Top 10 Movies by Bette Davis of All Time

Bette Davis remains to be ‘one of the greatest screen actors of all time.’ She made use of her iron will to form a remarkable career that won over two ‘Academy Awards’ for the ‘Best Actress‘ as well as over ten nominations. Bette Davis is known to be a notorious perfectionist who always clashed with her co-stars and directors. However, the acting queen always did her job professionally and delivered the best regardless of her role in the film. Despite suffering many setbacks in life, Davis has remained one of Hollywood’s most iconic and greatest stars. Here are the ten best films she has acted.

List of Top 10 Movies by Bette Davis of All Time

10. ‘Juarez.’

Juarez Top Most Popular Movies by Bette Davis 2018

Napoleon Louis III uses the American Civil War to his advantage, circumventing the Monroe Doctrine which leads to expansion of his power. He assists Emperor Maximillian to add Mexico as part of his empire. The film is directed by William Dieterle and acted by Paul Muni, Brian Aherne, Bette Davis and Claude Rains. The film is an all-time classic.

9. ‘The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex.’


The movie looks at the personal lives of these individuals: Robert Devereux and Queen Elizabeth I. The love and hate relationship is depicted in the film tells us more about the Earl of Essex. The director of the movie is Curtiz Michael, with actors such as Bette Davis, Olivia Havilland, Errol Flynn and Donald Crisp. Those who love films about loyal families must enjoy this one.

8. ‘Mr. Skeffington’

Mr. Skeffington Top Popular Movies by Bette Davis 2019

A beautiful and modern girl called Fanny Trellis is forced to marry an older man who she does not love. The man is a banker of Jewish origin named Job Skeffington, who is the only person who can save Fanny’s brother. Trippy is accused of money embezzlement, and the sister has to do anything possible to save the beloved brother. The 146 minutes’ film is Vincent Sherman directed and acted by Bette Davis, Walter Abel, Claude Rains and George Coulouris.

7. ‘Marked Woman.’


In the film, a crusading DA persuades a ‘party girl’ to give false evidence against an employer. That is after the girl’s innocent sister is murdered accidentally during an unsavory party. The film shows a big dilemma experienced by the girl, amidst a person who faces charges of murder. The Lloyd Bacon directed film goes for around 96 minutes and is acted by Bette Davis, Lola Lane, Humphrey Bogart and Isabel Jewell.

6. ‘Now, Voyager.’


Davis meets Voyage in this film where Vale acts as a spinster who is very repressed by her wealthy and overbearing mother. With the assistance of a psychiatrist called Dr. Jaquith, Charlotte successfully blossoms into a sophisticated lady who is in an affair with a married man. The film is directed by Irving Rapper and acted by Paul Henreid, Bette Davis, Gladys Cooper and Claude Rains.

5. ‘Dark Victory.’


In this movie, a young socialite is found to be suffering from a severe brain tumor. She has the hard choice to decide whether her final days will be met with dignity. The film is emotional because the condition is severe. Edmund Goulding directs the 104-minute thriller. The actors include George Brent, Bette Davis, Geraldine Fitzgerald and Humphrey Bogart. This is one amongst the Top 10 Movies by Bette Davis of All Time.

4. ‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?’


‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane’ is an emotional film about a child star who faces many challenges in life. She torments her sister living with a paraplegic condition in their Hollywood mansion that is very decayed. Robert Aldrich is the film’s director, and he is well experienced that he produces a great movie. The stars in the film are Henry Fonda, Bette Davis, Margaret Lindsay and George Brett

3. ‘Jezebel.’


‘Jezebel’ is a name that is given to inhuman characters in movies. That may date back to the biblical stories where ‘Jezebel’ was a very evil woman. This film is acted in Louisiana in the 1850’s, where a free Southern Belle divorces her fiancé due to his stubbornness. The pride and vanity but vows to win the guy back in the 104 minutes’ thriller. The actors of this film are George Brent, Henry Fonda, and Bette Davis.

2. ‘The Letter.’


In the movie called ‘The Letter,’ the wife to an administrator of a rubber plantation shoots a guy to death. However, the lady claims that she did that in self-defense. However, there is a letter in her hand that proves otherwise, and that may put her on the wrong side of the law. William Wyler directs the film acted by Herbert Marshall, Bette Davis, Frieda Inescort and James Stephenson.

1. ‘All About Eve.’


‘All About Eve’ is a film in which a certain ingenue does insinuate herself to the company of an aging and established actress. The lady’s circle of theater friends also has impacts on whatever that she does. Mankiewicz L. Joseph is the film’s director, and the actors include Anne Baxter, Bette Davis, Celeste Holm and George Sanders. The film is the best that Bette Davis has acted.

Bette Davis Most Interesting Movie:

‘The Petrified Forest’


A bank robber, a hobo, and a waiter mix up during a lonely dinner in a desert. Archie Mayo directs the movie written by Delmer Davis and Charles Kenyon. The stars in the film are Leslie Davis, Bette Davis, and Humphrey Bogart.

These above are the Top 10 Movies by Bette Davis of All Time. Bette Davis is a fantastic actor who acted long before the movie industry had transformed this much. Both directors and co-stars knew Davis as someone who always did perfect work. She dealt with the many challenges she had both professionally and personally to emerge as one of the best stars in Hollywood. Despite the technological challenges faced at the time, she did her best to act incredible movies. We can never forget you, Bette Davis.

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