Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies All Time

These ten horror movies are some of the scariest ones you will ever watch. You can watch them over and over and they are still pretty scary. You will be scared to sleep because of what they are about or scared to go into the woods. Watch your back and watch what you dream of because anything could happen. Some of these movies go so far back that you probably was not even thought of yet. Just get ready to hide under the blankets and never want to be alone again.

List of Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies All Time until in 2017

10. 28 Days Later

28 days later, Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies All Time 2017

Animal activists invade a lab that is holding chimps. The chimps are infected by a virus, a virus that causes rage. Twenty eight days later a guy named Jim wakes up from a coma. When he wakes he is alone. He searches for any one in London. He finds a church that has zombie like humans in it and runs for his life trying to stay alive. Selena and Mark rescue him and tell him what is going on. A tale of survival.

9. The Blair Witch Project


Three students in film travel to Maryland to make a film of a urban legend. They go into the woods to find the Blair Witch and they never return. A year later the films of the students are found in the woods. The films was put together and made into a movie.

8. An American Werewolf In London


Two college students on a walking tour are attacked by a werewolf. One of them end up dead and the other is mauled really badly. The werewolf is later killed and forms into the human’s body. The guy that was mauled starts to have nightmares of the victims that the werewolf has killed. The nightmares demand that he commit suicide to help the others victims be done with the curse. He is trapped between two worlds because of the deaths.

7. The Conjuring

the conjuring, Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies All Time 2018

The Perron family move into a farm house. Weird things start happening. The mother contacts the paranormal investigator to examine the house. They find out that they are being targeted because they moved into the home and it goes with them were ever they do. In order for it to all stop they must call on all their skills and spiritual strength to get rid of the spectral.

6. A Nightmare On Elm Street


A girl and a few of her friends are being terrorized by a claw hand that belongs to Freddy Krueger. He comes to people in dreams so they turn into nightmares. Nancy must think of a quick way to stop it all. Who can help you while you are asleep and no one realizes what is really going on. He is picking them off one by one in their dreams. Some try to stay up for days but it does not help when you are so tired you can not hold your eyes open.

5. Insidious


This movie is about a family that begins searching out help for their son that has ended up in coma from something that happened in the attic of their new home. All the mysterious incidents that end up happening causes the family to research paranormal activities. They must find out about what happened in this house so they can save their son and heal him. As it turns out, there is a demon that has possessed the couples son so that it can cause others tremendous pain like what the demon has gone through. The son, Dalton, is believed to be a traveler that has a way to leave his body physically and go to different places but now his spiritual side gets lost and the only one that can truly bring him back is the father because he is also a traveler.

4. The Evil Dead


Five friends, David and his sister Mia then his friends Eric, Natalie, and Olivia, all travel to a cabin located in the woods that belonged to David’s parents so they can all spend time together. While they are there, they stumble upon a basement that is hidden and Eric reads the book not knowing he is releasing a lot of demons that are staying in a cabin that is nearby. Olivia, Mia, and Natalie all become possessed by the evil so Eric tries reading the book to figure out how to get rid of all these demons.

3. The Exorcist


The actress mother of a little girl named Regan has to find help for her daughter when she becomes possessed by a demon and her whole personality changes from being sweet and outgoing to a child the cusses like a sailor and is hateful. It all started when the mother moved them into a home in Washington D.C. where the Regans father is on a movie location and they must rent a house there until theirs in L.A. gets finished. The home is filled with demons and the little girl get taken over. Chris, the mother, seeks help from two different priests that end up coming to the conclusion that they are going to need an exorcist to handle the situation.

2. REC


The movie plot takes place in Barcelona, Italy where a news reporter, Angela, and her cameraman, Pablo, take over a night shift at the firestation because they are shooting a documentary called “When You Are Sleeping”. Apparently things are a nightmare while we all sleep. The firefighters get a call from a woman located in a building so they all load up into the truck and head out to help her. Once they arrive there is police everywhere and in the lobby is historic dwellers all over the place while screaming is coming from the upstairs. When the firemen, two police officers, and Angela and Pablo all get upstairs the old lady attacks one of the officers. Once downstairs again they all discover the doors have been sealed closed and this is when the nightmare begins.

1. The Thing


The base of a research station in Antarctica gets attacked by a helicopter from the neighboring research base because they are wanting to get rid of a dog on this base. The members from the Antarctic base fly over to the other one and figure out everyone there is dead or missing. They find remains of an odd creature and take it back to their station and discover it is an alien. Since this thing can take on different forms, including one of a human, the members figure out that the base could be taken over by this thing.

These aboe are the Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies All Time until 2017. Almost everyone has watched a horror movie as one point and maybe you really enjoy them or they make you so terrified you want to hide under the covers at bed time. In the end, they are all great movies that have been made, or had a remake to it, so that we can experience a number of different emotions. Mainly feeling scared to death of course.

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