Top 10 Movies By Harrison Ford of All Time

Many fans wondered whether Harrison Ford was okay when he crushed a second world war era plane onto a golf course in the state of Los Angeles. All of us wondered why he has to fly such an old aircraft, and whether he was accidentally severely injured that he could not film ‘Future Star Wars’ and ‘Blade Runner II’ movies. To the joy of Harrison Ford’s fans, it became public that he would recover fully and go back to acting. In celebration of the good news, we have sampled a list of the finest ten movies by Harrison Ford.

List of Top 10 Movies By Harrison Ford of All Time until in 2017

10. ‘Working Girl.’

working girl, Top 10 Movies By Harrison Ford of All Time until 2017

I am sure that you all know about ‘ideas’ and how the same can win a fortune for you overnight. However, sometimes the unfortunate happens, and your idea is taken and implemented or sold by another person for their benefits. That is not correct because it is similar to ‘sowing where you did not plant,’ but unfortunately, it happens. In the ‘Working Girl’ movie, a boss steals the idea of his secretary, but the girl gets wittier and steals it back by pretending to work for the boss.

9.’ Witness.’


In the ‘Witness’ movie, a young boy of Amish origin happens to be the only living witness to a serious murder. As a result of that, a policeman named Book John goes hiding into an Amish country to protect the young boy until the trials are over. The movie will play for 112 minutes, a time that is relatively small because of how interesting the film is acted. Peter Weir is the movie’s director and superstars such as Kelly McGillis, Josef Sommer, Harrison Ford and Lukas Haas feature in the film.

8. ‘Star Wars: Episode VI- Return of the Jedi.’


‘The Film called ‘Star Wars’ has some versions, and that is why we are unique in our title, we are talking about ‘Episode VI-Return of the Jedi.’ In the 131 minutes’ film, rebels try to destroy a ‘second death star’ after the rescue of Han Solo from a palace called ‘Jabba and Hutt.’ However, Luke is on an entirely different mission: he is struggling to return Vander, who has been lost to the ‘dark side of the force.’ The film has Richard Marquand as the director.

7. ‘The Fugitive.’


To many people, the word fugitive brings bad memories, as it is associated with a person who rarely follows the law. In fact, a fugitive in a majority of the movies is an individual who deals with drugs or involves in other illegal businesses, something that makes his run away from the law, therefore becoming a fugitive. In this film, Dr. Kimble Richard stands accused of the murder of his wife, a crime he never committed. The real killer must, however, be found in operation targeting the entire country.

6. ‘Blade Runner.’


In this movie called ‘Blade Runner,’ the ‘Blade Runner’ has to pursue and then attempt to terminate five replicants who have stolen a ship in space. The thugs, however, return to the earth in search of their creator, something that shocks everyone, since that is not expected in the film. The movie which you will watch for 117 minutes is directed by Scott Ridley and features actors like Harrison Ford, Sean Young, Rutger Haier and Edward James Olmos. This is one amongst the Top 10 Movies By Harrison Ford of All Time until 2017.

5. ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.’


The film is about an individual called Indiana Jones. After arriving in India, Jones receives a request from a desperate rural village to look for a mystical stone. He accepts the offer, but in the course of work, he finds a secret cult that has been plotting a very terrible plan in the ancient palace, a plot that revolves around the catacombs. Spielberg Steven is the film’s director.

4. ‘Star Wars: Episode IV-A New Hope.’


In the 121 minutes’ film, Skywalker Luke joins Jedi Knight, a Wookiee and a cocky pilot and two droids to salvage the galaxy. The world’s most destructive battle station is a threat to the galaxy, and that’s what the team aims at preventing. Princess Leia is also being rescued from ‘the evil Darth Vader,’ all that in the hands of the single group. Lukas George is the movie’s director.

3. ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.’


Ever watched a movie that has such an anonymous title that all you want is to watch what goes on in the film? If no, then here comes your film, one that can never disappoint you. Adventurer and archaeologist Indiana Jones gets hired by the United States department of security to look for and bring the ‘Covenant’ before the enemies known as the Nazis find the same. The film will run for almost 120 minutes.

2. ‘Star Wars: Episode V-The Empire Strikes Back.’


After the defeat of the rebels by ‘The Empire,’ the humiliation is so much to handle, as the brutal loss is not expected. Skywalker acquires advanced training in Jedi by Master Yoda. His friends have however pursued Vader Darth in what turns out to be an attempt to capture Luke. Irvin Kershner directs the 124 minutes’ film that features Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher.

1. ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.’


Dr. Henry Jones Sr. goes missing all of a sudden. What is more mysterious about the disappearance is that he goes missing at a time when he pursues the Holy Grail. Now, the eminent archaeologist called Indiana Jones has absolutely no choice but to follow the footsteps of his father and try to stop the Nazis. Spielberg Steven directs the film which runs for 127 minutes.

Harrison Ford Upcoming Movies 2017

‘Blade Runner 2049′


Harrison Ford is set to release a new film in 2017. The film is titled ‘Blade Runner 2049′ and is rumored to be one of the best that the actor has made this far. Watch out for the movie and catch up with the same immediately it is released.

These above are the Top 10 Movies By Harrison Ford of All Time until 2017. Harrison Ford has acted for long, but the most amazing thing about him is that he never fades. He only gets better with the passage of time, and that is about to be confirmed when the new film titled ‘Blade Runner 2049′ releases in 2017.

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