Top 10 Movies By Brad Pitt of All Time

Brad Pitt is a bankable Hollywood movie star, and that explained by the fact that people will pay to watch his film. It does not matter what role Brad Pitt plays, but people love a movie because Brad Pitt features in the video. The star has come from far as he first featured in movie parts and TV shows. However, he finds his way to stardom, and that is why we celebrate him today. Below are the best top ten movies by Brad Pitt:

List of Top 10 Movies by Brad Pitt of all time in 2017:

10. Kalifornia

Kalifornia Movies By Brad Pitt

‘Kalifornia’ is a film about two journalists who decide to go on a tour to some sites that have killer murders. The two companions go on the tour together, but they do not know that one of them is a serial killer capable of doing anything. The movie runs for around 120 minutes and is directed by Sena Dominic. The film is acted by the great Brad Pitt and features Kathy Larson, David Milford, and Juliette Lewis.

9. Legends of the Fall

Legends of the Fall Top 10 Movies By Brad Pitt

‘Legends of the Fall’ is a story of a father and his three sons who live in the wilderness in the United States of America during the 1990s. The lives of these people are affected by betrayal, love, history, war and nature. The movie is incredible because it depicts the impacts of various factors in day to day life. The film runs for 133 minutes with Edward Zwick directing the same. Apart from Brad Pitt, other stars in the film include Anthony Hopkins, Julia Ormond, and Aidan Quinn.

8. Seven Years in Tibet

Seven Years in Tibet Famous Movies By Brad Pitt

‘Seven Years in Tibet’ is a charming film based on a true story of Heinrich Harrer, who is a mountain climber from Australia. The person makes friendship with Dalai Lama when China takes over Tibet. The film is long enough to make you interested as it runs for around 135 minutes. Jean-Jacques Annaud is the film’s director in the movie that features Brad Pitt as well as other actors like David Thewlis, Mako, and BD Wong.

7. The Mexican

The Mexican Most Famous Movies By Brad Pitt 2019

In the movie called ‘The Mexican,’ a gentleman is in an attempt to transport a strong gun called ‘The Mexican.’ The weapon is believed to carry a great curse, but the actor has to take the same past the border and back. His sweetheart tries to pressure him to abandon the wicked ways of life and turn into a law-abiding citizen. The movie is 124 minutes’ long and is directed by Gore Verbinski. Other actors in the same film include Julia Roberts, J.K. Simmons, and James Gandolfini.

6. Meet Joe Black

Meet Joe Black Top Famous Movies By Brad Pitt 2019

In the ‘Meet Joe Black’ movie, Death is in the form of a young man. He requests a media mogul to be his guide and teach him about various issues on earth. In the process, love grows between him and the daughter of his guide. 179 minutes is the length of the movie that is directed, Martin Brest. The main actor is Brad Pitt, but other incredible players in the film include Jake Weber, Anthony Hopkins, and Jake Weber.

5. Mr & Mrs. Smith

Mr & Mrs. Smith Popular Movies By Brad Pitt 2018

‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ is a movie about a married couple that is bored, but both of the partners are surprised to know that they are assassins. The two are hired by two different agencies to kill each other. The movie which runs for 120 minutes has Doug Liman as the director and features Brad Pitt and other actors such as Adam Brody, Angelina Jolie, and Vince Vaughn. The movie is fantastic.

4. Troy

Troy Most Popular Movies By Brad Pitt 2020

‘Troy’ is an adaptation of ‘Homer’s Great Epic’ that follows a Troy assault. The United Greek forces, as well as the chronicles, are to decide the fate of all dedicated men. This incredible film is directed by Wolfgang Petersen and features Julian Glover, Eric Bana, and Orlando Bloom. Brad Pitt makes the movie rock as he provides the talented acting skills.

3. Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean's Eleven Top Popular Movies By Brad Pitt 2019

In the movie titled ‘Ocean’s Eleven,’ Danny Ocean together with his eleven accomplices arrange to steal from three casinos. All the casinos are located in Las Vegas, and they plan to rob all the three sites simultaneously. The director of the film is Steven Soderbergh, and he does an excellent job in the movie. The film plays for almost 118 minutes with Steven Soderbergh directing other actors such as Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, and George Clooney.

2. Se7en

Se7en Most Movies By Brad Pitt 2018

‘Se7en’ is a film that is interesting in its way. The movie has two detectives, a veteran and a rookie who are on a mission to hunt a deadly serial killer. The hunted person uses seven deadly sins in the form of modus operate to fulfill his mission. For those fans who are yet to watch the same, spare some two hours to do the same. The director is called Fincher David and features Morgan Freeman, Andrew Kevin Walker, and Kevin Spacey.

1. Fight Club

Fight Club Top Most Movies By Brad Pitt 2018

‘Fight Club’ is a global thrilling movie that features an insomniac office worker who wants to change his life, and he looks for a way. He comes across an evil’ may care soap maker, ‘ and an underground fight club is formed. The evolution of all these activities is much that we all expect, and that would later be defined in the movie. David Fincher is the film’s director and apart from Brad Pitt, others in the same film are Meat Loaf and Edward Norton.

Brad Pitt’s New Movies 2017-2018



In the 1940’s, a North African intelligence officer comes across a French fighter who fights for anti-government forces. The soldier works behind enemy lines and on a deadly mission. They later unite again in London, but war issues test their affair.

Brad Pitt is a thrilling actor who is loved by all movie lovers. The player makes us love movies regardless of the role played by Brad Pitt. We love you, Brad Pitt, may you live long.

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