Top 10 Movies By Dustin Hoffman of All Time

Dustin Hoffman Lee was born in California, Los Angeles to Harry Hoffman and Lilian Gold. His dad worked as a supervisor for the famous company known as ‘Columbia Pictures’ as well as a furniture salesman. He got raised in a Jewish family setup that consisted of Romanians, Ukrainians, Polish, and Russians. Dustin graduated from ‘Los Angeles High School’ in the year 1955 and proceeded to ‘Santa Monica City College,’ where he got suspended due to poor grades. He, however, managed to complete an acting course because someone told him that ‘nobody flunks acting.’ Hoffman also has training from a music school. Hoffman chose acting because he hated going to work, and today we celebrate ten of his best movies.

List of Top 10 Movies By Dustin Hoffman of All Time in 2017:

10. ‘Papillon.’

papillon, Top 10 Movies By Dustin Hoffman of All Time 2017

A prison is a place that brings people together, suppose confirming the common phrase that says: ‘problems bring people together.’ In the film called ‘Papillon,’ a man makes friendship with a fellow criminal as the start of their prison term. The two guys are serving a prison sentence on a notorious prison island that is known all over the world for being dreaded. The gentleman plots to escape from the maximum-security facility in the film directed by Franklin J. Schaffner.

9. ‘Meet the Fockers.’


People meet with each other’s families to have fun and know each other better. It is unlikely that people will come together and something strange or wrong happens. However, this movie is ironical because the exact opposite of things does happen. ‘Hell breaks loose’ when the Focker family meets the Byrnes family in their first encounter. Jay Roach directs this film acted by Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Teri Polo and Blythe Danner.

8. ‘Marathon Man.’


In this film, a former history student is caught up at the center of international trade in stolen diamonds. The conspiracy does not only involve the graduate but also has an exiled war criminal of Nazi descent as well as a very rogue government agent. John Schlesinger directs the 125 minutes’ film acted by Laurence Oliver, Dustin Hoffman, William Devane and Laurence Oliver.

7. ‘Lenny.’


The film is the tale of an acerbic comic released in 1960 called Lenny Bruce. The Establishment often sees the social commentary and barred style as being so obscene for the entire public. Bob Fosse directs the 111 minutes’ film, something he does with passion. The actors of this movie are Stanley Beck, Dustin Hoffman, Jan Miner and Valerie Perrine.

6. ‘The Graduate.’


‘The Graduate’ is a film that does traverse between various issues that all of us face in life. The movie talks about love as well as education. A college graduate who is already disillusioned gets torn between her daughter and his older lover. The 106 minutes’ film directed by Mike Nichols remains a thriller until today. The actors in the movie include Anne Bancroft, Dustin Hoffman, William Daniels and Katharine Ross.

5. ‘Kramer Vs Kramer.’


The wife of Ted Kramer leaves her hubby, something that gives room for a long-lost bond to be live again between Ted and the son named Billy. However, a very heated battle over the custody comes up over the son. The woods left by the separation incident are deepened further by the new case. Both partners want the court to grant them custody of the child, but the child can only go with one person.

4. ‘Tootsie.’


‘Tootsie’ is a film that may confuse many people who are not keen on movies, although the director makes the same movie a bit tricky to understand. The film is a ‘movie about another movie.’ In ‘Tootsie,’ an unsuccessful actor by the name Michael Dorsey pretends to be a lady so as to obtain an acting role on a hospital soap that is trashy. Sydney Pollack directs the 116 minutes’ film that addresses the challenges faced by upcoming actors.

3. ‘Midnight Cowboy.’


‘Midnight Cowboy’ is a film that highlights the challenges faced by new and naïve people in life, especially when they go to major towns. In ‘Midnight Cowboy,’ a green and ordinary guy make a trip from Texas to New York in search of personal fortune. However, he finds a friend who makes things turn to his disadvantage. John Schlesinger is the film’s director, with the actors including Jon Voight, Dustin Hoffman, John McGiver and Sylvia Miles.

2. ‘Wag the Dog.’


‘Wag the Dog’ is a film about politics and elections, and how those in power bring up nonexistent occurrences in an attempt to cover various issues up. In the movie, a Hollywood producer and a spin doctor put their brains together and fabricate a war. They do these activities a short time to the elections, in an attempt to cover a serious presidential sex scandal that may impact on the elections.

1. ‘Rain Man.’


‘Rain Man’ is a film that has nothing to do with weather, climate or rain. The selfish father of Charlie Babbitt leaves a fortune to Raymond, his savant brother. He also leaves a pittance for Charlie. The whole family then travels into the cross country in the 133 minutes’ film. ‘Rain Man’ is directed by Levinson Barry and acted by Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman, Gerald R Molen and Valeria Golino.

Dustin Hoffman New Movies 2016/2017

1. ‘Kung Fu Panda 3′


‘Po’ has to face two different and epic threats as he continues his ‘legendary adventures of awesomeness.’ One of the threat is closer to his home, while the other one is supernatural. The directors of this film are Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni. The writers include Glenn Berger and Jonathan Aibel. Starring in the movie are Bryan Cranston, Jack Black, and Dustin Hoffman.

Dustin Hoffman is a legend in the movie world, and almost every other star knows that. Whenever he acts movies, the rest of the actors look small under his shadow, and you will hear everyone talking about that ‘Dustin Hoffman film.’ We enjoy his movies because they always keep us ‘glued to the TV screens.’

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