Top 10 Movies by Judi Dench of All Time

Judi Dench is an actress who spent who spent over thirty years working as a fixture on the stages of London. Her shelves are full of ‘Olivier’ statues, an equivalent of Tony in Britain. She also boasts of 10 ‘BAFTA’ awards, the top film and television honor in England. Interestingly, all her nominations and wins to the Oscars came after she turned 60 years of age. Judi Dench never gives a bad performance, and therefore ranking ten of her films is a great challenge. However, her are the best ten movies by Judi Dench.

List of Top 10 Movies by Judi Dench of All Time until in 2017

10. ‘Tea With Mussolini’ (1999)


The film is a 1999 autobiographical tale of a young boy from Italy in the 1930’s whose mum when the boy is still young. He is raised by some eccentric old ladies including Dench, a flighty artist. The ladies have strong faith in the government led by Duce II, until their eyes are opened and they discover things that they never knew. The Arabella film is ooe of the best semi-autobiographical of Franco Zefferelli.

9. ‘Chocolat’ (2000)

Chocolat Top Most Movies by Judi Dench 2017

‘Chocolat’ still remains the ‘biggest chick flick’ that released in the new millennium. Juliette Binoche is a young mother who opens a small sweets kiosk together with her daughter in a certain village in France. The shop makes the eccentric lady called Dench very happy. She then meets with Johnny Depp, a sexy wandered. Due to her role, Dench got a nomination to the ‘Supporting Actress’ in the Oscars.

8. ‘Golden Eye’ (1995)

Golden Eye Top Most Famous Movies by Judi Dench 2018

Judi Dench shakes up this franchise by James Bond by bringing a female figure to the leadership of ‘Great Britain’s Secret Service Bureau.’ Her incredible sense of humor as well as her steely resolve perfectly fits the role assigned to her, which is ‘007’s superior.’ The movie is the best ‘Prince Brosnan and Bond movie. However, the sad fact about the same is that only Connery Sean was successful with more roles from Bond.

7. ‘Iris’ (2001)


The film is a tender wrenching tale about Iris Murdoch the famous novelist. It documents her life as a kid through her wars with Alzheimer’s. It is important to acknowledge Jim Broadbent, who plays as John Bayley (husband to Iris Murdoch). Dench received a nomination for the ‘Best actress’ while Kate Winslet and Broasbent got nominated courtesy of their supporting work. Kate Winslet played Iris as a young lady.

6. ‘Mrs Henderson Presents’ (2005)


‘Mrs. Henderson Presents’ is a delightful movie about a free spirited wealthy widow who buys rundown theatres to stage musical revues. The role of the lady is played by Judi Dench. She adds some nudity to the shows after competition poses a threat to her business. Bob Hoskins is the irritable and perfect theater manager. A ‘Lead Oscar Nomination’ was given to Judi Dench for her role in ‘Mrs. Henderson Presents.’

5. ‘Room With a View’ (1985)


The role given to Dench in this movie is not major, but it makes the movie thrilling. Bonham Helena Carer is a young English lady on a vacation in Italy and meets Julian Sands, a handsome and entertaining young man. She is faced with a dilemma over whether to return to England and marry Daniel Day Lewis, the stuffy fiancée she left behind. Denholm Elliot, Rupert graves and Maggie Smith give support.

4. ‘Her Majesty Mrs. Brown’ (1997)


‘Her Majesty Mrs. Brown’ is the movie that made Judi Dench a big star. The film looks at the affair between a household worker called John Brown and a lonely Queen called Victoria who mourns the demise of Prince Albert. Billy Connolly plays the household servant John Brown, something he does to satisfaction by confronting the grieving monarch. Judi Dench received nomination for ‘Best actress’ Oscar upon acting the movie.

3. ‘Casino Royale’ (2006)


‘Casino Royale’ is a remake of an Ian Fleming novel that is revitalized by Daniel Craig, making it a Bond franchise. The version has conflicting and dark themes than what we are used to in other bond plots. Craig is not only a revelation because Judi Dench shows more grit and personality than what we expect her to do in her role. Many fans say that ‘Casino Royale’ is the ‘best non-Connery’ bond movie ever.

2. ‘Shakespeare in Love’ (1998)


In the film, John Madden hilariously looks at the times and life of Bill Shakespeare. Dench took home an Oscar award for ‘Best Supporting Actress’, despite her being on the screen for only eight minutes. Some people argued whether she deserved the statue, although the film is superb. Other actors who also play incredible roles in the film are Geoffrey Rush, Joseph Fiennes, Ben Affleck, Tom Wilkinson and Colin Firth.

1. ‘Notes on a Scandal’ (2006)


The movie has strong bases on the might of performance and it presents Dench Judi at her ever best. She plays a bitter school teacher who gets into a friendship with a young colleague called Cate Blanchett. She hopes to spark a romantic affair with her. The younger lady however reveals that she is having a relationship with a male student, the older lady is furious and thinks that she has been rejected. The breach of professional ethics turns out to be very disastrous.

Judi Dench New Movies 2017-2018

1. ‘Tulip Fever’


In ‘Tulip Fever’, an artist falls for a young but married lady after being commissioned to paint a portrait as the Tulip mania went on in Amsterdam during the 17th Century. The film is directed by Justin Chadwick and written by Tom Stoppard and Deborah Moggach. The actors are Cara Delevingne, Alicia Vikander and Dane DeHaa.

2. ‘Victoria and Abdul’


Victoria the Queen starts an extraordinary friendship with Abdul Karim, a young clerk from India. Directed by Stephen Frears and written by Lee Hall and Shrabani Basu, the film is expected to be a hit. The actors compose of Jud, Olivia Williams and Michael Gambon.

These above are the Top 10 Movies by Judi Dench of All Time until 2017. Experienced, talented and thrilling are just but a few words that can describe Judi Dench. Her immense talent makes us smile when we see her holding any role in a film. We love you Judi Dench, we are waiting for you new movies.

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