Top 10 Movies By Elizabeth Taylor of All Time

Elizabeth Taylor is a name that conjures up scenes of glamour, elegance and old Hollywood. The tough independent woman with violet and vibrant eyes blazed her trail through compassionate humanitarianism and show business. Her roles ranged from a blowsy partner of a college professor to the ‘Queen of the Nile,’ proving that her talent was skin deep. Today, the world mourns the demise of this Hollywood legend at the age of 79 after suffering from a heart failure. Below are ten of her most memorable movies.

List of Top 10 Movies By Elizabeth Taylor of All Time

10. National Velvet

national velvet, Top 10 Movies By Elizabeth Taylor of All Time 2017

One thing that makes movies interesting is to see young children playing the roles of adults. In National Velvet a jaded former jockey assists a young lady to prepare a talented but wild horse. The ‘England’s National Sweepstakes’ are underway, and the girl has to compete with her horse. The Clarence Brown Directed film is acted by Donald Crisp, Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney and Anne Revere.

9. The Mirror Crack’d


In this lovely film, a lady called Miss Marple gets in the scene as a mystery solver after a local well-known woman is poisoned. However, the intended victim was not the local girl but a movie star who had paid a visit to the town. Guy Hamilton directs the film which he makes 105 minutes’ long. The actors of the film are Tony Curtis, Angela Lansbury, Wendy Morgan and Rock Hudson.

8. Raintree Country


In Raintree Country, a graduating teacher and poet happen to fall in love with a decent Southern woman. However, a civil war later breaks out and creates more problems that are made worse by the lady’s past. The 160 minutes’ movie has Edward Dmytryk as the director. The actors of ‘Raintree Country’ are Elizabeth Taylor, Montgomery Clift, Nigel Patrick and Eva Marie Saint.

7. Little Women


‘Little Women’ is an autobiographical account of Louisa May Alcott. The film is about the lady and three of her sisters living in Concord, Massachusetts. Little women’ is acted based on the 1960s, the film is Mervyn LeRoy directed, and it plays for 122 minutes. The actors of the movie include Peter Lawford, June Allyson, Elizabeth Taylor and Margaret O’Brien. Taylor acted well in her role in the film.

6. Father of the Bride


Marriage and weddings are an excellent and fun affair, but there are some problems associated with the same. The problems range from hectic planning to the sacrifices people make during a marriage. In the film, the father of a young bride deals with the psychological trauma of her daughter getting married. The organizational and financial trouble of arranging the big wedding also stress the dad in this 92 minutes long film. This is one amongst the Top 10 Movies By Elizabeth Taylor of All Time.

5. Suddenly, Last Summer


The single son of Venable Violet tragically passes away while on holiday with Catherine, the cousin. The wealthy widow’s son dies in such a tragic way that the girl gets traumatized. When the condition complicates, she goes insane, and her mom wants her turned into a robot to cover up all the truth. Joseph Mankiewicz id the incredible director behind the 114 minutes’ movie.

4. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


In the film ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,’ a former football player who is also alcoholic by the name Brick drinks all his days away. As a result, he resists the affections of his beloved wife, Maggie. He reunites with his father called Daddy Big who is terminally ill with chronic cancer. They jog many revelations and memories for son and dad. Brooks Richard directs the 108-minute favorite movie.

3. The V.I.P.s


In the V.I.P.s film, inclement weather characterized by large amounts of fog delays travelers heading to New York. They patiently sit at the London Airport’s VIP lounge. All the passengers face a crisis at the same time, one which could potentially change their lives. Anthony Asquith is the director of this 119-minute film acted by Louis Jourdan, Elizabeth Taylor, Elsa Martinelli and Richard Burton.

2. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf


An aging and bitter couple are assisted by alcohol to fuel anguish using a young couple. Emotional pain and anguish are geared towards each pair, and the situations get worse and worse. The 131-minute film is directed by Mike Nichols and acted by Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Sandy Dennis and George Segal. The film is both advisory and educative.

1. A Place in the Sun


In A Place in the Sun, a destitute boy happens to obtain a job for his wealthy uncle and is in love with two women in the long run. Is his new status to blame for the strange love condition? Did his transformation impact on the kind of ladies he should date? George Stevens is the director of ‘A Place in the Sun,’ a movie that is 122 minutes long. It is the best that Elizabeth Taylor has acted this far.

Elizabeth Taylor Most Fascinating Movie:

‘Life with Father’


A successful financier from the New York City does rule his family members of a wife and four kids in a strict way. Being a professional, he uses the meticulousness of a ‘bookkeeper’ to order the family setup. The Michael Curtiz-directed film is written by Donald Ogden Stewart and Clarence Curtiz. The movie is acted by Elizabeth Taylor, William Powell, and Irene Dunne.

These above are the Top 10 Movies By Elizabeth Taylor of All Time. Elizabeth Taylor was a star when most of us were not yet born, but she recommends to be celebrated for her roles in acting. The former Hollywood star featured in almost all of the best movies and acted to the best of her ability. That is what makes a legend, and Elizabeth Taylor must be one. Fans always watch her movies despite them being decades old because they are fascinating than a majority of the modern films. Love you, Elizabeth Taylor.

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