Top 10 Interesting Fairy Tales About Beauty

Many interesting fairy tales talk about beauty. Most of them were written long time ago and their versions are being improved in each day. Others have been written by more than two people but in different occasions and versions. We are going to study about these beautiful tales in this article today. Follow this guideline carefully from position ten to one. You will definitely love them.

List of Top 10 Interesting Fairy Tales About Beauty in 2017

10. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Top 10 Interesting Fairy Tales About Beauty 2017

This is a beautiful story that was written by Victor Mugo. The Hunchback of Notre Dame narrates about a beautiful woman who decides to get married to a Captain of a guard known as Phoebus. She did this because of love and she was chosen by captain because of her beautiful body. That was a very critical thing to do because Phoebus used to be attacked always and many of them was killed. However, this courageous woman was caught, arrested and sentenced to death.

9. The little mermaid


This is a story that talks about little mermaid. She was heartbroken after her man decided to marry a different person. Due to anger and disbelief, Mermaid wanted to kill herself and she jumped into a deep sea. People expected her to die but lived instead and that became a sea creature. Her way of committing suicide did not work. It is in that deep sea where she gained a lightweight nature and extremely beautiful body shape. Several versions of this interesting is out and none of them talks about mermaid remarrying.

8. The princess and the Fog


This is another interesting tale that you should know about. It is a Disney based movie and very impressive to watch. Disney brings forward a story about a beautiful princess kissing a frog. This is not common to many people but appears to be real in this tale. However, this frog does not respond positively and keeps on jumping up and down in Princess’s hands. At last it breaks princess’s spell after being thrown against wall. There are different versions of this tale that talks about same frog passing a night in girl’s pillow. Princess cut off its head eventually.

7. Tangled


Tangled is a fantastic tale that lands in seventh position of this article. It is also from Disney productions and most trusted one to entertain children. Tangled tale talks about a witch woman who invites a prince into her place. She did this an aim of getting herself pregnant ad intentionally ties tight clothes around her belly. However, Prince sees that this was total stupidity and chopped off long hair from her head and she had to beg for food to feed children. This is just interesting.

6. Beauty and the beast


This beautiful tale is common among many people and is featured here in sixth position of this article. Its writer was clearly inspired by Jeanne Marie Leprince De Beaumont who was also a great writer. There is an original story of Beauty and the beast and a simplified one. Many versions of this are also available in market. Beast in this movie cannot date a beautiful lady just because of her purity. It is so funny that this beast cuts off hands of a woman to make her less attractive. He did this to avoid his father and brother getting attracted to her.

5. Cinderella


On our fifth position of this article, we have Cinderella interesting tale. Origin of its story does not lie on a single story. Cinderella might be slightly difficult for some people to understand. In other simpler words, Cinderella asks a group of men to help in getting their mother from heaven. Her step sisters removed their toes by cutting in order to into common shoes. Several other things are featured in this tale. Watching is just for funny and is readily available in market.

4. Sleeping Beauty


I am so sure that you need to understand about this beautiful tale known as Sleeping Beauty. It is ranked in fourth position of this article for its interesting storyline. A princess is said to have a cruel mother who wants them to be cooked and served as for dinner. This did not happen however because, a certain animal that is not known by name falls into a pit and was unable to rescue his life. Princess ordered it to be killed and served for food instead of Princess and children. Princess’s mother must have been a heartless person.

3. Snow white and the seven Dwarves


Snow white and the seven Dwarves is another interesting tale that was written by Princess of Disney imaginations. Brothers Gimm wrote original tale of this story. Princess talks about a beautiful girl that was in danger. Men wanted to remove her heart and serve as food after being nicely cooked. This queen is however forced to dance to death and all necessary activities done. She died while wearing hot iron shoes. Her favorite Horse kisses princess even at death condition.

2. Babes In the woods


This beautiful tale is base on lost children that were no longer to be found. It is said that these children were seen with devil who wanted them to bleed. Devil shows them running away after acting on pretence that they do not know their way. These children are considered to be very clever considering fact that they never lose any focus with devil.

1. Frozen

frozen, Top 10 Interesting Fairy Tales About Beauty 2017

Frozen is best and most interesting of all tales about beauty featured in this list. One girl in this story is said to have magic powers of making a place freeze whenever she steps on it. Friends and younger sister also were injured through her magic powers. This little girl is however innocent, friendly and with full of love.

These are the Top 10 Interesting Fairy Tales About Beauty 2017 that you should know. They are based on true stories. It only that much of its pictures are animated meaning hidden. Watching them is having a cool moment in one’s life. You may not understand exact meaning but I tell you that it is so interesting.

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