Top 10 Movies By Bill Murray of All Time

Bill Murray is a global treasure, a funny a man and an excellent actor. The actor has an astonishing and bewildering career. Some people say ‘evolve or die,’ that is why Bill acted for four decades but has never been the same actor as the years grow. Murray remained a valuable commodity to the directors of the 1970’s and 80’s due to his lovely team playing attributes. After maintaining his relevance for long enough, Murray is qualified for classification as an elder statesman. He regularly pops up in supporting roles and cameos and remind us the reasons why he has been a giant for long. Here are ten movies that Bill Murray acted the best.

List of Top Ten Movies by Bill Murray of all time in 2017:

10. Get Low

Get Low Top Most Popular Movies By Bill Murrays 2018

Get Low’ is a film spun from an equal parts folk tale, real life and fable legend about a mysterious hermit from Tennessee who organized and hosted his funeral party. The decision to host such a shocking event was seen by many as being equal to proclaiming a self-death or digging a grave for yourself. Aaron Schneider is the movie’s director while the actors include Bill Murray, Robert Duvall, Lucas Black and Sissy Spacek.

9. Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox Top Popular Movies By Bill Murrays 2017

In the ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’, an urbane fox is not able to resist to his old farm raiding ways. However, the Fox also has an enormous task of helping the local community to survive the retaliation posed by the farmers. Wes Anderson is the director of the 87 minutes’ movie. The actors include Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray.

8. The ‘City of Ember

The ‘City of Ember

For thousands of years, the inhabitants of Ember City have lived in an amazing world full of glittering lights. However, the once powerful generator of the Ember people is now failing. On top of that, the amazing lights that used to illuminate the town are now flickering. Gil Kenan is the director of ‘City of Ember.’ The actors are Toby Jones, Saoirse Ronan, David Ryall and Bill Murray.

7. Passion Play

Passion Play Top Famous Movies By Bill Murrays 2018

In ‘Passion Play,’ an angel under a ruthless gangster gets saved by a trumpet player who determines his luck. Mitch Glazer directs the 94 minutes’ movie that plays passionately and it a favorite among many movie lovers. The actors on board include Megan Fox, Mickey Rourke, Kelly Lynch and Bill Murray.

6. Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom

In ‘Moonrise Kingdom,’ two young lovers leave their town of New England, causing a local search party to look for them. Wes Anderson is the director of ‘The Moonrise Kingdom’, a movie that plays for 94 minutes. The actors are Kara Hayward, Jared Gilman, Bill Murray and Bruce Willis.

5. St. Vincent

St. Vincent Top Most Famous Movies By Bill Murrays 2019

In ‘St. Vincent’, we meet a young boy with many problems: the parents have just divorced. However, the boy gets an unlikely mentor and friend in the bawdy, misanthropic and hedonistic war hero who resides next to him. Theodore Melfi is the director of the 102 minutes’ movie. The stars who feature in the film are Melissa McCarthy, Bill Murray, Jaeden Lieberher and Naomi Watts.

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The movie is the adventure of Gustave H, a concierge at a famous hotel who came from the ‘Republic of Zubrowka.’ The period he stays in the hotel is between the First World War and the Second. Zero Moustafa is a lobby boy who turns into his best and trusted friend. Wes Anderson directs the 99 minutes’ movie. The actors are Ralph Fiennes, Mathieu Amalric, F. Murray Abraham and Adrien Brody.

3. Dumb and Dumber To

Dumb and Dumber To Top Ten Movies By Bill Murrays 2017

Two decades since their initial adventure, Harry, and Lloyd decide to leave for a road trip to search for Harry’s daughter. The daughter has just been discovered, and it looks like she is already given for adoption. The directors of the 109 minutes’ movie are Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly. The actors compose of Jeff Daniels, Jim Carrey, and Laurie Holden.

2. Vice Principals

Vice Principals

In ‘Vice Principals,’ an overprotective dad suffers from the obsession of being a principal and fiercely competes against the outstanding vice principal. However, a strange event is just about to make them work together to save the day. The 30 minutes’ movie has superstars like Walton Goggins, Danny McBride, Georgia King and Shaun McKinney.

1. Stripes

Stripes Top Ten Movies By Bill Murrays

The ‘Stripes’ is the best film that Bill Murray has ever acted until today. In the movie, two best friends get dissatisfied with their work and choose to join the army to try and add some fun to life. Will they succeed to be in the service for fun? Will they withstand all the challenges associated with the army? The actors of ‘Stripes’ include John Candy, Bill Murray, Warren Oates and Harold Ramis.

Bill Murray’s New Movies 2017-2018

1. The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

After being threatened by tiger Shere, Khan is forced to leave the jungle as a man-cub called Mowgli goes on a journey of self-discovery assisted by Baloo, a free-spirited bear, and panther. Jon Favreau is the director of the movie with Rudyard Kipling and Justin Marks being the writers. The actors include Bill Murray, Neel Sethi, and Ben Kingsley.
Most Fascinating Movies

2. The Monuments Men

The Monuments Men

An unlikely platoon of the Second World War has a challenging assignment to rescue precious art masterpieces from the enemy Nazi thieves and take the same back to the original owners. Clooney George is the movie’s director, and Grant Heslov does the screenplay. Matt Damon, George Murray, and Bill Murray are the leading actors.

3. Broken Flowers

Broken Flowers

A withdrawn Don Johnston gets dumped by his latest girlfriend but receives a letter from an anonymous ex-lover who informs him that his son is looking for him.

Bill Murray is an instant thriller, and his experience cannot be compared with many Hollywood actors. We love you Bill Murray, and your acting remains the best.

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