Top 10 Most Popular Hottest Vines In The World

Vine is a popular video sharing service where people can share looping video clips that are only six seconds long. Founded in 2012, the service has gathered over 200 million active users. One can say many users are on the site because it has many hot and sexy people who upload videos from their daily lives.

Many of these accounts are hugely popular and their creators are also insanely talented. Today we take a look at some of the sexiest and most popular Vine accounts. Here are the top 10 hottest vines in 2017.

List of the world’s top 10 most popular hottest vines in 2017

10. King Bach

King Bach, World's Most Popular Hottest Vines 2016

Canadian-born Andrew B. Bachelor is better known by his online alias King Bach. He is settled in the United States and a huge internet personality in the country. With over 16 million followers the 28 year old is the most popular user on Vine. He is known for his unique brand of comedy where he portrays himself as different characters.

9. Curtis Lepore

Curtis Lepore, World's Most Popular Hottest Vines 2017

33 year old Curtis Lepore is an American internet personality with over 9.4 million followers on Vine. Curtis grew up in New York, is vegan and refrains from using recreational drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Once front man of GHOSTxSHIP, a hard-core band he helped to establish, Lapore left the band in 2012. He was accused of raping his girlfriend Jessi “Smiles” Vasquez in 2013 and took a plea deal in the case. Later his felony assault charges were reduced just to a misdemeanour.

8. Us the Duo

Us the Duo, World's Most Popular Hottest Vines 2018

Us the Duo is composed of husband and wife Michael and Carissa Alvarado who mainly compose American folk pop music. They got married within a year of meeting each other and now upload cover version of many popular songs to their Vine account and have amassed around 5 million followers which has led them to signing for a major record label.

7. Josh Peck

Josh Peck, World's Most Popular Hottest Vines 2019

American actor Josh Peck is most known for playing the teenage character Josh Nichols in the Nickelodeon sitcom Drake&Josh. The actor is also hugely popular on the internet and has amassed over 9.1 million followers on Vine. Since starting out as a child artist in the late 90s, Josh has been part of nearly two dozen movies and voiced famous characters like Eddie from the Ice Age franchise and Casey Jones from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The 29 year old star is also famous on Snapchat.

6. Logan PaulLogan Paul, World's Most Popular Hottest Vines 2019

With over 9.3 million followers on Vine, 21 year old Logan Paul is truly an internet phenomenon. With a stunning physique and handsome face, he creates videos that are very high energy and often have high production value. His popularity has helped him bag a role in the 2015 web series titled Foursome produced by AwesomenessTV. The former State Champion wrestler has been to Ohio University on a full scholarship and has a brother named Jake Paul, who is also popular on Vine.

5. DeStorm Power

DeStorm Power, World's Most Popular Hottest Vines 2018

Initially gaining popularity through YouTube, DeStorm Power joined Vine in 2013 and became popular gaining 6.1 million followers since. The multitalented artist was raised in Baltimore and is mainly known for his rapping and musical talents but he also dabbles in comedy and motivational speaking. He is the owner and founder of urban and lifestyle music network called Multi Channel Network Forefront TV. The 34 year old has over 250 million total views on his YouTube channel and a son named Tayvion Power.

4. Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas, World's Most Popular Hottest Vines 2017

The 21 year old American Cameron Dallas is not only insanely popular on Vine but also has transitioned into becoming a successful actor and model. With over 9.4 million followers on Vine, Cameron is undoubtedly become one of the attractions on the site with fans loving the jokes and pranks that he often plays on friends and family. Dallas has starred in 2014 movie Expelled and appeared on two episodes of the show American Odyssey a year later. The internet star also released his debut single, She Bad the same year.

3. Brittany Furlan

Brittany Furlan Top 10 hottest and most popular vines in the world 2019

Born in Los Angeles, the 29 year old Brittany Furlan is one of the hottest internet personalities out there. Described by Times Magazine as one of the most influential people on the internet, Furlan was the most followed woman on Vine until November of last year. You might have seen her in Pitbull’s music video for “Fireball” featuring John Ryan. She is currently working on a sketch comedy show under the network Endemol and the show is being produced by Seth Kinman.

2. Amymarie Gaertner

Amymarie Gaertner, World's Most Popular Hottest Vines 2017

Only 22 years old, Amymarie Gaertner is a self-taught dancer and choreographer who has become a viral sensation on Vine with over 4.2 million followers on the site. This Ohio girl has attracted a lot of fame by posting small videos of her dancing to dubstep music. She also has a YouTube channel and starred in an original movie called “Dance Camp” produced by YouTube Red. With moves to match her hot physique and beautiful face, Gaertner is gaining popularity every day and has potential for a successful career in the entertainment industry.

1. Lele Pons

Lele Pons, World's Most Popular Hottest Vines 2018

With over 11.1 million followers on Vine, Venezuelan sexy girl Lele Pons is one of the most popular teens on the internet. The 20 year old has over a record 8.4 billion loops on Vine – a distinction no one else has yet achieved. With a great sense of humor and her brand of relatable and physical comedy, the entertainer has become the most followed female Vines. Pons also has 7 million followers on Instagram and she met Michelle Obama in 2016 along with some other Vines.

Those were some of the hottest and the most popular Vine users on the service as of 2017. It is no surprise the app has gained so much attention in such a short period of time with hot women like Lele Pons and Amymarie Gaertner.

The men do not lag far behind and handsome hunks like Cameron Dallas and Logan Paul certainly have a large female fan base. Vine looks like a very useful service that can grow and give competition to Facebook and Twitter.

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