Top 10 Movies By John Wayne of All Time

John Wayne made many incredible movies that are wonderful until today. The actor dominated all scenes in a film until other superstars looked insignificant. We have decided to sample the top ten classics, and we have explained why they are magnificent. John played baddies and goodies so well that we wish he were still alive. In Wayne’s memory, here are his best ten movies that you should watch and rewatch.

List of Top 10 Movies by John Wayne of all time:

10. Stagecoach

Stagecoach Top Most Popular Movies By John Wayne 2018

Stagecoach’ is the film that acted as John Wayne’s breakthrough, with John Ford as the director. Ford risked going to unusual lengths to get the best performance from John, even calling him wooden and crippled. The effort riled Wayne who went ahead to give an acting of a lifetime. Despite there being stories about snobbery, interaction, and class, Wayne remains glorious.

9. They Were Expendable

They Were Expendable

John Wayne and Ford started their cinema careers by being stuntmen, and they both passed through some painful tribulations and trials. Despite all those challenges, here is a beautiful classic made by the duo. The two became close friends and together they produced stunning movies. ‘They Were Expandable’ is about a ‘Patrol Torpedo Boat’ at a time when the world was busy fighting the Second World War. The US armies face a humiliating defeat in Palestine, but the hard lives faced by the crews at sea and on land is also highlighted in the movie.

8. Red River

Red River

In ‘Red River,’ John Wayne plays a villain, and he does the best at it. John Wayne takes the character of a villain called Tom Dunson, a man who kills to get away and forms part of a cattle drive. Wayne acts a horrible man who many can’t believe is a hero in any other movie as he acts the ruthless steel crook to perfection. Even Clift Montgomery never gets a glance in alongside Wayne.

7. Fort Apache

Fort Apache Top Ten Movies By John Wayne 2017

Fort Apache’ is an effort of John Ford and his first ‘Cavalry Trilogy’ which also contains ‘The Rio Grande’ and ‘She Wore A Yellow Ribbon.’ If you think John Wayne’s performance in the two movies was excellent, then he must be magnificent in ‘Fort Apache.’ He balances quiet frustration and toughness as his commander ignores him. Henry Fonda plays the ignorant leader in a film that proves that ‘the big man’ is the best actor.

6. The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man Top Most Famous Movies By John Wayne 2019

‘The Quiet Man’ is a fantastic flick in which Big John acts as an ex-American boxer who killed a man as they fought and wanted to get over the past. On top of that, he needs to reclaim his place of birth in Ireland. Mary Kate acts as Maureen O Hara, John’s dream woman. Never in a movie has John Wayne ever been quiet like this, probably he will never be that way again.

5. The Searchers

The Searchers


Two Johns produce a beautiful movie, despite some critics thinking of the same as a dog’s dinner. The film is controversial: every appointed expert who thinks it’s a masterpiece has another one claiming it’s a mess. For the two camps, Ethan Edwards and Ethan are the best choices. Wayne acts as a Confederacy racist veteran who searches for a nice who has been kidnapped by an individual Comanche who also killed her parents. John is not peaceful, and he also gets scary whenever riled.

4. Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo Top Popular Movies By John Wayne 2017

The Duke’ proved that he could make us laugh, especially in ‘Rio Bravo.’ John Wayne takes one of his lightest roles as a minor sheriff in charge of a notorious prisoner who understands that a notorious gang is outside the prison waiting to force him out. Ricky Nelson acts as a sharpshooter while Dean Martins is a drunkard. Dickinson Angie is a flirt, and all these characters attempt to assist Wayne. John declines to accept the assistance, making the film lovable.

3. The Alamo

The Alamo Top Famous Movies By John Wayne 2018

Wayne takes on an iconic role, that of Davy Crockett at the height of the deadly Texas Revolution. The ‘Texians’ are the ‘white non-Hispanics’ who are heavily outnumbered. The Mexican forces easily defeat them, leading to much panic. ‘The Alamo’ is not a Wayne film where he remains on top and seeing him killed doesn’t spoil a Duke film.

2. True Grit

True Grit

Taking the role of Rooster Cogburn, Wayne managed to win an Oscar for his performance, despite him having a feeling that he didn’t deserve it. After that, he spent the whole night boozing with Burton Richard, another favorite nominee. Wayne told Burton that he should have taken the award, although Wayne’s performance was stunning and he deserved the Oscar. He performed as an eye-patched and drunk marshal who had no scruples.

1. The Shootist

The Shootist

‘The Shootist’ is John’s final movie in which he acts as an old gunfighter suffering from severe cancer, although he attempts to die with dignity. In real life, the actor died a few years after playing the sick man, something that makes the film moving. Bacall Lauren is the beautiful lady who runs the boarding house where Wayne resides. Ron Howard plays Bacall’s son. John plays a role that echoes his life to perfection: a blend of wry humor, tenderness, and toughness. John Wayne was an incredible baddie and goodie, a brilliant and proper actor.

John Wayne’s Most Fascinating Movie

Rio Grande

Rio Grande

In the film, a cavalry officer who is posted to Brazil should deal with the Apaches who raid and murder the people. The officer’s son is a recruit who takes great risk taker and the wife separated with him a long time ago. John Ford is the director of the movie written by James Warner Bella and James Kevin McGuiness. The actors are Maureen O’ Hara, John Wayne and Ben Johnson.
John Wayne is an actor we will remember forever, thanks to his lovely personality and acting skills. May he rest in eternal peace.

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