Top 10 Movies By Julia Roberts of All Time

Since she appeared in ‘Mystic Pizza’ with a breakout role in 1988, Julia Roberts is the undisputed ‘American Sweetheart.’ Julia has released high grossing films that have received many accolades and earned millions all over the globe. We have a list of the finest ten films by Julia Roberts with some movie trailers where applicable. Have a look at them, and all we hope is that the film you love most makes the cut, watch them, and you will like Julia Roberts in a way you had not done before.

List of Top 10 Movies By Julia Roberts of All Time until in 2017

10. ‘Duplicity.’

Duplicity Top Most Famous Films By Julia Roberts 2018

In the film called ‘Duplicity,’ two former government agents have turned into bitter and rival industrial spies. These two individuals must work hard to outdo each other and play their cards right because the companies are launching major products. They decide to involve in distraction in many ways, each person working to make their businesses benefit the most. Business opportunities create a rivalry.

9. ‘Charlotte’s Web.’

Charlotte's Web Top 10 Films By Julia Roberts 2017

The pig called ‘Wilbur’ is frightened of the season that is almost coming to an end. The reasons as to why ‘Wilbur’ is troubled is that he is almost being slaughtered and may be on a dinner table soon. He collaborates with a spider called ‘Charlotte’ who lives in the pig’s pen to makes sure he is not slaughtered. Gary Winick directs the 97 minutes’ film that features Dakota Fanning, Julia Roberts, and Oprah Winfrey.

8. ‘Eric Brockovich.’


A single mother who had previously struggled with unemployment successfully becomes a legal assistant and works hard on her own. In the course of her work, a water company in California pollutes the water supply of the whole city. On her own, she almost brings the polluting company to its knees. Steven Soderbergh directs the 131 minutes’ film acted by Julia Roberts, David Brisbin, and Dawn Didawick.

7. ‘Valentine’s Day.’


Valentine’s is a day that is much joy to those in relationships and marriages. However, the same day spells doom to many people, because either their expectations are not met, or they do not get what they anticipate to get. In the film, many couples in Los Angeles break-up and then makeup, based on the expectations and pressures of Valentine’s day. Garry Marshall directs the 125 minutes’ film.

6. ‘Notting Hill.’

Notting Hill Top 10 Films By Julia Roberts

People’s lives change in various ways, and the triggers of these changes differ from person to person. Some work hard to obtain success, while others are lucky because success comes looking after them. In this movie, a common owner of a bookshop has his life changing after he comes across a famous film star in the world. Roger Michell is the director of the 124 minutes long film.

5. ‘Runaway Bride.’


This is one of the Top 10 Movies By Julia Roberts of All Time until 2017. Reporting and being a journalist must be a challenging task, despite many people having the misconception that it’s an easy job. In the film, a reporter is assigned a task, and he has to write to write about a particular lady. The strangest thing about the woman is that she leaves a string of many fiancés at the church altar. The movie plays for 116 minutes, the director being Marshall Garry.

4. ‘Ocean’s Eleven.’


Theft and crime form part of many films, especially those which are in the ‘actions’ category. But why else would people be Fighting? There must be someone robbing somewhere, then another person trying to prevent the robbery. That brings war, and that is what we do enjoy. Danny Ocean is the robber in this case, and he uses eleven other accomplices to rob Casinos in the town of Las Vegas at the same time.

3. ‘Closer.’


Betrayal never fails to appear in movies, regardless of the genre or the actors. Many people love to do things in couples, which is the trend today. Or isn’t it fun to meet a couple with your husband or wife? In this film, two couples are best friends, but the friendship is impaired after one partner engages in a romantic affair with the other couple’s partner, which brings deceit.

2. ‘Hook.’


We know of many cases of kidnappings, either for ransom or terror related issues. But have you imagined being kidnapped by your dad? In the film, a guy named Captain Hook kidnaps his kids. Peter Pan as the oldest has to go back to Neverland and get his youthful spirit back to enable him to challenge his old enemies. The same guy Steven Spielberg directs the 142 minutes’ movie.

1. ‘Pretty Woman.’


People get lonely at instances, and they look for just anyone to accompany them to various events. But who do you pick as your escort and how do you choose the person? In the film, a guy who operates legitimate businesses is in need of an escort because he is attending a social event. He meets a lovely sex worker and takes her as the companion, little did he know that he was to fall in love with her. Marshall Garry is the director of the 119 minutes long film.

Julia Robert’s New Movies 2017

‘Into the Rainbow’


Auggie Pullman is born with some facial differences that prevent him from getting access to any mainstream school. He, however, becomes a lone hero after entering the local fifth grade as many people struggle to know their talents. The film is said to release in April 2017, with the directors being Peter Hewitt, Stephen Chbosky, and Norman Stone.

These above are the Top 10 Movies By Julia Roberts of All Time until 2017. Julia Roberts needs no much of conclusion; I know you have watched his movies, and you have concluded much about her. She has acted with many great persons, making her films a ‘hot cake’ all over the globe. The acting queen is responsible for many films that we enjoy, and that is why we love her.

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