas. She recently confirmed to be in a relationship with actor Lee Sang-yoon.

6. Nana – After School

Most Beautiful Kpop Stars

Nana is a 24 year old South Korean singer who is part of the group After School. Not many know her original name is Im Jin-ah and she is actually a licensed make-up artist. This gorgeous vocalist was also a participant at the Asia Pacific Super Model Contest in the year 2009. Like most beautiful Kpop stars on our list she also has a good acting career and is working under the label Pledis Entertainment.

5. Dara – 2NE1

Most Beautiful Kpop Stars

Dara is the stage name of Sandara Park, a 31 year old multitalented entertainer of the Kpop industry. Initially gaining popularity in the Philippines through a reality show, she later became famous for her first song “In or out”. After returning to South Korea hoping to be an actress she signed for the entertainment company called YG Entertainment but instead became a member of girl band 2 NE 1. She is also an award winning actress.

4. Im Yoona – Girls Generation

Most Beautiful Kpop Stars

Making her debut as an actress, Two Outs in the Ninth Innings, Yoona has went on to become a member of the Kpop girl band Girls Generation. Another Kpop idol who works for the label SM Entertainment, Yoona also has a bachelor’s degree in theatre studies. Quoted by CNN as one of the household names in the Asia-Pacific region, this 26 year old is incredibly popular and talented. She is also known for her charitable donations in various causes. She also featured in Forbes magazine as one of the 30 most influential people in Asia under the age of 30.

3. Hyuna – 4Minute

Most Beautiful Kpop Stars

The 24 year old Kim Hyuna is a known for being the main rapper of the band 4Minute and has also had a successful solo career. She signed for Cube Entertainment in 2008 and started performing with 4Minute but became popular worldwide for her appearance in the music video, Gangnam Style, produced by Psy. Hyuna has a tattoo dedicated to her mother on her left shoulder. She launched some charitable activities to help children in underprivileged countries.

2. Jiyeon – T-Ara

Most Beautiful Kpop Stars

Park Jiyeon is the youngest member of T-Ara at only 23 years old. She started doing modelling work at only 15 and is also trained in acting. Jiyeon works for the label CJ E&M and has been part of several movie and television projects. She is currently dating Lee Dong Gun, a South Korean actor and the pair met on the sets of their film Encounter.

1. Suzy – Miss A

Most Beautiful Kpop Stars

Suzy is the stage name of 21 year old Korean singer and actress Bae Su-ji, who works under the label JYP Entertainment. Before becoming famous for Miss A and other solo activities, Suzy had worked as an online model. She now has a promising acting career and has already won several awards in the field. Suzy is in a relationship with Korean actor Lee Min-ho.

So that was our list of the most beautiful Kpop stars in 2018. These angels can not only steal any man’s heart with their impressive talent but also just with their cute faces and sexy figures. These girls are not only the most attractive in the Kpop industry but these most beautiful and sexy kpop stars can give competition to beauties of the international music industry.


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