Top 10 Greatest Rock Bands In History

When many people listen to music, they have their own genres that they enjoy the most. Back the the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties, almost everyone went for Rock and Roll. They of course had the fashion style as well with the big hair and leather pants. This music genre not only was a great one but is also still listened to today. There are many talented artists that are best known for rocking out on stage such as Def Leppard, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Metallica, and a ton of others. This list below just gives the top ten greatest as of today but that does not mean there is not plenty of other rock bands for you to listen to that are just as great.

List of Top 10 Greatest Rock Bands In History until in 2017

10. The Who

the who, Top 10 Greatest Rock Bands In History 2017

They are a hard rock band from London in the sixties. They are usually considered to be rock, soul rock, hard rock, and soft rock. The band still plays music today but a few of the original band mates have died from drug overdoses. The Who is a band that many people know their songs whether the person is older or younger. They have some very good instrument skills and they have put their mark on the rock world in the time that they have been producing albums. In nineteen ninety the band was put in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The display that is their describes them at prime competitors for World’s Greatest Rock Band. In the year 2005, The Who got inducted into the UK music hall of fame.

9. Nirvana


They came together as a band in Washington and was one of the best grunge rock bands in the world. After Kurt Cobain died of suicide in the year nineteen ninety four, the band went their separate ways. The drummer ended up starting the group, Foo-Fighters which is an alternative rock group. Nirvana sold over twenty five million copies of their records and that is only in the US. There was seventy five million sold worldwide. That is what makes them one of the best selling groups. In 2014, Nirvana was put into the hall of fame for Rock and Roll.

8. Guns N Roses


In 1986 they signed with Geffen Records, this was one year after forming the band in Los Angeles. On vocals there was Axl Rose, rhythm guitar was Slash, the bassist was Duff Mckagan, and their drummer was Steven Adler. Not only was the group part of the hard rock genre but also was associated with the heavy metal genre as well. They became well known for songs like sweet child o’ mine, paradise city, welcome to the jungle, and knockin’ on heaven’s door. In 2012 the band was put into the Hall of Fame with the original band mates plus the ones that joined at later dates.

7. The Rollings Stones


In the year of 1962, a band named The Rolling Stones formed in London, England. They had some great songs including Paint it Black, Sympathy for the Devil, and the one that hit number two on the The Rolling Stones Magazine chart, Satisfaction. 1989 was a great year for this band since they became inducted into the Hall of Fame for Rock and Roll and then in 2004 the UK put them in their hall of fame. The Rolling Stones celebrated their fiftieth anniversary in the year 2012.

6. AC/DC


They are an australian hard rock group that got together in November of 1973. Two brothers, Malcolm and Angus Young, are the ones that formed this band and they all continued until Malcolm passed from an illness in the 2014. There first frontman died of alcohol poisoning in nineteen eighty so they hired Brian Johnson after that and became a huge success for many years to come. This group is considered to be a hard rock or blues rock group.

5. Metallica


They are an American Thrash Metal Band. They become about in nineteen eighty one. One of the greatest hits from them was a Enter Sandman, which is the song that put them on the rock charts. The first two albums they made were underground successes and the third album has come to be the very first thrash metal album that got to be labeled as a platinum record. The bass player, Cliff Burton was killed by getting thrown from a window and was crushed. That happened in the year of 1989. Three years later the band made their very first music video for the song One. The album that song came from is when the new bassist, Jason Newsted  was introduced. The song My Apocalypse won a Grammy in two thousand and nine for being the best metal performance.

4. Pink Floyd


An English Rock band that is from London. Their progressive and psychedelic music achieved them international acclaim. Their successful albums are The Dark Side of the moon and a few others that have kept them going. They was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the nineteen ninety six. Five different people played in this band and hit it big and people still love the music they made.

3. Queen


A British Rock group. They became a band in nineteen seventy. Four people was in this band and they went pretty far. Their music is still be listened to today. In nineteen seventy the name Queen was suggested for their band. In nineteen seventy five they they released the album A Night at the Opera. By nineteen eighties they was one of the biggest rock bands. They released over sixteen of the number one kits and they was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

2. The Beatles


An English rock band formed in nineteen sixties. The band was made up of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. They experimented with different types of genres while making music but figured out they did well with original music. They have sold one hundred and seventy eight million units and are the best selling in the United States. They received ten Grammy awards and an Academy award for best original song score. Then they have received fifteen Ivor Novello Awards.

1. Led Zeppelin


Formed in nineteen sixty eight. An English band that has made a lot of big hits that have been listened to since they started and some people still listen to today. In nineteen eighty John Bonham’s death put an end to the band’s career. They have done reunions that was done in Nineteen eighty four, Nineteen eighty eight, and in two thousand and seven. Between two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and fifteen they released a Deluxe Edition to the albums.

These above are the Top 10 Greatest Rock Bands In History until 2017. Overall, there is a great amount of rock bands that have made the best music in history. They are terrific artists and will continue to be great at what they do. Even people that usually do not listen to rock and roll will still enjoy the beats of this genre. Give it a chance and listen to some of these awesome rock groups, they may surprise you.

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