Top 10 Movies by Greta Garbo of All Time

Greta Garbo was a Swedish actress who was already a shining star in Europe long before she appeared on ‘Torrent’, the actresses’ first film in America released in 1926. However, the best was in store for the actress, as she was to hit the ground running four years later. In 1930 alone, she won two ‘Academy Award’ nominations as a result of her incredible work. She boasts of a honorary Oscar as well as two nominations to the same awards. Below are ten movies acted by the beautiful queen.

List of Top 10 Movies by Greta Garbo of All Time

10. ‘The Painted Veil’

the painted veil, Top 10 Movies by Greta Garbo of All Time

Long distance affairs have always proved to be challenging. In the film called ‘Painted Veil’, a Chinese medical researcher neglects his wife. Due to loneliness and frustration, the wife with a caring diplomatic attache. What remains of the couple’s relationship? The film is 85 minutes long and is directed by Richard Boleslawski. The actors are George Brent, Greta Gabro, Warner Oland and Herbert Marshall.

9. ‘The Kiss’


A kiss is a simple thing to a majority of us, but the same can be very costly. In the movie, a woman who is married but unhappy is involved in scandals that consist of murder. The scandals are a result of her affection towards a younger guy that is misinterpreted by the people. Jacques Feyder is the director of the favorite film known as ‘The Kiss.’ The actors are Conrad Nagel, Greta Garbo, Holmes Herbert and Anders Randolf.

8. ‘As You Desire Me’

As You Desire Me Top Most Popular Movies by Greta Garbo 2019

Zara is an entertainer at Budapest Bar who happens to be a discontented alcoholic and many men are after her. However, she prefers to remain with Carl Salter, a popular novelist. A mysterious guy comes to Salter estate and says that Zara is Maria, wife to Bruno, his closest friend. According to Tony, the memory of Maria got destroyed a decade ago during the First World War. Bruno is an officer in the army and attempts coax Maria’s memory. Nobody knows whether Zara is Maria or not, and Salter confuses everyone when he shows up with a serious mental case claiming she is Maria.

7. ‘Flesh and the Devil’

Flesh and the Devil Top Popular Movies by Greta Garbo 2019

What do you think could separate you with your best friend, someone you have grown up together? I know your answer is probably nothing, although you need to think more about the same. In ‘Flesh and the Devil’, two close friends are separated by one getting married to a lady who the second friend loved a lot. Brown Clarence is the director of this 112 minutes thriller film. The actors are Lars Hanson, John Gilbert, Barbara Kent and Greta Garbo.

6. ‘A Woman of Affairs’


In ‘A Woman of Affairs’, two childhood sweethearts are prevented from marrying, something that leads to misery. The 98 minutes’ film is emotional because not many people would love to experience such a horrific experience. Many would rather say that ‘the heart wants what it wants.’ The movie has Clarence Brown as the director. The actors are John Gilbert, Greta Garbo, Johnny Mack Brown and Lewis Stone.

5. ‘Anna Karenina’


In the movie, Anna Karenina is a married lady who happens to love Count Vronsky. However, her husband refuses to offer divorce and they must therefore contend with many social repercussions. Again, Brown Clarence is the director of this film that goes for 95 minutes. The actors are Fredric March, Greta Garbo, Maureen O’ Sullivan and Freddie Bartholomew.

4. ‘Ninotchka’


In this film, Garbo does something that she had not done before: acting in a comedy. Garbo acts as Nina ‘Ninotchka’, an envoy of the Soviet Union who plans to capture three jewel thieves from Russia who are trying to run away. In the same film, a Russian lady is sent to Paris on official assignments and finds out that she is attracted to a guy who does everything she should detest. Ernst Lubitsch directs the 110 minutes’ favorite thriller. The actors are Bela Lugosi, Greta Garbo and Melvyn Douglas.

3. ‘Anna Christie’


In ‘Anna Christie’, a young lady happens to reunite with an estranged father and loves a sailor. However, she finds it hard to tell them about her dark past. Brown Clarence is the director of the interesting but short movie that only plays for 89 minutes. The actors are Charles Bickford, Greta Garbo, Marie Dressler and George F. Marion.

2. ‘Camille’


‘Camille’ is a courtesan from Persia who must make a very hard choice. There is a young man who genuinely loves her, and then there is this callous baron who also wants her. Despite the fact that her health is failing, she has to make the hasty choice or lose everything. Cukor George directs the movie, it goes for 109 minutes. The actors are Robert Taylor, Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Allan and Lionel Barrymore.

1. ‘Queen Christina’


‘Queen Christina’ is a famous monarch from Sweden who remains very loyal to her beloved country. However, the monarch loves a Spanish envoy and has the hard choice of either the man she loves or the throne. Rouben Mamoulian directs the 99 minutes’ film acted by John Gilbert, Greta Garbo, Lewis Stone and Ian Keith.

Greta Gabro Most Fascinating Movie

‘Two Faced Woman.’


While Larry Blake relaxes at a ski lodge, she sees an instructor called Karin Borg and choses to sign up for some private lessons. The lessons go on until she is Mrs. Karin. She pretends to be Karin’s sister Catherine to avoid getting into conflicts with Griselda.

Greta Gabro is famous for playing the ‘fallen women’, a role she played so well in comedies such as ‘Ninotchka.’ She retired from acting in 1941 after hitting on the box office and receiving numerous nominations to the Oscars. Until she died in 1990, she remained reclusive and private. Rest in peace Greta Gabro.

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