Top 10 Movies by Jennifer Lawrence of All Time

Over the last years, Jennifer Lawrence has become one of Hollywood’s most in demand and biggest stars. Being a four-time Oscar nominee, she has continued to prove her versatility by excelling in comedy dramas, enormous action franchises, and indies. Her natural charismatic personality, blended with smart choices made Lawrence a fan favorite and earned the actor the award of ‘Most Valuable Star of 2015. Here is a look at ten of her most memorable roles.

List of Top 10 Movies by Jennifer Lawrence of All Time until in 2017

10. ‘House at the End of the Street.’

House at the End of the Street Top Most Movies Jennifer Lawrence 2017

Jennifer Lawrence attempts her luck at horror movies in the psychological thriller that did not receive the anticipated reception. However, the performance of Jennifer Lawrence in the same film was never underestimated. She plays a young lady with connections to a guy who looks innocent but is dangerous in the real sense. She perfectly fits the character of Elissa Cassidy and brings much believability in the same character. She makes Audiences feel connected to her new crush as well as her mom, not forgetting her many fears whenever things went wrong.

9. ‘The Beaver.’

The Beaver Top Popular Movies Jennifer Lawrence 2019

Jennifer Lawrence plays a supporting character in this puppet beaver film by Mel Gibson. The film may not be very outstanding for other actors, but Jennifer’s character as Norah can never fade into the background. She plays a stylish lady whose life is more complicated than it looks and seeks the assistance of Gibson Mel’s son to write the valedictorian speech. The film culminates with Jennifer’s speech, something that makes us believe Jennifer was working at inner monologs.

8. ‘Like Crazy.’

Like Crazy Top Most Famous Movies Jennifer Lawrence 2018

It is a thankless job to play another girl in a different couple’s love tale, and that is why many fans feel that the role of Samantha assigned to Jennifer Lawrence in this film was a joke. She starts an affair with a male partner of the movie’s best couple, roles played by Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin. The lady may not have been lucky to keep the guy, but he could have tried a little to make things work out.

7. ‘The Burning Plain.’


It is a daunting task to share a role with Theron Charlize, but there is absolutely no hint of the dramatic turn displayed in this film. Despite Lawrence being a teenager, she can offer a multi-faceted performance as a very young lady. The anger that Jennifer has towards her unfaithful mother motivates her to do things that haunt her for a lifetime. Anger develops into guilt, and that is where Jennifer makes the film incredible.

6. ‘The Poker House.’


This is one of the Top 10 Movies by Jennifer Lawrence of All Time until 2017. In the movie, Lawrence Jennifer plays the oldest of three children with a life full of neglect and abuse. The film displays Lawrence as a person talented in raw acting, which brings her global acclaim in the coming years. Agnes happens to fall for her mom’s pimp and believes that the dad loves her much, despite him mistreating her mother. She brings out her real maturity at the first time but maintains innocent and childish behaviors.

5. ‘The X-Men Prequel Trilogy.’


Lawrence assumes the role of Raven Darkholme, a character previously defined by killer acrobatics and smoldering looks. She takes Mystique’s role to a more developed and nuanced place about the original trilogy of X-Men. Her character of arc defines the 2011-2016 movies known as X-Men. Both Magneto and Xavier want to win the loyalty of this girl, which brings conflicting interests in the film. She is poised to fall on either side, which keeps us guessing, in a role that requires intelligence to make acting look real and honest.

4. ‘The Hunger Games Series.’


The film’s director decides to adapt Suzanne Collins book called ‘The Hunger Games’ into a movie series. The lady chosen to play as the defiant Everdeen Katniss was, of course, the person to determine the film’s success or failure. With the full mind and soul of a very young lady who acts as a symbol for the inhabitants of Panem to go after, Jennifer Lawrence succeeds to inspire lots of people to stand behind her forever.

3. ‘American Hustle.’


In the ‘American Hustle,’ Lawrence Jennifer plays as an unstable partner of a con artist who alternates from jealous to threatening him to get busted. The lady is between the hubby and the serious business partners, and he comes out as the type of person who still does manage to pull you in. Enticing and critical, her role in the crime caper earns her a different chance to rise the stairs to the Oscars. She received nominations for the ‘Academy Award’ nominations and the ‘BAFTA’ awards for the ‘Best Actress in Supporting Role.’

2. ‘Winter’s Bone.’


‘Winter’s Bone’ is a star-making film that earns Lawrence Jennifer an excellent nomination to the Oscars and introduces her to the globe. The character of Ree Dolly is not for the faint-hearted, and she must be recommended for the ability to play in that capacity. As a young lady, she spends her time caring for a family ignored by the father, after which she has to look for her parents in a world with fear and violence.

1. ‘Silver Linings Playbook.’


The role played by Jennifer Lawrence in this film earns her an ‘Academy Award Nomination’ and a visit to the ‘Winners Circle’ in the romantic drama/comedy. She acts as an inspiring dancer as well as a young widow who attracts Bradley Cooper and audiences everywhere she goes. The performance wins her in the acting troops of David O. Russell. Jennifer’s initial misunderstanding of other characters in the film did excite her the most.

Jennifer Lawrence New Movies in 2017



In this ‘Passengers’ movie, a spacecraft travels to a distant colony planet, taking on board thousands of persons. Unfortunately, the plane malfunctions after developing complications on the sleep chamber, and two of the passengers are awake 90 years before the scheduled waking time. Morten Tyldum directs the film, which is written by Jon Spaihts.

These above are the Top 10 Movies by Jennifer Lawrence of All Time until 2017. Jennifer Lawrence is an actor who tries to fit any role assigned to her to the best that she can do. As a result, she makes movies look real and actual, and we usually forget that it’s just a play. We like Jennifer Lawrence, and keep the spirit up.

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