Top 10 G Funk Songs of All Time

G Funk music can help a person get their groove on. This music is funky but has a little bit of an edge to it as well. This music can help a person get in the mood and get down and dirty with that special person. It can also make a person want to get up and get their funky dance moves on. There are several great artists that were into g funk. These artists still provide inspiration for modern music today. These are the top 10 best g funk songs of all time. These funky songs helped bring soul into music that many people cannot deny.

G Funk Songs Top 10 G Funk Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 G Funk Songs of All Time till in 2017

10. Get Up (Sex Machine)

This song is from the godfather of funk James Brown. James has a smoky voice and his music made a person want to get up and dance. His music is said to make people want to have intimate relations as well. He was all about the funk. The funk music was born with James Brown. This is one of his songs that a person can get up and get their funky dance onto. This song is said to make other activities more fun as well. James was not afraid to express himself and his funky style was all of his own. This is one of the best funk songs in history. No one is able to get funky like James Brown and his funky look and style.

9. Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

This is another classic funk song from James Brown. He is not performing this song alone. It is from the time that he was singing with the Famous Flames. This song will have a person get up and dance to the funk. The song is upbeat and catchy yet it is still funky at the same time. A person would not expect anything less than the man of funk himself.

8. Shaft Theme

The movie shaft was a big hit in the funk world. Shaft was the super good guy that had a funky style. He was cool, tough, and bad. He also had plenty of ladies to keep him company as he performed his good deed. Isaac Hayes performed the theme for this movie. This theme went on to be cool on its own. Hayes have a very deep voice and it went well with the funky beat of this song. While there are no complicated lyrics Hayes and his funky style made this a song to remember.

7. Superstition

This song was performed by Stevie Wonder. When a person hears this song they want to get up and dance to the bear. The song is funky but it is great for dance. Stevie has his own style. It is cool and it mixes some pop with some funk music. This is a great song for those that want the funk but want to be able to dance.

6. Its Your Thing

This song was performed by the funky Isley Brothers. The song will allow a person to get their funk on. They can go their thing the way they want to do it without having to worry about other people. This funky song is another one that will allow a person to feel the g funk and get their dance moves on.

5. Super Freak

This song sung by Rick James. No one has more funky the Rick. This song talk about being freaky and funky at the game time. This g funk song talk about a freaky girl that likes to have relations with men. James got people to get up and dance. People still remember his name today and when they hear his name they think of the freaky style and the g funk. This is one amongst the Top 10 G Funk Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. Play the Funky Music (White Boy)

Back in the beginning of the funk movement white people were often laughed at when they tried to get their funk on. Some say they did not have the soul, others said that they did not have the dance moves. Wild Cherry was able to change that. They make is acceptable for white people to get their g funk on and be accepted. The white boy was able to play all the funk he wanted. This song showed that everyone was accepting the funk movement and all people wanted to do was get up and dance to the funky music.

3. You sexy Thing

Hot Chocolate set the mood with this funky song. They were talking about a woman who was sexy and was not afraid to use her sex appeal. This song made it cool to be sexy and a woman was able to own her sexiness. This song is great for dancing as well. A person can get down and dirty to the funk beat of this song.

2. Kung Fu Fighting

This song is a great dance song from the time of funk. Carl Douglas was able to take a form of fighting and turning it into a great song. A person does not have to be as fast as lightening in order to keep up with this song. It is funky and cool its’ own way. This is a great funk song that everyone can dance to and will get people up and will help get them moving.

1. Fantastic Voyage

There have been some remakes of this song over the year. Lakeside was the first bank to perform this song. They are talking about taking a funky trip on a voyage that was so cool and funky that everyone would want to be a part of it. A person can really get think funk on when they are listening to this song. It is so funky that many people can still recognize it today.

These are some of the best g funk songs of all time until 2017. These songs are still able to be recognized today for their funkiness and they make a person want to dance and sing along. These songs are still around today. When a person listens to these songs they will be able to get their funk on and sing along with it.

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