Top 10 Most Popular Movies By Jodie Foster of All Time

Jodie Foster has been able to maintain her star power over several decades, from a child to an adult. She has managed to stay the course, delivering knocks after knocks of performances. Jodie Starts her career at the age of three as she features in ‘Coppertone’ commercials. She then earned some minor roles in films such as ‘Kansas City Bomber’ and ‘Bob &Carol& Alice &Tedd in 1973. The film that made her a star is ‘Taxi Driver,’ in which she acted as a prostitute and a troubled teenager in New York City. Below are ten films that do exemplify the best performances by Jodie Foster until today.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Movies By Jodie Foster of All Time until in 2017

10. ‘Taxi Driver.’


The consequences of the Vietnam War are displayed in this movie through the eyes of a taxi driver. The Vietnam War veteran works as a cab driver in the city of New York, despite him being mentally unstable. His urge to involve in violent actions is fed by the perceived sleaze and decadence. In the course of his work, he tries to salvage a teenage prostitute. Jodie Foster plays a prostitute aged fourteen years trying to survive on the harsh streets of the New York City in the seventies.

9. ‘Stealing Home.’

stealing home, Top 10 Most Popular Movies By Jodie Foster of All Time until 2017-2018

‘Stealing Home’ is a film about the same issues that we all experienced in our homes when we were young. In the movie, a washed-up player of baseball receives instructions to go back home to deal with the ashes of the childhood life. Mark Harmon is confused about what to do, but he has almost no choice but to do what will favor him the most. The director of this film is Will Aldis and Steven Kampmann. The actors are Jodie Foster, Mark Harmon, Jonathan Silverman and Blair Brown.

8. ‘The Accused.’


Many crimes take place and go unpunished, especially when people are partying and enjoying themselves. However, sometimes the unexpected happens, and the perpetrators have nowhere to run to. In the film, a young lady is brutally raped by a gang at a local bar on a Friday night. The prosecutor promises to get the perpetrators to justice, but even those who did cheer the activity are found to be answerable. Jonathan Kaplan is the director of this 111 minutes’ film.

7. ‘The Blood of Others.’


There many effects of conflicts, but people rarely think about the consequences of the same on love. Imagine your lover belongs to a country considered an enemy of your state, and you are a loyal soldier. What would you choose? Your job or your lover? During the First World War, Paris is occupied by Germany, and that gets Helene torn between Jean her boyfriend and working for the state. The Claude Chabrol directed film plays for 135 minutes.

6. ‘Catchfire.’


Suppose you witnessed a mob assassination but your role as an honest witness turns out to haunt you like you are the suspect? In the ‘Catchfire’ movie, a person who does see a mob assassination runs for her life, fleeing from city to city. She switches identities but never eludes Milo the chief assassin looking to kill her. Alan Smithee directs the film acted by Jodie Foster, Dennis Hopper, Vincent Price and Dean Stockwell.

5. ‘Nell.’


‘Nell’ is an entertaining film in which a doctor discovers something great in someone amazing. The movie is acted on a remote cabin on the woodlands, where a small doctor in the town sees Nell. She is a pretty young lady who has many secrets hidden in herself. The doctor tries to explore what the secrets are, and the results shock him a lot. Michael Apted directs the 122 minutes’ film with actors such as Lian Neeson, Jodie Foster, and Natasha Richardson. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Movies By Jodie Foster of All Time until 2017.

4. ‘Maverick.’


‘Maverick’ is a film that talks about the challenges people face as a result of lack of cash, especially when they are addicted to some habits. Bret Maverick needs money to participate in a poker tournament, and he does anything he can to get the cash. He, however, comes across some challenges and comic mishaps that include charming a woman thief. The 127-minute’ film has Richard Donner as the director.

3. ‘Contact.’


Dr. Arroway Ellie searches for many years and succeeds to find a radio-proof that is conclusive and free from intelligence aliens. The elements do send plans for a very strange machine, and information gets intense. The 150 minutes’ film is acted by Matthew McConaughey, Jodie Foster, John Hurt and Tom Skerritt. The director of ‘Contact’ is Robert Zemeckis.

2. ‘Panic Room.’


Movies can never be free from events where thieves break into houses and harass the inhabitants. That is where rooms panic, which is why the title of this movie is ‘Panic Room.’ In the film, a divorced lady with her diabetic daughter faces the wrath of the gunmen when they break into their house. The two hide in their safe room in the house which the lady had just bought. The 12 minutes’ film has the thieves searching for a fortune that they do not get.

1. ‘The Silence of the Lambs.’


An FBI agent has to talk well to a very manipulative killer so that he identifies and catches other killers. The most dangerous and notorious serial killer is one who kills and skins his victims, and the arrested killer is the only person who can help. Jonathan Demme directs the 118 minus’ crime thriller film in which Jodie Foster is always close to Dr. Hannibal Recter, the serial killer.

Jodie Foster New Movies 2017

‘Money Monster’


‘Money Monster’ is a film about cash, and how people take on the fortune of others. In the movie, Lee Gates is a financial TV host who together with producer Patty are in extreme situations after an Irate investor dominates their studio. The film is written by Alan DiFiore and Jamie Linden, with the director being Jodie Foster. The stars in the movie are Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Jack O’ Connell and Jodie Foster.

These above are the Top 10 Most Popular Movies By Jodie Foster of All Time until 2017. Jodie Foster directs and acts many incredible films, watch out for her role in the above films. Jodie Foster, fans love you, and you should continue delivering such fascinating films.

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