Top 10 Highest Ranking IMDB Movies All Time

These are ten of the best movies you will be able to watch anytime you would like. Just take a few hours out of your day or night and watch these so you can see how things use to be or how they should still be.

List of Top 10 Highest Ranking IMDB Movies All Time until in 2017

10. Fight Club

fight club, Top 10 Highest Ranking IMDB Movies All Time 2017-2018

Made in nineteen ninety nine. The rating of this movie is an eight point eight and we all know why. It hit nineteen hundred and sixty three different screens on the seventeenth of October and made over eleven millions dollars from the United States alone. It grossed seventy one million dollars worldwide. That is not including the money from the United States. This movie hit it big and is still watched today.

9. The Lord of the Rings


The Return of the King- They made this movie in two thousadn and took them alone ninety four million dollars to make this movie and it came out in December. It hit over thirteen thousand screens alone in the first day it came out. Worldwide it made well over one billion dollars and seventy two million in the United States. This was a huge movie and is not the only one in the series.

8. The Dark Knight


Made in two thousand and eight and making it very big in the world . It came out on December first. Between the United States and everywhere else it made over a million dollars and people went crazy about it. It was watched by so many people in the first day that they made their money back on the film very fast and are still making money off of it all. The fact that it is Batman is why it went so big.

7. Schindler’s List


It did not make so much in the United States making only a little over six hundred and fifty thousand. It only hit twenty five different screens and then when it went world wide in two thousand and twelve it made so much more money because it was worldwide. It made over three hundred million dollars and was such a good movie it got an award. In fact it got seven awards for being so great of a movie.

6. 12 Angry Men


It took them three hundred and fifty thousand dollars just to make the movie. It was made in nineteen fifty seven and was a really good movie but the name is what made everyone watch it. When it comes to teleplay people will want to see just what the talk is all about. If you have not seen this movie yet then you should really sit down and watch it so you will understand the concept of the movie.

5. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


It took them a good million just to make the movie and they made a lot of it back. It only hit theaters in Finland on one screen so it only made ten thousand and five hundred eighty four dollars. When it hit theaters in two thousand and twelve is when they made twenty five million dollars and that was in the United States. The people really liked what the movie brought to the table and some people even watched it multiple time and are still watching it today, just looking it up helps them make money off of it. This is one amongst the Top 10 Highest Ranking IMDB Movies All Time until 2017.

4. Pulp Fiction


It took them eight million dollars to make such a good movie and they so much more off of it to put back into the movies they make today. Each time it is watched the money rolls in and helps them when they lose money to other people. They made nine million just off of the United States and will keep making more just by others turning it on. They made over two hundred million in the other parts of the world.

3. The Godfather Part II


When they made the first movie to this they made a lot but this one was so much better than some others that was made. It took thirteen million to make and that is just an estimate. They made that back and doubles of that from worldwide because the United States only made them two hundred and forty four dollars from the movie. Just hearing about it makes me want to watch it because of how good it is. If you do not like mafia then just do not even bother but the plot of the story is great and catches your attention.

2. The Godfather


This was another great one and both parts are on the list. Of course it was better than the second part but who out beats the first movie. It took six million dollars to make it and then they just kept it going and made the second one. They made all of it times six of the money back and that is what helped in making the second one. It was shown on six screens but you will want to watch it when you get a chance even if you do not like mafia movies because it is just that good.

1. The Shawshank Redemption


Number one is this one and it should be. It made fifty eight million dollars just on the world wide screening. It showed on thirty three screens in the United States and others still watch it today making more money so the numbers are still growing as you are reading this. It is a drama so you should like it because who does not like a good drama film once in awhile.

These above are the Top 10 Highest Ranking IMDB Movies All Time until 2017. These films made so much money so why not make others to go with them. They can afford it after the money they got back from a great movie. Just watch one and it will make them thousands. The fact that they spend so much money to make the films makes me wonder how they are going to make it all back. They could never be so sure so they take a chance at losing a lot of money without noticing it.

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