Top 10 Movies By Julie Andrews of All Time

Julie Andrews is an actor who has portrayed the most iconic ladies on movies. She has won almost all awards in the world and continues to inspire generations of musical and theater fanatics. To celebrate the acting queen, we have resolved to let you know the best ten movies that Julie Andrews has acted until today. Check whether your favorite Julie Andrews movie qualifies as the best ten.

List of Top Ten Movies by Julie Andrews of all time in 2017:

10. Torn Curtain

Torn Curtain

The title of the movie spells doom in the entire film, making viewers suggest that something wrong is almost happening. In ‘Torn Curtain,’ a scientist from America defects to Eastern Germany as part of a dagger and cloak mission. The researcher intends to get a formula resin ahead of a planned escape to the West. Alfred Hitchcock directs the 128 minutes’ movie. The actors are Julie Andrews, Paul Newman, Lila Kedrova and Hansjorg Felmy.

9. S. O. B.

S. O. B. Top Most Popular Movies By Julie Andrews 2018

After making a huge flop, a movie producer attempts to save his career by revamping his film as an erotic production. Her family-friendly star happens to take her top off in a well-planned cover up. Blake Edwards is the director of ‘S.O.B.’ which plays for 122 minutes. The actors are William Holden, Julie Andrews, Larry Hagman and Marisa Berenson.

8. The Americanization of Emily

The Americanization of Emily Top Famous Movies By Julie Andrews 2018

The talent of an American officer working with the Navy which he acquires for living a God life in wartime comes under fierce challenge. Immediately after he falls in love, he is sent on a very dangerous mission abroad. Arthur Hiller is the director of the 115 minutes’ movie. The actors are Julie Andrews, James Garner, James Coburn and Melvyn Douglas.

7. Thoroughly Modern Millie

Thoroughly Modern Millie

In ‘Thorough Modern Millie,’ the lady named Millie heads to town in the roaring twenties and meets flappers, white slavers, and sexuality. She gets both shocked and confused because she had never seen such things before. George Roy Hill is the director of the film ‘Thorough Modern Millie’, which is 138 minutes in length. The actors include James Fox, Julie Andrews, Carol Channing and Mary Tyler Moore.

6. Hawaii

Hawaii Top Ten Movies By Julie Andrews 2017

In ‘Hawaii,’ a missionary from the United States of America and the wife head to an exotic island kingdom called Hawaii. They intend to convert the natives of the island, but the differences between their culture and the culture of the inhabitants are too wide. Instead of understanding each other and co-existing well, the missionaries and the locals clash and a tragedy occur. George Roy Hill is the director of the 189 minutes’ movie. The actors are Richard Harris, Julie Andrews, Gene Hackman and Max von Sydow.

5. The Sound of Music (Playing Maria Von Trapp)

The Sound of Music Top Ten Movies By Julie Andrews

The Sound of Music’ is a movie that inspires people to dress up and sing along in public movie theaters. Since the release in 1965, the film has remained to be a real classic. Julie Andrew’s character of Maria makes the film fascinating as she plays a beautiful young nun who walks away from a convent and becomes a governess. The actor brings a big voice to the role in the film that talks about escaping Nazis calls. Maria Von Trapp will remain to be the most iconic role played by Julie Andrews.

4. Mary Poppins (Playing Mary Poppins)

Mary Poppins Top Popular Movies By Julie Andrews 2017

Assume you are an actor and a role of a lifetime passes you. What would you do? You would look for a better role, just as Julie Andrews did. After she had lost on the ‘Adaptation’ movie ‘My Fair Lady,’ Julie signed to Mary Poppins, a film that would later become a ‘Disney Classic.’ The role becomes one of the beloved characters by even the new Disney fans. In the first Disney movie to release on DVD, Julie plays a nanny who is perfect in everything. Mary Poppins role has won Andrews an ‘Academy Award.’

3. My Fair Lady’ (Playing Eliza Doolittle)

My Fair Lady

Many you already know that Audrey Hepburn played the role above in the acclaimed adaptation. You are very right, but you must understand that ‘My Fair Lady’ started as a prosperous Broadway musical in which Julie Andrews was the star. She acted Cockney Heroine at the middle of Rex Harrison’s wager. The original run became the best-selling album in 1956 and gave Julie her first nomination to the ‘Tony Awards.’ The original Eliza is, therefore, Andrews and the film would never have existed without her.

2. Victor/ Victoria (Playing Victoria Grant)

Victor Victoria

In Victor/Victoria, a struggling performer fails to get a job and the only choice left is to pretend that she is a cross-dresser. Andrews’ turn in 1982 as Victoria Grant was genius and groundbreaking. The movie goes after Victoria as she transforms from a struggling female soprano to a successful female impersonator. Victor blends social commentary and musical comedy and provides the best musical numbers. Andrews acts as a gender-bending protagonist who stands out. The role earned her nominations to the ‘Academy’ and ‘Golden Globe’ awards.

1. The Princess Diaries’ (Playing Queen Clarisse Renaldi)

The Princess Diaries Top Most Famous Movies By Julie Andrews 2019

The Princess Diaries’ introduced Julie Andrews to the new generation of movie goers. Julie acts as a caring and stern grandmother who qualifies to be called a queen. The movie is groundbreaking and gives Andrews her voice back so that she can sing to the world.

Julie Andrews Most Fascinating Movies

1. One Special Night

One Special Night

Robert is a general contractor who visits his sick wife in a city nursing home. However, an intense snow storm prevents him from getting home despite boarding a taxi. One of the doctors called Catherine offers to drive him home but their car gets stuck, and they spend the night in a nearby cabin. They bond and start a relationship. The movie is a collaboration between Julie Andrews and James Garner, the longtime friends.

2. Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

After being dumped by her husband, Grace Beasley travels to Britain for the funeral of Fox Victor, her favorite singer. She comes across the dead pop star’s lover, and they return to Chicago together to find the killer. Julie Andrews does the guest appearance.

Julie Andrews has dedicated her whole life to acting. She has released many interesting movies that show how talented she is in acting. Well done Julie Andrews.

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